HFTOH - Satoru-Kun

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Satoru-kun is based on a Japanese legend of the same name. Satoru-kun is said to be a spirit of a young boy who can see the past, present and future. Doing a certain ritual summons him and you can ask him any question, providing that you follow his rules.

Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012



I roll my eyes to the side to look at the illuminated screen of my Nokia mobile, lifting my head from my hand I shift to pick up the small black gadget I check the caller ID. Just as I suspected ‘Unknown number’.

For the past few days my phone had been ringing almost daily which was unusual for me, I rarely ever got calls. My friends were usually busy at work or university and only called when they had some kind of problem that just had to be unleashed on me, heaven forbid if I had a problem…no one would be there to listen. Some kind of friends they are.

Shaking my head of any negative thoughts about my friends I flick my phone up and eagerly wait to hear the voice on the end. Despite the number being withheld I knew exactly who would be on the other end.

You see recently I had heard of this Japanese question game called Satoru-kun, one of my closer friends was a massive supernatural boffin and loved to look these things up. I personally wasn’t much of a believer of ghosts or anything that went bump in the night, there had to be an explanation for everything right?

There was something about this Japanese legend that seemed to peak my interest and actually managed to rope me into giving it a try. The rules themselves were simple:

Rule One: Do not turn around and try to look at him.

Rule Two: Do not touch him.

Rule Three: Do not call him if you don’t have a question.

Rule Four: When he is behind you don’t stall, answer the question straight away.

Apparently when he called you for the last time and you managed to break those rules he would kill you and drag you into Hell, classic ghost story that huh? Besides who was stupid enough to actually break any of those stupid rules?

The summoning ‘ritual’, as my friend called it, was rather simple; all you needed was a mobile phone, some money and a payphone. Luckily for me there was a payphone just up the road from my house, it may have been battered from all the younger teens who thought they were tough around here but it still worked.

I remember when my friend first told me about this legend; it all seems a bit farfetched doesn’t it? A young boy knowing everything? Past, present and future.

Thinking back on it now I don’t even know why I wanted to give it a try, it didn’t seem like the kind of thing that would pull me into everyone’s game. I guess the only reason I wanted to give it a go was because I had so many questions.

I remember when I first finished the ritual, my mind instantly went blank when I thought of the idea that my friends were tricking me and I realised they were probably trying to make me look like a total idiot, well the joke was on them! Satoru actually called my phone and told me where he was within the twenty four hours as stated.

For a few days now he had been calling me and telling me his location, slowly getting closer and closer to me. My hands were shaking with nerves mixed with excitement; this is the weirdest thing I had to have tried in my life.

Clearing my throat I put the phone to my ear whilst getting up from my seat to look out my bedroom window, so many questions were running through my mind but which one should I ask?

“’Hello?” I answer in the typical manner only my voice seemed to crack half way through the single word.

“I’m behind you” I heard the soft, young male voice reply into the speaker.

I gasp as my eyes widen in excitement, now my hands were shaking like mad. He was finally here! I could ask him whatever I wanted!

With the excitement getting the best of me I open my mouth to ask my question, before I could fight my natural reflexes I spun around to face him.

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