HFTOH - Perhaps Not For Cat Lovers

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There's nothing quite like a good cuddle with your favourite pet.

Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



There’s that familiar feeling of padding along the bed.


Light steps that are just barely noticeable through the thick duvet covering a sleep deprived body.


A person who is accustomed to having their sleep interrupted by a certain animal during the night, almost on the clock like a well practiced routine.


That cat did always like to snuggle for about three hours before the sun would rise, then it was time for food whether you liked it or not.


Without a second thought, you reach out your hand to stroke the guest as a sign of greeting, making sure that they knew you were aware of their presence.


Heaven forbid if they thought you were ignoring them.


You’d made that mistake before and learned a valuable lesson.


As always the animal rubbed its head against your palm, tickling the skin a little bit as a low purr rumbled deeply in the animal’s gut.


You grimace as your hand gets wet and cold, you didn’t recall hearing any rain hitting your windowsill before falling asleep.


What had that cat been up to?


The feline doesn’t seem to mind and continues rubbing against that comfy, warm duvet you’re wrapped in, protected from the chill filling the rooms’ air.


Absentmindedly, you go back to petting your cat as you’re so used to doing.


Is there even a time you can recall not having a cat?


There were very few times within your life of course, but they were few and far between.


Then it catches you.


A foul smell that drags you out of your half asleep wondering.


That blasted cat, seriously, what had it been up to?


Whatever it was smelt absolutely horrific and that meant the animal is going to need a bath sooner rather than later.


Oh how it did love baths and how you loved the scratches that stung in the hot water as you tried to show mercy to the poor tortured animal, having to endure such nightmares like bathing.


Another spot of wetness covers your hand as you pull it away from your cats back.


Wetness mixed with the feeling of clotted and matted fur, the sickening sound of squelching filling the silent air as you pull your hand away.


Accompanied with a low mewl from the animal, but not one of pain.


The smell gets worse as you pull your hand closer to inspect what had covered it and ultimately your cat, though you couldn’t see anything squinting in the darkness.


With a sigh of defeat, you roll over to switch on the lamp by your bedside using your clean hand.


You have to wait for your eyes to adjust to the light before you take a look at your grime covered hand.


What greets you is a large clump of skin.


Fur matted with blood and dirt still attached to the slowly decaying and rotting piece of flesh lay in your palm.


An unpleasant shiver runs down your spine as your hand shakes and your eyes slowly trail down to the animal at your side.


You had completely forgotten that you had buried your cat just over a week ago.

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