Typical Teens

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a typical story, about typical teenagers in an average situation: the crush.

A collab with SuzzoneH.
Link to her profile if you wish to check out some of her other stuff: http://www.booksie.com/suzonneh

~“God I’m exhausted.” I mutter as I put my pajamas on.

I look into the mirror, wrinkling my nose at what I see. The, the thing that’s looking back at me is so… repulsive. I sigh, turning off the lights and laying in bed. I close my eyes, curling up in my blanket, waiting for the peace and quiet to drift me off into sleep.

*Tap Tap Tap*

I jolt awake, my blanket falling to the floor from me sitting up so fast. I look towards the window, looking at the shadows that are outside. Dark, cold, lifeless… except for the thing, or one, that’s creating them. Maybe… maybe there’s something out there or, or...

“Suzonne, stop being so paranoid.” I tell myself, shaking my head.

What was with me lately? I always felt like eyes were on me… like I was being watched… followed. I retrieve my blanket and lay back down, trying to find the peace and quiet that I had felt just a few minutes ago.


I stare up at the window with mischievous glints in my eye, a small smirk across my lips.

The second I had spotted her at school I knew she would be my next target, the perfect girl to torment. I can’t explain how I knew this from a few mere glances, but sometimes you can just tell that they’re the one.

Holding onto the ledge I pull myself up again and gently rap my extended nails against the glass making a daunting tapping noise for anyone sat in the dark, I can almost hear her breathing hitch and heart excellerate.

I wonder what excuses she’s making, perhaps that it’s just branches from a tree? Despite there being no branches that could reach her window and she knows this.

I decide that it’s time to take it up a notch.

I wait until all has settled inside, no sound of stirring, before I place the tip of my nail against the glass and very slowly drag it down to make an awful squeal.

I don’t even bother opening my eyes. I just lay there, pressing my pillow against my ears.

“Go away, go away, go away…” I repeat in a whisper, a tear finding its’ way down my cheek.

I lay there , waiting for whatever, or whoever, it is to grab me from where I lay. As the seconds tick by, I slowly peek around the room. I sigh, seeing nothing, and lay back down in the comfort of my blanket. Finally… maybe some sleep.

I float through the air, my wings gliding through the sky behind me. It’s peaceful, quiet… but then it starts to storm. Rain splatters across my face, getting into my eyes. I feel my wings start to weigh down, and then, and the…

I wake up gasping for air. I look around my room wildly, still feeling the rain. The wind whipping across my face. I rub my eyes with the backs of my hands. Great, no sleep, again. I felt eyes on me all night. I tossed and turned for hours, looking up at every little noise.

“Damn…” I sigh as I look into the mirror.

I admit, I look pretty rough, way more than usual. My dark, red hair matted up into a rats’ nest, my green eyes bloodshot, dried drool running down my chin. Disgusting. I walk to my closet, opening the door. I grab a pair of jeans and a Bob Marley shirt, slipping them on over my underclothes. I look into the mirror, contemplating on my hair. Maybe…. maybe just a bun. Yea, a bun. I grab a couple ponytails and put up my hair. Jeez, what a mess. I laugh at myself, heading out the door.

“Time for school.” I say as I walk down the street.


 I slowly followed behind her, watching every move closely. I took a detailed note of what she was wearing that day, just incase a chance ever came up that I could use against her during school hours.

The kind of quiet places you can find free during break and lunch hours was surprisingly vast in such a popular school for the area, there were so many places I could lure her to and no one would know any different.

Within a few strides I had caught up to her and gently clasp a hand on her shoulder.

“Good morning you!” I beam, a wide growing showing my teeth. “Good night?”

I fake my sincerity, something she always falls for, such a gullible little sheep she is. Perhaps today I can finally enact my plans.

I flinch when the hand touches me. I turn around expecting the worst, but when I see who it is I relax.

“ Oh, hey! You scared me… jerk! ” I said with a laugh.

Something about him… it made my heart melt. The smile, so light and carefree. The laugh, loud and hopeful. The look in his eyes, like everyone matters. We walk to school in silence, me watching him out of the corner of my eye. He looked straight ahead, occasionally looking at me and smiling. I feel butterflies in my stomach… odd. We arrive at school just before the tardy bell rings.

“Yes! Not late!” I say with a smile, racing off to class.

I get to the end of the hallway and glance behind me. He’s still there, watching me. I blush, waving, then walk into my class.


Once she had left my sight and gone into class, I made my way to my own lesson. The day proved to move slowly, this was most likely due to my anticipation of finally getting her. Lessons drag on and the clock hands barely move.

Frustration began to build up until the bell for break rang, relief washed over me and I was the first to jump out of my seat and rush out the room. I knew what class she had just now, I have a copy of her timetable in my bag.

Racing through the halls, I push my way through waves of students until I reach her class, praying that she wasn’t let out.

Glancing to my side I catch a glimpse of my own reflection, my long and dark hair was tousled from the run and my panting made me look like a mad person.

With a furrowed brow I used the window to adjust myself and look more casual, you can’t win a person over if you look like you’re going to kill them any second. Once sorted I positioned myself against the opposite wall of the classroom door, trying to make it look like I hadn’t been in a rush to get here.

‘Time to play Prince Charming again,’ I snark in my mind, I hated this part.

I sigh as I get up from my desk. She just had to give us five minute lectures after the bell. I walk out of the room and gasp when I see him.

He’s there, leaning against the wall. His pants sag just enough to be attractive, and his shirt is wrinkled. His hair looks messy, but good. His eyes bright.  And his smile… oh, his smile.  He looks… perfect.
I can feel my cheeks get red, heat rushing to my face. I smile nervously as I walk towards him.
He nods, smiling, like he already knows he has me within his grasp. 

He points his head to the left, pointing to my next class. It doesn’t start for ten minutes, but he doesn’t know that. I smile and follow him down the hall. But then he makes another left and we go down another hall. I’ve never been in this part of the school before… it was all under construction. Adding on classrooms and new flooring. But… why would we be going this way?


I found the perfect area that I needed, somewhere quiet and secluded.

I could see in her eyes that she was beginning to feel uneasy, confused as to why I was leading her to such a place.

The further we went the more silent it got, the loud hum of students and teachers alike slowly disappeared into nothing. Lighting around us began to dim, creating a wonderful shield from view.

My fingers were itching with anticipation and I found myself chewing my bottom lip, gnawing at my skin until it was red and sore. It had been a while since I fed outside, usually I had to stick to indoors, away from prying eyes.

After I’d felt we’d gone far enough I turned to face her and gave the best, game winning smile I could.

“This place is perfect, we can stop here.”

I smile at him, looking around at my surroundings. Work tables, tools, boards, tiles. Maybe he built something? Or… maybe he just likes the quiet? I look in to his eyes and see something I hadn’t noticed before. Something evil, dangerous. I back up a few steps, still smiling, hoping my fear doesn’t show. Maybe I could run or, or… and then my back was against the wall.

I had no way to escape now. Hopefully I was just imagining things. Everything will be okie… Right?


“You know,” I sigh whilst stepping closer to her. “We could have made this so much simpler, all I wanted was some time alone with you.”

I stop a few inches away from her and lean in so my face is close to hers, noses almost touching.

“I mean, I thought you girls liked that? Time alone with a cute guy.”

As I saw the look of unease shift in her eyes I couldn’t stop the smirk that crossed my lips, I could practically smell the unease radiating off her and it was divine.


“I, I just… I do but I just... “ I say, barely able to breathe.

I could hear my heart beating, the goosebumps traveling up my arms.

“Please, please just let me go. I won’t tell anyone.” I manage to whisper, knowing the fear was strong in my voice.

I try to push my way past him but he held me against the wall, smiling, His eyes shot into me, like he could see my soul. I looked at him, a tear slipping down my face.

“Please…” I say as I close my eyes and bite my lip.


My eyes roll as I listen to her whimper, rather pathetically in my eyes. This seemed to be a common thing among human targets, they’d cry and beg and never get the clue that it just won’t work.

Even my kind needs to feed.

I held her in place, hands on her shoulders, and watch as she begs. The skin on my arm slowly turning grey as my true self revealed itself slowly, nails and teeth becoming sharper, perfect for tearing apart human flesh.

“It seems like you just don’t understand,” I growl, it was deep and guttural coming from the bottom of my throat.

I move one of my hands to her face, placing it on her cheek so that my sharp, dirty and broken nails could slowly trace a line under her eye.

“This isn’t my fault, all this could have been avoided...if you had just opened the window.”

I wince at his touch. I could feel his nails digging into my skin.

“It’s just a dream, it’s not real.” I mutter under my breath.

I close my eyes and wish, and wish, and wish. But when I open them he’s still there. Tears slip down my cheeks as I bite my lip. I look into his eyes and look for the smallest sign of sanity, humanity, something, but nothing was there.

Submitted: August 24, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Hell R. All rights reserved.

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