Life Lessons

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Life Lessons

Submitted: May 25, 2013

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Submitted: May 25, 2013



Love is my fear,

Fear is my love.

I love what I fear

And I fear what I love.

How can I cope when

The one who is dear,

Scares me near

To death?

What scares me about love,

And what I love about fear,

Is as much a mystery as

Fear and love themselves.

Many a glistening tear

I have shed, over these two

Strong emotions.

They both have saved my life,

Once or twice,

So when I'm in sorrow,

And nothing will suffice,

I remember those that I love,

And my fear of losing them,

And that brings me down from a ledge,

Or my finger off the trigger.

Because of these emotions,

I make a pledge,

To linger,

Longer on this blessed earth.

It is because of my experiences,

From now, back to birth,

That I'm writing for you today.

So that if you ever find

Yourself in the depths of despair,

You will read this, then

Mend yourself

And repair,

Your perfect imperfections,

Your wonderful, inner, beauty,

And live.

Love yourself, every inch and pound of you.

Take care of yourself, every lock and breath of you.

And fear the reaction of your family without you.

And through the powerful sensations of fear and love,

Like me, your life might be saved,

From the eternal pit of despair.

So again,

I will make it my prayer,

That you one day learn, to

Love what you fear,

And fear what you love.

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