World war in two pages....

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This is a story of the ever green Mr. Hitler...The winner countries wrote the history in their own way ...
But now its time to investigate more on it...Thank you my lovely friends,,,,,

Submitted: July 26, 2011

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Submitted: July 26, 2011



The great adolph hitler

Hello friends.

everyone has heard the name who is going to read this article...

Hello this is the first story of mine on this site . Please read it and make suitable corrections to me. PLZZZZZZ. I want ur support. There may be some grammeretical mistakes so please pardon me . I am not from an English speaking country.....

This story is going to tell you the description of the works of adolph hitler during the second world war..but before that let us first see some brief srory about first world war...

Hitler was normal soldier in the first world war..He fought for the germany.Durin the end of the first world war The germany started losing its soldiers at such a higher rate that they should accept the losing side country title...The hitler couldn't bear this..He has been shown the poverty of his country after the first world war due to the winning countries.THe winners have given a big penalty to germany for their economical development.The germans weren't able to pay such a high costs.So the rate of poverty in the germany increased exponensially.Moreover the germans were not allowed to produce submarines as well as the airships.Adolph get annoyed and decided to make his country at the top.He became the president of germany after the hindenbergh. Now he suddenly started the production of warships,airplanes,tanks.The winners dont worried as they thought that germans can't regenerate themselves but they were wrong .With such a huge power german attacked on the POLAND and made them to eat the grass NIGHT-O-NIGHT.THe britain also declared war against the german.Now the fuherer Got more annoyed. He also started attacking on the BRITAIN. He was on the way of winning but he done a biggest mistake.He attacked on the Russia .To win russia it seemed to be impossible due to their bigger area and the power of stalin. Though they attacked and the result was fair. THe germans get defeated very badly in laningrad and they have to make backwards. Since they were quite stronger on the western side it hadn't cause a big problem but at that time a big game was played . The little JAPAN attacked on the AMERICA and as a result the america also got valid entry in the world war two...Now the game changed ,The britain got the support from the america and started to fight strongly against the germans.. The germans need to be backwards. Now it was the time for the Britain and america to attack on the germany.. On the historical day of the 6th juhe . they attacked on the normandy and the germans cant stop this..

So friend countries got entry on the land  of france and started to dimilish the german artilaries. The germans couldn't stand against the americal hammer. Now it was tough situation for adolphh hitler. The one whowas thinking about wiinnig the whole europe was now struggling for saving his own country. But still he was in the stronger position. The rate at which the americans and britishers were dimilishing the german artilarly was less than that at which the germans were producing. So Britain started to attack on the germans factories. Now this cant be stopped . Germans tried a lot but stillcant stop the american and british attacks. So the rate decreased. and gone to be 3% at the end of the world war so that the hitler knew that it was impossible for him to come back in the game again. So the nazi leader hitler get kill himself. And the germans were losser again > But what was the situation s of his country after the death of his. Very poor the germany was now divided in the four major parts . Each part was now under the governance of Russia america britain and france . Berlin was also divided into the four major parts. As a result there occured two parts of germany. West and East.This is the description in the books...

But now think about my thoughts. Was hitler really loser? see he fought agiainst the whole europe. alone with italy. The america was quite larger than theirs. He produced more weapons and better technologies as compared to the america and russia. The WORNER FOR BROWN may be some mistakes in my spelling was also belonging from the germany. the nuclear project of germany was runnig at its peak. and they surely have made it before the america if the british commandos didn't attacked on the german nuclear station's heavy water. The small germany fought like a bigger country . The speech of the fuherer was such that it caused the enthusiasm in the soldiers for fighting against the opposite sides and take back the name of his prosporous country. BUt unfortunately he couldn't .But he was the real hero. I sware  

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World war in two pages....

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