Dean Winchester - Playing Rough

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Dean and Blacky have a little fun during some rare alone time.
I do no own anything related to Supernatural and Blacky belongs to my best friend.

Submitted: December 01, 2012

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Submitted: December 01, 2012



Dean forced her against the wall roughly, pinning her wrists either side of her head before attacking her lips in a demanding kiss.

He wasn’t sure what it was but the minute the name Crowley was mentioned he felt this strange, almost animalistic, need to show dominance. Hearing her soft whimpers made his desire worse, his thoughts were getting muddled up and part of him knew this should stop but he couldn’t.

Slipping his tongue into the lust filled kiss he played with hers forcefully, enjoying the sounds of her moans, the moans that enticed him to grind against her.

Blacky shivered in arousal as Dean dominated her; the feeling of his erection rubbing against her through his jeans filled her with anticipation.

Why hadn’t she thought of this before?

Her hips practically sprung into automatic mode and she immediately began to grind back, increasing the friction between them. Her hands found their way under his shirt and she began to caress the muscles usually hidden by the fabric, feeling the six pack that never faded despite the amount of pie he ate…definitely an advantage to being a hunter.

He shivered at the contact of her slightly cold hands against his warm skin, his own hands slowly releasing her wrists before he slid them down to rest on her hips. Pulling her hips against his he ground harder making sure there was barely any room between them, one of his hands snaked around to her ass, giving it a firm smack whilst he broke the kiss to smirk at her.

Feeling the tug on the bottom of his shirt he raised his arms as he began peeling his shirt off, her eyes drank in the view of his welt built chest. Needless to say she was enjoying every minute of this.

Dean wasted no time stripping Blacky of her shirt whilst she was preoccupied; freeing her braless chest, letting the cold air of the motel room hit her bare skin and making her nipples harden.

A warm hand slid up her skirt and fingers pushed her underwear aside before they began to rub her slowly...teasingly.

Blacky looked up into Dean’s black eyes, unable to tell what he was feeling apart from lust. The smirk he wore sent shivers down her spine; it was uncharacteristically evil for the older Winchester but it suited him perfectly.

Her hands unbuckled his belt, sliding it out of his jeans before unbuttoning and unzipping them. Soon his jeans had fallen down by his ankles and he kicked them across the room as she slid her hand into his boxers, teasingly running her fingers against his erect member.

With a deep throated chuckle Dean stepped away, grabbing onto her shoulders he spun her around before pushing her onto the bed.

Looking her up and down he drank in every detail, from the way her bust heaved with each breath to how her hair splayed around her head in some strange black decoration.

“No touching” he demanded in a husky tone before looming over her.

Blacky was used to Dean being a little demanding but this new attitude of his was exciting her to no end, she merely nodded slowly whilst watching as he dipped his head down to her neck and he began to nip roughly from the crook up to her ear.

Ripples of pleasure spread through her and her body was desperately pleading for some form of relief, but there was no way in hell Dean was going to let that happen.

Pulling away he looked down at her with a teasing smirk, simply hovering over her for what felt like an eternity, not daring to move an inch more before suddenly forcing his way into her to give her the release her body begged for.

There was no doubt about it, buying those black contact lenses and begging Dean to role play with her was the best decision Blacky had ever made.

He was enjoying himself more than he had anticipated, he was secretly loving every second of this but Blacky didn’t need to know that just yet…it could ruin the surprise of when he decided to do it again.

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