HFTOH - Such A Sweet Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

There was something about men that was simply too delectable to resist.

There she was on her friend’s timeline again.


Snapped with yet another young man.


Snuggled up on his lap as they both smiled at the camera with care free eyes.


The comments were the things she’d grown used to after the third guy she’d been spotted with.


‘Not long after her last man disappeared from her life, she’s seen with a new man. Typical.’


‘Never settles for long, does?! Some women!’


Boy people just lapped this stuff up, and each time she was posting it made her chuckle, anticipating the backlash and comments she knew would come her way now.


Brushing her dark fringe out of her eyes, she pushed the laptop to one side and looked across the well prepared dinner table with a contemplative thought, her pale lips pulled to one side.


They had a point, keeping a man around seemed to be such a struggle for her and it wasn’t that either of them were unsuitable, it’s just that she was terrible at the waiting game and men were so hard to resist.


It’s just one of those things that couldn’t be helped, she got bored very easily and they were just so tempting sometimes.


Her favourite ones were the tall and slightly beefy ones with long, dark hair, those were the kind she’d keep around for a while.


Or at least try to.


Over the years she’d had scrawnier guys, but they just didn’t do anything for her. Though they were nice, they just weren’t satisfying enough to keep her quenched for long.


A long sigh left her lips as she stood up from her chair, the wooden legs scraping against the cold floor making a horrific squeal echo around the pure white dining room, though she barely flinched at the sound.


How long had her latest one lasted?


About four months now if she recalled correctly, but time always flew by when she’d found a new one. Sometimes she’d have to go back to when the first new pictures were posted on her timeline, just to make sure she wasn’t mistaken at her time estimations.


“Four months,” she hummed to herself in a voice that was pitched perfectly to not grate on anyone’s nerves. “I guess now is as good a time as any.”


Blue eyes connected with her own as she spoke, tears welling in them as her fingers slowly curled around the too shiny silver knife that lay on the table. Her long fingernails tapping almost menacingly against the metal hilt, though it was completely unintended that didn’t make the fear in his eyes look any less entertaining.


With his arms and legs splayed across the table and help by ropes tied tightly to each leg, there was no way he was getting out of this, he was entirely helpless.


Just how she loved them.


Surrounding him were empty bowls, serving dishes, large plates, gravy boats and of course horrifying looking cutlery.


He was the perfect temporary centrepiece.


In purposefully slow movements she shuffled onto the table, the knife still clasped tightly in her hand as her body gradually crawled on top of his. Her legs rested on either side of his hips and her face loomed over his, shadowed by her long hair that fell over her features.


The fabric of her white jeans caused his bare lower half to itch, which was a stark contrast to the smoothness that was provided by her white, long sleeved top which felt so silky against his chest.


A sharp sting distracted him from any other discomfort he may have been feeling from her clothing.


The blade to the knife was poised perfectly above his heart, the tip piercing just deep enough for a small bubble of blood to emerge from his faintly tanned skin and slowly start to trail down to his side.


There was no gag in place to stop his yells of pain or angered curses aimed at her.


At his remarks she could only smile and add more pressure to the knife as she licked her lips, eventually leaning down after a few agonizingly long seconds so they were level with his right ear.


“Love you,” she whispered.

Submitted: August 14, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Hell R. All rights reserved.

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