Creepy cold cases: the disappearance of Amanda Stiffler. part 2.

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this is a continuation of part 1

Submitted: February 25, 2016

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Submitted: February 25, 2016




If you haven't read part 1. Go read that part first. I wrote that back in 2014

Part 2.

" I said get  lost you dumb **** criminals!" Yelled James.  "Sir We are detectives, we will show you our badges." Skip said.  They slowly took out their badges, and showed James. James lowered his weapon, and told them " What do you want?"  Skip said, " We are working on a cold case about a girl that went missing in 1945, and 5 days later found dead, her name is Amanda Stiffler, here is a picture of her Do you remember her?

James sighed and looked down, and said " Yes she was my sister, please come in."

John and Skip went into the  brick house, the house was very nice looking on the outside, ( although kind of small,) but many terraced houses are, especially the older ones.  In front of the house had one window on the first floor, and 2 windows on the top floor. It was a lot nicer looking thenmost other houses in the neighborhood;  the side he lived in, And the side his neighbors lived in were  actually a whole lot safer then the rest of the area its self. The house had tan window stills and a stoned roof. The inside was very nicely cleaned, and still looking kind of old fashion too, Its like they were going back in time.  The floor  inside most of the house was  wooden  except for the kitchen, and  also very  cleaned, too. There was a black piano by the back window, each window had green curtains on the side of the windows. The piano was just there for looks, because if he played it, it would annoy his neighbors. He didn't wanna get rid of it because his mother got it for Christmas, in 1948. That's around the year when he was taught how to play it too. The kitchen was actually very big for a house this small and the fridge was kind of off to the side of the kitchen cramped in that little space by the  green marble counters.

It was a modern day fridge of course. I mean old fridges looked neat, but things doesn't last forever. The living room was very neat too. There was two sofa's on both sides, one to the left and one to the right, with the television to the left in front of the other back window. The rug was green, and the fireplace was  on, with tons of pictures of James, on the mantle  over the years in black and white, as well as color ranging from him as a kid, to him grown up. In many of his grown up pictures; he had a few of them in his fire fighter uniform. in one photo he had a picture of him escorting 2 children, and one baby out of a burning house in Northern Philly in the year 1978, it was also on a monday and it was July 10th at the time.  The picture also had his fellow firefighters, cheering for him next to their truck. He doesn't look like the younger james we saw in the pictures. He now wears glasses, he has grey hair, his hands shakes when he stands still like when he was pointing the gun at us we noticed his hands were shaking a little.  He has his green eyes still, but the photos showed a better looking James. He didn't wear glasses when he was younger, he had brown hair, and he was in good shape back in the day. Now he is older, but he did age well a little bit, because he still has all of his hair, he still has a oval shaped mouth, round nose, and he still has a lot of his hair above his eyes and on his head.

Judging by the caption of the picture of him escorting those children out He was declared a hero and won a a medal of Valor that year, and to this day his medal is right behind this picture. He was an honorary fire fighter, and he never gave up when his fellow firefighters did.  Right behind his tv he has more medals hanged up and framed, and of course with protective glass over them all.

" So you detectives want anything?" James asked. Skip relied back saying: " Sure i'll take a coke."  John replied back as well: " No i'm good I had water and a soda on the way here."Okay be right back." James said.

"So fellas what do you want to know about my sister? i'll do the best I can to tell you what you want to know! I was only a kid at the time, from the day I a was born, till I was ten. March of that year, she went missing, and found dead. Now I'm 81, so I'll do the best I can, as my memory is going down hill at my old age."

John just all of a sudden stared at the back window like he has seen a ghost, which he did. Skip told James to hang on a second, while he was trying to  get John to ask most of the questions, sense he is the one with the notepad, and since he knows more about the case then himself.

It took a few minutes to get him to start talking again. While he was just staring at the window out of the bloom he started to sweat, and his eyes started to raise, and tears started to come out of his eyes. Finally he snapped out of it. " John! What the hell happened to you, your eyes are watery all of a sudden!"  John then whispered to skip." Skip I saw her....... I saw Amanda Stiffler....... Skip she... she.... didn't look right. I knew it was her, because of her blonde hair and the clothes she had on, on the day she went missing and died........ Skip...... She had no eyes...... Bloody tears was coming out of her eye sockets, Skip I'm not going crazy, I swear I saw her." Skip looked at him for a split secon and said: " I know being a cop is hard work and it tends to get emotional, but you gotta take it easy some cases maybe horrifying, some cases maybe sad, but you gotta take it easy. Even cold cases can be too. and many cold cases has pictures of the crime scene and files about it as well as evidence too."

James finally came back he told them that he apologizes for taking so long and told him that he had to look  to see if there was coke in the fridge. His fridge was so full that he had to take things out of the fridge and put them back in after he found one.  He kinda startled John too. " Hey why are you sweating? I didn't turn my heat up that high!"  "Here is your coke Detective.: He handed the coke to skip.  He told him thank you.

John told him it was nothing and he was thinknig about his wife, and how he is always worried about her when she goes to some of the rough areas on her calls.  His wife is also a cop too. John then started to ask him questions. One of the questions he asked James was, this: "What do you remember about your sister?" James responded to John with this: " She was always a happy girl. She would fix me my mother, and my father breakfast every morning. She was always a good cook. I mean many 17 year olds doesn't do those great things with their family  much anymore. many teens today waits until they get older to start cooking more. Many youths today are so int otheir cell phones, tablets, and their damn Tv games nowadays and are into partying and drinknig now. Many teens back in my day was into similar stuff like that as well, partying, hanging out and so on. At least teens back then, hid it well and still wanted to care for their family, and their young siblings. Now  it just seems like many hates their siblings and family members today. Its so heartbreaking I mean it seems like everyday I turn on the news I see young teens donig this and this, hurting their mother, pushing their younger sister or brother out of the way, of the TV screen whenever they are trying to play one of their TV games, or watching a movie that is supposed to be unseen by teens!"

John replied back. " I understand how you feel and I agree with you, back when I was working homicide; I saw many cases where teens would kill their parents, or sibling some were even as young as 12, of course sometimes their family members would say he didn't mean to do that or  he was just a child and so on. However, lots of times the kid planned it or knew what they were doing so we have to lock them up. Before we do that we of course have to record the interview progress through a movie camera or a voice recorder though. What else do you remember about her?"  " I know I am worried about the future of this country.  Many people today, doesn't even know how to respect anyone these days. Anyway, whenever our parents left to go on honeymoon's or whatever she would babysit me, of course my mother would pay her, as well, as my father. She was great at doing so. She would always make sure, I had my dinner, she would only cook for me and her when my parents weren't home she would make sure I would get myself cleaned up too.

The after we would listen to the radio, or watch TV until it was time for bed. We had a great time together. It just makes me sad that I didn't spend a lot of time with my big sister! She loved me, like I was her own. That is what was so great about her." " I also remember this that made me smile at the time. She told my parents one time, that I didn't wanna move out when I turned 18, and that she wanted to go to college in town, and that she wanted to stay with my me and my parents until I turned at least 14. Old enough to make my own choices, and old enough to leave me home alone too. She wanted the best of me, she loved me more then most big sisters today would give to their younger brothers or sisters, she wanted me to be like her. And I did. I became a firefighter, I wanted to save people, I wanted to be the hero, and I wanted to talk to many young people about why they should care for their big brothers or sisters, or parents. Which I did. I saved and changed so many lives in my years as being a firefighter and a role model for many people." James explained as he took off his glasses and rubbed tears out of his eyes. " Now I live alone, with no pets I'm still in good shape to keep it spotless as you saw. Here  I have this locket of hers it his golden with a little inscription carved in it. Family. It has a picture of her smiling, as well as picture of me as a child." "

John looked at it, and saw that the picture of Amanda, looked odd for a second, and all of a sudden he  saw a drop of blood fall onto the locket, and looked up.

There was Amanda again on the ceiling looking down at them with no eyes trying to mumble. All he heard was this. It was..............., then she screamed and disappeared. When he blinked  and gasped, the blood drop was no longer on the locket, and she wasn't on the ceiling anymore. John looked at James, and said it is nice looking and I think it needs to be back in your hands." James grabbed it back from him and said " Thanks this is a part of me, and I wasn't actually going to give it to you I just wanted to show you." John and Skip smiled and both said "Oh."

James  then said " Please if you have anymore questions ask me I will answer, but I may get a little sad, since it hurts to talk about it, but I know you want this case solved so I will do everything I can to help you guys out."

John said "Okay  next question What did you?.................

End of Part 2, as well as James interview part 1!

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