the stars in the sky like the ones in your eyes

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Submitted: November 05, 2009

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Submitted: November 05, 2009



I dont know how to say this, I have so many secrets, some people say my heart is so big but its empty as can be, It feels likes its been torn apart, Its hard to belive its even me.

All these tears appear within my eyes for so many reasons, I dont know why. These empty feelings I have inside, at times I sit and wonder why, why do I always cry?

Could I ever be cured of these aches and pains, I need to be loved soon, before I go insane. Have you ever felt the pain of life? Its like a knife that strikes apone your heart, kinda like the feeling while were apart.

There it remains those aches and pains, I feel like I could be going insane.I want to lie down and unwind, while my heart settles and untwines. As I try and smile my hearts wants to grow, at the same time my mind is saying \" I dont think so\"

Im missing those peices of my heart I think Ive lost them some where in the dark. No one to help my scream and cries so there I lie, I need some one now, yes its true please come and find me before I die and turn cold and blue.

I want to see the stars In the sky, Like I did that night when I met the perfect guy.I pray to god who sits up above to let you feel my hidden love. As we walk this thin line there is this moment I want to call mine.

Far in the oceans, deep in the sea I found this treasure, in you and me, Its more valuable in life its self Its more presiouse then any thing, I pray to god to let it stay, Please god dont take it away!

I know Ive been selfish I can admit that, Its so pretty unlike my heart when it turns black, so dark and cold I cant hold on,for I am so weak, please just stay with me for this could be gone in one blink.

I hope I see things in diffrent color This one is to dule, Let it be bright as the sun in your eyes I love the sight, I just might wake up help me see things I used to see The sky so blue the sun so bright, all these things are quite rite.

I awoke from that nightmear I found that special moment I wanted to call mine, I saw all the signs, I think it is time to say I shall never see another shade of gray, all I pray now is for god to keep me happy, as happy as I am today.

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