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Based around the Spanish legend Blind Maiden this short story looks at the minutes leading up to midnight, when we decide to play the game.

Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012



I feel my heart beating with anticipation as I let out a long, shaky breath. It was almost time for the game to begin, the aim?

To survive.

I lick my dry lips and glance at the clock beside me, three more minutes to go. The second hand on the clock seemed to be moving teasingly slow every time I looked; maybe it was purposefully giving me more time to decide to stop being stupid and turn the light on.

Ignoring my mind that was trying to shout out reasoning to me I look back at the laptop screen, the website Blindmaiden.com was currently loaded and was patiently waiting for me to press the green ‘Accept’ button.

‘Not for another two minutes’ I think to myself, taking another glance at the clock.

The air around me seemed to get colder and a chill ran down my spine, the darkness of my room began to engulf me as nerves settled in my stomach. Minutes passed by like hours, seconds like minutes.

I had managed to completely lose myself whilst staring at the computer screen, the sound of my own beating heart and shallow breathing had lulled me into a trance like state.

As it would every night the clock began to chime once all hands hit midnight, I cried in shock as the loud bell from the clock broke the silence of the room; the sound seeming to echo off the walls.

It took me a few seconds to recover from the shock and register why I had been sat here in the darkness, my eyes flickered to the screen and a flash of recognition slithered through my eyes.

It was midnight.

Time to play the game.

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