Dean Winchester - Fire Walk With Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Another requested song-fic from Blacky.
Dean takes a moment to cotemplate everything going on in his life.
Contains original characters.
Sorry if I didn't capture his character well...I've never been very good at Dean xD

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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Submitted: June 01, 2012



A soft wind blew through the grass in the field next to the road, trees began to sway and leaves rubbed against each other to make an almost soothing noise. It was a long desolate road that the Impala was resting on, the only sign of life would be various chirping tones from different birds scattered around the surrounding wooded area.

Leaning against the hood of the Impala was Dean Winchester, I renowned hunter amongst hunter and demon kind alike. He was staring ahead of himself with a void gaze, his mind being warped and twisted by painful memories and thoughts.

This was something he thought he would get used to over time and he waited until his thoughts finally settled, but it never came and it only got worse after he returned to Hell.


As fire hits the corner of your mind,

Where illusions reflect and dreams collide.

You never do anything in between,
But the fear you hide burns here within


His whole world has been turned upside down by angels, demon blood, betrayal and the impending doom of the Apocalypse that had put a great weight on his shoulders. What could be more stressful than having to be a vessel for some douche bag angel? How about witnessing your younger brother throwing himself into the pit whilst Lucifer inhabited his body?

Yeah that would work.

The scene kept repeating on a continuous loop, the look in Sam’s eyes when he regained that moment of control would be something that haunted him. What was it about the Winchester name that seemed to pull in bad luck?


Your charred and darkened soul, burned by the flame,

It’s bursting out in rage and all in your own name.


He began to think of his time in Hell and how excruciating the whole experience had been and how he had eventually cracked which led to a decision that turned out to be the beginning of the breaking of the seals.

Now he thought about it he may have gotten off lucky compared to what Sam had to go through, stuck in a cage with two powerful beings taking their anger and resentment out on him…there was no opportunity or way out. If Sam did manage to escape from Hell would he even be the same person he was when he left? Minus Lucifer of course.

On their way to the scene of the big fight Sam had made Dean promise that he’d try to settle down and not spend all his time finding a way to bring him back, this was easier said than done. Everyday he woke up and began to think of possible ways to bring his brother back, relentlessly he would search for hours on end…even resorting to flipping through as many books as he could.

Eventually, after months of looking, he couldn’t find anything that would help and Castiel was no longer answering him. It was like he’d dropped off the face of the earth…can angels do that? Yeah…yeah of course they can.


Fire in the middle, fire in your soul,

You know what it means, you’re damned to flames.

Fire is salvation, closing in on me.

Nothing will remain

I’m on fire…so walk with me…


He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about going back to Lisa to see if she would accept him and let him settle down with her, but there was someone else in the picture who meant more to him.

Blacky, a.k.a Julie Ott, was one of the girls who travelled with the brothers and someone Dean could genuinely get along with without wanting to shoot every five minutes. He cared about Lisa and Ben there was no doubt in his mind but neither of them would understand what he’d been through unlike Blacky, she was an eye witness to almost everything and could sympathize with him when he needed a few moments to himself and didn’t expect him to give immediate answers.

Blacky had showed up half way through his, supposed, last year on Earth and seemed to refuse to let go of him. She had been there when he first climbed out of his own grave after being pulled out of the pit and did everything she could to help him get back on his feet, sometimes Dean would wonder if he trusted Blacky more than he trusted Sam.

He never saw himself managing to settle down anytime soon so he put that into the back of his mind, Blacky was there after all and he enjoyed hunting with her. Who needed a family life when you had that rare bit of company that was enjoyable in a hunter’s life?


Fire consumes and annihilates,

Fire sheds light and warms your hate.

You’re walking into realms of light,

It heats up your fear until you can clear your mind.


Blacky looked out of the windscreen towards Dean wondering why he had stopped in the middle of nowhere, she wasn’t going to press the matter though she knew better than that. A lot had been playing on his mind lately and that caused a lot of silence between them, sometimes it was so hard to get through to him when he was in his own world.

It was understandable though, not many people could say that they’ve seen their brother die more than once.

Sam was gone and Hell, the other girl and best friend that they travelled with, had disappeared shortly after…it was all a lot to take in.

Besides Bobby there was no one left…Castiel would count if he would turn up when Dean called for him but he had turned ignorant, they only had each other now and Blacky wasn’t complaining about the small but solemn advantage to the situation.


As you reveal the truth of your inner views,

You surely won’t regret the self respect you lose.


Blacky knew of Dean’s promise to settle down with Lisa and there was no way she was letting go of him that easily, especially not to pass him over to her. If worse come to worst and Dean decided to leave to be with her Blacky had some mischievous tricks up her sleeve, if she was still around Hell would be proud.

Dean didn’t know that before they met the Winchesters, Blacky and Hell used to try and spare the lives of creatures and would take them to a place with plenty of food away from humans…and Blacky wouldn’t hesitate to collect one for a small job if she had to. Sure it would add a little bit more depression into the mix for a while but she could make Dean forget that easily, it’s amazing what a bit of pie and sex can do for a guy.

Why were the girls they came across always so irritating and annoying? There was Lisa, Jo, Anna, Bella and Ruby; although Ruby hadn’t personally done anything to upset Blacky she was just simply a demonic bitch who led people astray.

Sadly each of them, apart from one, got their comeuppance by someone else’s hand.

Jolting out of her own dark thoughts Blacky focused on Dean again, now was no time to be thinking of killing someone when he needed help…no matter how lovely the thoughts were.

Opening the door she climbed out of the car and walked to the front clasping her hand over Dean’s cold wrist.


Fire in the middle, fire in your soul,

You know what it means, you’re damned to flames.

Fire is salvation, closing in on me.

Nothing will remain,

I’m on fire.


Dean flinched when warm fingers wrapped around the cold skin on his wrist, having been lost in thought he had momentarily forgotten that Blacky was still in the car. After quickly glancing down at her hand Dean slowly trailed his gaze up her arm before stopping when he looked into her uniquely coloured eyes, he could see the empathy behind her gaze. A look only she could give him with full meaning.

“Still thinking about Sam?” She asked softly, she already knew the answer but she couldn’t think of anything else to break the silence.

“Him amongst other things” he sighed.

“You can’t keep beating yourself up over this, it was his decision”

“I still feel like we could have tried harder to find another way”

Blacky gave him a quick weird look “How can we try any harder than we did?

“I don’t know…we just could have” Dean shook his head in frustration.

With a soft sigh Blacky leant against the hood of the car next to Dean, sometimes the Winchesters were too hard on themselves.

“We did the best we could, lets face it it’s not everyday you have a few months to stop the ending of the world as we know it…Lucifer is one tough bastard and we still stopped him”

Dean nodded solemnly in reluctant agreement, she had a point but it was still at the loss of his brother. He was now the only Winchester left that he knew of.


Fire in the middle, fire in your soul,

You know what it means, you’re damned to flames.

Fire is salvation, closing in on me.

Nothing will remain

I’m on fire…so walk with me…

Fire walk with me…

Fire walk with me…


“Have you decided what you’re going to do yet?” Blacky enquired whilst looking at him curiously.

“About what?”

“Your next move…will you move on to another case or settle down with Lisa?”

“Honestly? I have thought about it” he glanced at Blacky just in time to see the frown that quickly flashed across her face “but I don’t think that’s me, I’m not a family guy…I’m a hunter”

“And a kick ass one at that”

 Dean wasn’t sure how he was supposed to react to that compliment, he’d heard it a few times before…and he still remembered how excited Blacky was when they first met. As he began to recall that day a slightly uncomfortable silence came across them and Blacky had to try and find a way to break it and once again said the first thing that came to mind.

“You know that next time you go to Hell I’ll be following right behind”

“And that’s supposed to cheer me up?”

“Maybe a little…at least then we’ll be burning together”

“You really know how to make a guy feel better”

“It’s what I’m good at” Blacky plastered a proud almost child like grin on her face.

After quickly glancing at her Dean opened his mouth to say something before stopping himself and letting out a laugh instead and for the first time in what felt like years he genuinely smiled, Blacky looked at him with a playful pout before laughing with him.

“I don’t know how you do it but you always manage to lighten things up”

“But I was being serious” she pouted again before sighing “no one ever takes me seriously”

Dean couldn’t stop himself from ruffling her hair before standing up straight, he didn’t notice the quick glare that Blacky threw towards him whilst sorting her hair back out…he knew how much that annoyed her so why did he insist on doing it?


Fire in the middle, fire in your soul,

You know what it means, you’re damned to flames.

Fire is salvation, closing in on me.

Nothing will remain

I’m on fire…so walk with me…

Walk with me…


As he climbed into the driver’s seat of the Impala and he found himself looking at the female next to him, a faint smile was barely seen as he found himself thinking:

‘Maybe I can keep that promise’

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