Warmth Of Midnight

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Submitted: October 20, 2010

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Submitted: October 20, 2010



Midnight on a drop of dew,
Moonlight reflected on a green leaf new;
The night whispers of things hidden
And true.
Listen well to the tales of the night,
Things move and rustle in the shadows of sight,
Only to scatter at dawns first light.
The moon shines in the heavens dark,
A piece of glowing, glassy, art,
Mirroring the burning of a lovers heart.
Do not be alarmed, or tread in fear
Of the sounds that reach your waiting ear,
It is only the darkness that you hear.
The stars sing softly to ease your soul,
The language long forgotten to you, I know.
Yet still, do not let your heart grow cold.
The warmth of midnight is hard to feel,
But when you find it, it will be real.
Then your fear away will be sealed.
So search for the warmth with a heart wide,
Look to the dark shadows and the black velvet sky.
It is only with fear that we will die.

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