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Yet another Japanese legend. The story of Kuchsake-onna, otherwise known as Slit Mouthed Woman, varies from telling to telling as to many legends. This poor woman is unlucky enough to encounter her on her way home from work.
This is originally the first part to one of my Supernatural stories, but I think it stands pretty well by itself.

Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012



The school bell sounded loud and clear in the halls and classrooms of Bellfield Elementary, the rustling of chairs being pushed away from desks filled the room as well as the shuffling of paper and book bags. Children of various ages were chatting happily amongst themselves, excited about the end of school and the weekend that lay ahead of them. Parents were waiting outside the school exits for their children to leave the classrooms so they could start the venture home whether it be by car or on foot, everyone was wrapped up in that Friday feeling.

Also getting into the Friday mood was a young woman making her way home from her shift at the local opticians. Nikkita Opal was a woman of 22 with medium brown hair that was tied up in a high ponytail but if let down it cascaded in waves down her back. Light make up brought out her hazel eyes and the lip gloss smeared on her lips plumped them out a little into a pout, naturally her make-up had to be as toned down as she could get it so she could be presentable to customers.

Files of children were rushing out of the school gates as Nikkita walked past, eager to get home after a long week at school, she was thankful that she didn’t have any children to worry about at her age unlike a lot of her old school friends. As the children and their parents walked, or ran, past her a strange air of eeriness filled the street, slowly the area began to clear leaving Nikkita by herself.

A cold shiver ran down her spine and she couldn’t help but feel like she was being watched all of a sudden, the silence had become thick and heavy unlike the atmosphere that she encountered before walking past the school. Although now all she could hear was the sound of her heels clicking on the pavement. Nikkita’s pace picked up as her heart began to beat faster and her limbs started to feel like jelly, the feeling of unease never settling.

By the time she had reached the corner she had to take the sound of shuffling became evident over her panting and the sound of her own heartbeat, unable to fight the natural reaction she looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was following her and resisted the urge to call out and challenge them.

A light frown crossed her brow as no one came into view and the hairs on the back of her neck began to stand up; taking a deep breath she looked ahead of herself once again and continued on her path turning the last corner to her home. Nikkita started running thoughts through her mind as a way of trying to clear her head of unease, it was obviously her imagination. Why would anyone be following her in the first place?

She laughed whilst rolling her eyes at her own foolishness and paranoia whilst she slid her purse off her right shoulder so she could dig around in it for a set of house keys failing to notice the figure walking towards her.

After about a minute of rummaging Nikkita smiled in triumph whilst pulling out the key that was attached to two key rings, one was a ‘N’ studded in pink diamantes the other had her birth sign and it’s meaning beautifully decorated on it.

With a content smile she threw her bag back onto her shoulder before sliding the keys into her pocket it was only then that she finally noticed the figure that was now close enough for a clear description.

It appeared to be a woman of average height wearing a long, light brown trench coat with her hands resting in the pockets. Her hair was long and pure black reaching down to the center of her back the colour of her hair made the pale skin and white eyes of the woman stand out, there seemed to be no iris in her eyes; just white with the black of the pupil in the center. What stood out most was the white surgical mask that was covering her mouth making any recognition beyond that point impossible, the stranger kept her gaze fixed on Nikkita, unblinking.

That horrible feeling of dread washed over her again as the strange woman came to a stop a few feet in front of her as if trying to block her path, believing that the girl was in need of some sort of help Nikkita stopped mid step.

“Are you okay?” Nikkita asked frowning in slight concern “do you need any help?”

They both stood in spot staring at each other silently making another shudder run down Nikkita’s spine.

“Do you think I’m beautiful?” Came the soft, serene voice of the stranger.

Nikkita’s worried frown turned to one of confusion. What was this woman asking such a question for? Shaking her head Nikkita surveys the strange woman whilst thinking about her answer; surely she wouldn’t know if she had half her face covered. With a soft sigh Nikkita opened her mouth to answer but the words got caught in her throat as the woman reached up and ripped the surgical mask from her face showing the disfigurement that it hid.

Both her cheeks had large gashes in them almost splitting her face in half.

Nikkita recoiled in horror staring at the woman’s mouth with large, fear filled eyes.

“Do you think I’m beautiful now?” She repeated still in an eerily calm voice.

Nikkita noticed how the slits in her cheeks opened to show further inside the woman’s mouth, the sound of saliva squelching on her tongue as she spoke being almost sickening. “O-Oh…g-god…no” Without a second thought she began to shake her head.

The woman’s teeth looked yellow and sharp enough to rip into meat without any difficulty which terrified Nikkita to the point of being unable to move as the woman pulled out a large, rusted and blood stained pair of scissors then slowly began to advance on her still looking as calm as when she had asked her first question.

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