Silent Hill - The Butcher

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Another day in the life of The Butcher.
I wrote this for my best friend Blacky as a little surprise.
I don't own anything to do with Silent Hill (sadly)
Rated for slight graphic horror.

Submitted: May 27, 2012

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Submitted: May 27, 2012



He looked at the figure blankly as it writhed around trying to escape its shackles. This was always one of the entertaining parts of fresh meat; he loved watching his victims writhe in fear as soon as he had them in his grip.

The chains rattled and clanged against the blood smeared concrete wall as she squirmed around, the metallic cuffs of the shackles dug into their prisoner’s wrists causing bloody sores on her otherwise pale skin.

It was rare that a normal human would stumble upon this hellhole and he was going to relish in every moment he had with this visitor. Most people couldn’t gain access to the town making it a limited number of visitors per year, this created boredom amongst the ‘people’ who lived there resulting in death.

Many turned to murdering their own kind in the town for pure entertainment and he was one of them. One of the most feared.

Being feared gave him a great sense of power, what was more appealing than watching someone cower away from you? How about that moment when they realise you won’t show them mercy? The look in their eyes is enough to make any man shiver in pleasure.

He threw a quick glance over his shoulder towards the captive in corner, only half a smirk showing as he had large metallic plates covering the left side of his disfigured head and part of his shoulder. His skin was a gaunt grey covered in sores and scars, there was no hair to cover the horrible skin. No one knew the origin of these disfigurements and no one who encountered him long enough to take in his looks would ever find out.

With his muscular build he had no problem carrying around the large cleaver he uses regularly, his height and blood covered apron added to his intimidating appearance.

Turning away from the girl chained to the wall he moved across the room to a counter that contained many knives, all varying in size but equal in sharpness. Looking over each blade he thought deeply about which to use, there was so much choice and he had plenty of time on his hands.

It was unlike him to take his time with a victim; more often than not he would simply slam his cleaver into them and rip them to shreds. Today’s victim was special, he wanted to have fun and show why he was the symbol of cruelty and sacrifice.

Picking up a small carving knife he let out a deep chuckle of pleasure which sounded more like a grunt than anything else, moving fluidly back to his entertainment he leaned closer to her face.

She whimpered as his hot and rotten smelling breath filled her nostrils forcing her to turn her head away in disgust. He merely huffed and ran the blunt side of the knife slowly down her cheek, letting her feel the cold metal that was about to invade her skin.

The breath hitched in her throat as her muscled tensed in fear, another squeak like noise leaving her throat.

She was a beautiful specimen; her hair was a deep brown colour and reached her shoulders. Her eyes were a stunning green when they were open; right now she had them clamped shut tightly, no doubt if she had them open they would be red from the tears she’s been letting slide down her cheeks.

He never took much notice of a female’s looks before; he had no sexual drive unlike the other guy around here. The only one he really bothered to pay attention too, who knows maybe one day they would end up sparring…not that they crossed paths often.

Shaking his head free of any distracting thoughts he looked back towards his prisoner watching her squirm again; maybe now it was time to give her a real reason so scream.

Using the blade to slice the fabric of the shoulder of her black jacket he proceeded in ripped the rest of the material away, slowly exposing the pink flesh of her arm that lay beneath it.

Staring at the skin blankly he set the blade horizontally at the top of arm, just above her bicep, and put as much pressure as was needed to make the blade sink a few millimetres into the flesh.

She screamed in pain as the silver knife dug deeper, warm blood began to streak down her arm like a crimson river. Taking her screaming as a positive sign he began to love the blade back and forth like it was a saw, watching in delight as the skin slowly began to peel away from the muscles underneath.

Her screams grew louder as the skin was being peeled off her, the agony was unbearable. No doubt the worst she had ever felt. Why would someone do this?

She cursed her curiosity for getting the better of her, she’d researched the town of Silent Hill purely by chance. She had been researching haunted places one night out of boredom and Silent Hill just happened to come up as a link, she had to have a look, who wouldn’t?

Eventually her curiosity got the better of her and she had to go there to see what the fuss was about, after begging one of her friends to go they clambered into the car and left after raising the money for a road trip.

Through bleary eyes she looked towards the corner her friend was tied in, tears of pain streaked down her face and sobs escaped her. This was all her fault, if only she hadn’t forced her friend to come along…then she wouldn’t have to die.

She was jolted back to reality as another sharp pain ran down her arm making her scream in agony again, looking down at her arm she watched in horror as another piece of her skin was being sliced off. How much more was he going to do?

He felt a smirk tug on his lips again as warm blood coated his fingers; there was nothing he loved more than to see the beautiful liquid fall from his victim.

Letting the second piece of skin drop into the pool of blood on the floor at his feet he moved the knife down to her elbow and began to saw again, the blade sliding down the limb like it was butter.

An involuntary spasm of her arm caused the knife to jolt and create a jagged incision, a loud grunt of annoyance left the male as he pulled the knife away leaving the loose bit of flesh to hang loosely.

Using the moment of freedom she began to squirm around in hopes to try and shake loose of the shackles, deep down she knew it was in vain but anything was worth a try when you’re desperate.

Stepping back he watched her wriggle around in amusement even letting a slight chuckle escape his throat, it was unlike him to show any kind of emotion but today seemed to bring out the best in him.

He continued to watch her for another minute before growing a little impatient, moving closer he raised the knife once more and slammed it into her right thigh relishing in the screams that filled the room.

As he listened to the music he made his way back to the table to choose his next tool, so many to choose from so little time. Glancing over each shining blade he picked up a weapon that looked like a sharpened potato peeler, that should make this job last longer.

Turning around to face the female he saw sweat dripping down her face and she slowly began to pale, she wasn’t going to last much longer so he had to make the best of this.

Just another day in the wonderful life for The Butcher.

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