HFTOH - The Drug

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One small, quick movement and it was over. The intoxication was too much and I began to feel ill once again.

Submitted: February 01, 2017

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Submitted: February 01, 2017



My head is swimming.

My vision is blurred.

The blaring music of the club only makes the pounding in my head worse, an uncomfortable thumping that feels like my brain is trying to escape through my skull.

My heart is pumping fast, causing my hand to shake around the glass it’s clasped around on the bar. The tip of my index finger and thumb clumsily fiddling with the straw held within the container, making the ice cubes inside chink around.

If the palm of my hand hadn’t been pressed firmly against the cold, wet glass, I’m certain they’d be overheated and sweaty. The hand holding the straw already felt a little clammy.

There are butterflies in my stomach and my legs are barely holding me up, they’re as shaky as my hands are which makes standing at this table a challenge.

Thankfully I’m hidden away in the corner of the club with only a few dancers straggling by me, so no one seems to notice how unstable I was.

He catches my eye very briefly and I feel a surge of sickness run through me, my body swaying as I’m overcome with dizziness.

He offers a very brief smile before looking away again, his fingers drumming on his own half filled glass.

My eyes bore into him as he moves, his lips encasing the tip of the straw.

Reaching into the pocket of my jacket I finger the small box contained inside, which rattles inaudibly over the music as I move the small container.

Adrenaline surges through my entire body once again, causing the nausea and erratic heartbeat to kick up in a repeat of the past ten minutes.

I wait patiently for him to sip the contents of the glass and subsequently the small addition I had popped in on my way past.

I wasn’t letting this one get away.

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