Paved Juice

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These are some works I have saved up over the past while that I wanted to share with everyone.

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



In no particular order, I give you my random thoughts of the last several months



These thoughts keep manifesting today

rendering me speechless, wishing them away

My honor is stretched, taut tight with my guilt

If only these desires would quit and just yield

Ever am I haunted by my ultimate shame

It serves my conscious unrelenting pains


The feeling you convey isn't love

It's like a giant sign from above

"Don't make her feel needed"

"Her aura is immensely depleted."


I have a problem when making up my mind

It's frustrating and happens all the time

Go right or left, in or out, up or down

Just make sure to do it without a frown


If I could be with you tomorrow

I'd never again feel the sorrow

of you not being near my heart

or think of how we shouldn't part


I can't stop thinking I'm mistaken

knowing what all I could forsaken

But you've always pulled me through

And I'm simply better because of you


How I crave to enrich your bright life

Teeming with it's strength and might

But I simply feel too dull for it now

Like I'd be holding us back somehow


I hate knowing this awful game

should we have this kind of pain

I'd do anything to hear the words

and know it's what  we deserve


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