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Submitted: July 15, 2011

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Submitted: July 15, 2011



I will close my eyes now cuz i am out of reasons that made them still opened

Where was i all my life its like in the middle of climbing i found my rope's end

Dont worry about me,long time ago i found my hope's end

Even though am dying i cant find my mope's end

It's like i've been boy yesterday i still remember me playing with my best friend

I guess life doesn't give the happiness she just it lend

I couldn't take care of me in anytime i couldn't my self fend

I have alot of wounds and non of them really mend

I guess we cant hide who we really are as much as we pretend

Every path has an end and this is my path's end

All my greets and all my goodbyes to the ones i love i send

Life made for me so many surprises life is such a dark evil blend

Even if you have an iron back by the time you will bend

all i felt was fake,wasn't real,was an illusion

My life is an empty book,it just has begining and conclusion

My mind created my life i was living in my own delusion

I will mix my self with death by saying the word fusion

I don't need your pity,and please dont come to my grave

cuz you'll come to someone wasted his time,but you have time to save

I am like a weak boat in an enormous sea i crashed by a very small wave

I am not a hero,not a good man,not smart,not even brave

I had no options in my life my life was more like cave

You can see that i received alot of love but hate is what i gave

You've never seen me talking,cuz i dont talk i just rave

I did so many wrong things, my way to hell by my hands i used to pave

I'll drag myself to you death,take it with you,i you crave

My diseases are highly infectious,they should lock me in a quarantine

If anyone wants to stab me,let him do it,am dying anyway so thats fine

I will take the rain,the pain,the word insane,i'll leave u love,the word sane and the sun shine

People took everything from me except my heart,till now it is mine

I'll start my end's countdown it begins with ten,nine...

and even though i'll die you wont forget me cuz you'll always hear my whine

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