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Two brothers and their friends decide to pass the summer the best way they know how.
Sorry for lack of names, I just had no idea who I was writing about and decided...the readers can create the image themselves.

Submitted: May 29, 2012

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Submitted: May 29, 2012



The young males dived behind a car before the predators of the area managed to find them, their breaths came out in ragged pants as they tried to control their breathing.

Shifting onto his knees the younger of the two dared to push himself up a little and peer through car windows, praying they wouldn’t see him and unleash their wrath. A sudden pull on his jacket sleeve made him lose balance as his hand slipped from beneath him, after a small, and thankfully painless, collision with the floor he pushed himself back up and turned into a sitting position.

“What was that for?” He cried whilst glaring at his partner.

“Do you want them to catch us?” The older retaliated in a hushed tone.

With only a mere roll of his eyes in retaliation he younger boy flicked his hair out of his eyes before looking down at the gun he had led down on the floor after taking the dive. Picking up the weapon he did a quick inspection making sure there was no damage, as he opened the gun a light frown crossed his brow.

“This isn’t good” he muttered to himself.


“I’m running low” he frowned looking at his brother “I need to refill”

The older male looked at the younger with an expression that seemed to be a mixture of annoyance and concern.

“You can’t go out there, they’ll spot you”

“You don’t think I know that?” he snapped before pouting slightly “but if I don’t get more I won’t stand a chance”

From the distance the echoing voices of two females calling for them could be heard, gradually getting closer and louder.

They both exchanged looks before the older male let out an irritated huff.

“Alright this is what we’re going to do” he stated whilst shifting to face his brother, lowering his tone to a murmur “I’ll run out and make sure they both target me, whilst they’re distracted you run back to the house and get more ammo. Understood?”

Once receiving a nod of understanding from his brother he didn’t wait a moment longer, jumping up from his hiding spot and ran out from behind the car. Gun a blazing.

After pushing himself up to watch his brother’s heroic actions then younger male flicked his fringe out of his eyes again before scrambling to his feet and running out into the open.

The house wasn’t too far away and he’d be able to make it in less than a minute as long as he wasn’t caught, his heart was racing and the run to the building seemed to last longer than usual. He heard a yell of shock and snapped his view to the left in time to witness his brother being fired at; the girl shooting him had a look of devilish glee.

He slowed down as he watched the scene, in a sympathetic frown gracing his features. His noble brother sacrificed himself just for ammo; he will forever be a hero amongst men.

The sound of footsteps thudding in front of him caused him to jump and snap his head to face the figure, the second female. He had completely forgotten about her.

“I’ve got you now!” she cried in glee as she began pumping her weapon.

With eyes widened in shock he fumbled with his own weapon, trying to aim it at the smaller girl but he realised he was too late as he felt something come into contact with his chest then his face.

“Told you we’d get you” she laughed whilst lowering her gun.

“Hey!” he cried lowering his own weapon whilst wiping the water away from his skin “that’s really cold!”

“Fresh from the tap” she grinned whilst stepping closer “now it’s your turn to be the predators”

He watched the female run off with her friend as his brother stepped beside him, his shirt soaked through and clinging to his chest.

“Those two are evil” he muttered before trudging towards the house.

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