Breathless on a Christmas night

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Sandra Wilson, suddenly appears in a place, she is not seen by anyone. No one can touch her, she is a ghost.

Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012




I appear. Next to a park.

It is night time, snow is falling, wreaths are hanging, there are colourful lights everywhere and there is a large cathedrel infront of me where many people were heading.

It was Christmas Eve.

Next to me this tall, dark coloured teen looking guy stands beside me, he looks at me and says

"hello Sandra, my names samson, you are a ghost, no one can see you or touch you except me"

For a minute my mind is processing what are these crazy things this guy I just met said to me, firstly, how does he know my name?! Is this guy a pervert? how can this be true?   I am not dead! I am dreaming! I must be........

I scream hello, no one looks at me. I run up to an old lady, but I ended up running straight through her. 

Samson says " You really think i'd be lying" , he looks at me as if I was the dumbest person in the world. 

he continues and says " we have to stop death from happening, see that family over there, they will die as soon as they get home, we have to stop it"

I look at the young family, the mother was pregnet and she had a husband and a 5-year-old son. They were so......happy.

i said "how, no one can see us, we cant touch anything!" 

Samson said " see the necklaces we have" I looked at it and it contained some blue shiny liquid in it, 

"once broken, it enables us to see one person, and one person only, they will see us for only 5 minutes"

I sat through church praying, praying for this family, praying that the almighty god will help us stop this fate. I didnt want such a young and innocent family to die.

After church we followed the family to the parking lot, samson said

"on the count of three break the necklace, 1.....2......3!" 

We ran to the mother and pulled her aside. We told her that her family was going to die, she didnt beleive us but we saw her fear. We told her to calm down an tell he familyt to go else where for the night. She accepted what we said.

She quickly went to her husband and convinced him to go to her parents house for then night. 

Samson and I were happy that we had done it until.....

The mother got in the back seat and and he husband and son sat in the front. 

Then out of no where a man in a ski mask got into the backseat. 

Samson and I ran. We tried to stop him but the 5 minutes of visibility ran out. 

We watched as the man in the back ski mask cover the mothers mouth as he took his out a knife and in quick motions stabbed the pregent mother in her womb and in her heart. Then he jumped out of the car and pressed a botton and in 2 seconds the car blew up and the whole family died.

I was Breathless.

A rush of guilt and unhappiness rushed through my body. Tears formed and I fell to the ground. Samson comforted me then I woke up with tears running down my face.

It was 5:56 am, needed to get ready for school. I was all just a dream as I thought! No need to worry I thought!

I turned on the tv, a news lady appeared with a blown up area behind her. I said to myself it couldn't be, it was all just a dream!

"A tragedy, a young family passing on christmas day" then they showed a picture of the family. 

That was them. 

I dropped my cereal.

I dropped to the floor.

I felt...........Breathless





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