Another part from the interminable Royal Astronomy. I have just realised that it makes very little sense out of context but hell, publish and be damned, say I. It happen around the same point as "Dissonance" and it is utterly unimportant which happened first. Read on, MacDuff, and I'll follow...

Alice’s Kiss

We kiss and it was a sort of an accident.  The alcohol clouded my mind.  Which is not to say that I didn’t enjoy it.  I know it’s wrong and thoughts race through my head telling me to stop as he gently pushes me back against the wall and his lips align with mine.  It’s only Sebastian.  It doesn’t really count.  It’s only a kiss.  I let the wall take my weight and he presses his body against mine.  Kissing him back I notice my hands are all over his body and I have a burning desire for his hands on mine.  He pulls away.
“Coming in?” He asks.
I could stop it all now.  I could say no.  I could walk away.  I could just fucking go and never think about it again.  We only kissed.  It’s nothing.  Really nothing.  Marc would never find out and if he did, so what?  It’s only a kiss.  Only a kiss.  Not the end of the world.  He is probably kissing someone right now, wherever he is.  He’s a good-looking, funny, clever guy.  He’s bound to have met some slut who wants to fuck him.  Sebastian kisses me again, one hand on my waist and one under my left armpit.  The heel of his hand touching the wall of my breast.  I burn.  I kiss him, my tounge flicking in and out of his mouth.  That’s it.  I break away and look away, my wrists on his shoulders, his hands high on my body.  I’m going to say goodbye and walk away.  Turn away from him and back to Marc.  This is it.
“Coming in?” He asks again, smiling, his lips glistening, wet from mine.  “For coffee?”
He leads me in by the hand.  Through the hall and living room into the kitchen.  He fills the kettle in silence.  He clicks it into life.  With his back to me I know what I want.  I want Sebastian.  Now.  I want fucking.  With his back to me, I walk towards him.  With his back to me, I put my hands on my hips and kiss the back of his neck.  Marc flashes to my mind but I’ve gone this far now, I’ve already been unfaithful.  He turns around and kisses me hard and this just turns me on more.  My coat drops to the floor and I kick it away but my heel catches in the collar and as I bend to free it his hands are on my arse and then up my back and my top is over my head and I slip and I am laying on his kitchen floor in my skirt, heels and bra with my top on my left arm.  He is standing over me and I can see his hard cock through his jeans.
“I’d forgotten how good you looked.”  He says.  I get up onto my elbows and cast my top.  I look at him, attractive, sexy, fuckable, fuckable, fuckable.  He steps over me into the living room.
“Stop.”  I say.  “Take your top off.”  I’m standing now, he looks at me, and takes it off in that way that men do and I’m there pulling at the button fly on his jeans.  His hands are at the back of my bra looking for the clasp, but it fastens at the front so I undo it for him.  He immediately takes my left nipple in his mouth, but he’s never really known what to do there.  I pull his face up to mine and grasp his cock in my hand.  I pull my skirt above my waist and he tears my tights and rips my knickers off.  And he’s inside of me, filling me up, fucking me.  Fucking me.  Fucking me.
Feels good
I’m on my knees on his sofa, my arms and chest are over the back, with Sebastian fucking me from behind.  My hand moves itself down, and my middle finger is on my clitoris rubbing up and down.  Sebastian is fucking me hard now, really hard, he’s saying things but they are just words that I don’t listen to.  I don’t want to hear him, I just want to cum so I switch to my index finger and it’s circular motion gets me there.  I squeak and shudder to a climax.

Submitted: November 09, 2008

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wuft! im all excited now. well done. x

Mon, December 22nd, 2008 11:33pm


thank you xx

Mon, December 29th, 2008 4:42am

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