Light 'Em Up

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
And for tonight's show, we have a trio of very unlucky people.
The tension is building and the spotlight is completely on them.
Time to light 'em up.

Submitted: August 12, 2015

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Submitted: August 12, 2015



The sound of their cries was like music to my ears.

The smell of bubbling flesh engulfed the room like the most delicious incense, exclusive to a particular ‘club’ of people.

It was currently only the two females on the bed who were creating such a spectacular sight, but that is only a temporary worry.

At first I hadn’t been sure if I’d doused them in enough gasoline, I should really scold myself for being so doubtful. The balance had to be just perfect, too little and it would be a rather lacklustre burning, too much however would burn too quickly.

I had managed to get it perfect this time around, it had only taken me four previous attempts. I’ll be sure to note this down when I get home.

A lick of flame caused me to step back to avoid being burned myself, I only wanted to watch, not be part of the show myself.

My gaze flicks to the male strapped to a chair beside the bed, tears ran down his cheeks as he struggled to release himself from the binds around his wrists and ankles.

The fire was slowly moving close to him and would soon draw him into its hug.

It had taken me weeks to find the perfect set of people for this spectacular view, I first had to learn everything about them.

I had followed them meticulously, stalking each for a week to get their daily routines, weird little habits and the ins and outs of their lives, even the dirty little secrets they don’t want anyone to find out about.

Such as affairs.

My eyes flickered to the blonde girl to my right, her eyes clenched tight as she screamed in pain, she wasn’t going to last much longer.

It had taken a lot of effort to kidnap that girl and keep her hidden until the opportune moment, neighbours can be surprisingly nosey when something is actually happening that you don’t want them to know, otherwise they’d just leave you to your mundane tasks whilst spying on you through cracks in their curtains.

My next victims were much easier to round up, they were a young couple and had recently moved in together, making my job all the more simpler.

Such a tragic beginning for the new couple, their first week in a new home and their lies have already been exposed, they clearly weren’t prepared for the cleanse.

The fire catches onto his leg and begins to char the fabric of his socks, perhaps teaching him for future references to not wear socks to bed.

His voice soon joins theirs in a chorus of pain and despair and I find myself once again in heaven.

As skin melts away from muscle and bone, the melody of their screams mixed with the fire alarm in the hall is like a symphony. One I wish I could stick around for to hear the encore, but as the distant sound of sirens become closer by the second, I know that the time has come for my portrait to be left for the spectators to find.

However, there is always time for one last bow.

Until the next show.

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