The Closet Game

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For Danielle, the Closet Game controls most of her actions and words. Being surrounded by religious and closed-minded people requires one to be quite fluent in the ways of the Closet Game, or else they suffer the consequences of coming out...

Submitted: May 28, 2012

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Submitted: May 28, 2012



Note: This just kinda popped into my mind one day, I apologize for being completely and utterly unoriginal. However, I hope you enjoy the sligt twist I put into the story! -Fearless.


She's acting calm for the Homecoming party.

\"Hey, Danielle! I missed you soooooo much girl!\"

She's acting calm, though she harbors a massive secret.

\"Ohmygod, look at that guy over there. He's so hot. Go over there and ask his name. He's probably a senior!\"

She's acting calm as possible because in the Closet Game, one cannot be frantic or reckless.

\"C'mon, Dani, you're like the bravest person I know. And you don't even have a boyfriend yet!\"

As a master of deception, she knows the Closet Game well.

\"Whaddya mean you don't think he's cute?! He's like a god or something. Totally gorgeous. You're just too chicken, right little bitty Dani?\"

She's well versed in all the evasive moves.

\"Ugh, fine. Whatever. We'll just stare at him like complete idiots then.\"

She doesn't crack under pressure from her so-called best friend.

\"Dani, you know I love you and all but for real, you totally are looking like a lesbo. You aren't even in a dress or a skirt or something dressy. Like, jeans and a tee? What were you thinking, this is the hottest party all year.\"

She knows how to admire from afar, and how to not get caught.

\"I hate that Sydney Biggins chick so much, she thinks she can just walk around in really short skirts and scoopy shirts and steal all the guys from us. What a who-\"

She doesn't enjoy lying, but if it aids her in the Closet Game, she'll do it in a heartbeat.

\"Ok then, no need to freak out on me. I'll see you later. Tell me if you score a hot guy!\"

Though she hates this game with all her heart, she hates the consequences of losing even worse.

\"Hi! Are you going to be at church tomorrow? It's the last session of Bible Study.\"

The Closet Game, to her, is all about pretending to be someone you're not for the sake of others, even God.

\"I know right, I can't wait either. Well, I'll see ya then Danielle. Us Jesus freaks gotta stick together right?.\"

Up until now, she's certain that she's the only one of her kind, trapped in this cage of the Game.

\"Um... Hey, my name's Ariel. I kinda saw you standing here alone and wanted to say hi.\"

She keeps her cool for the sake of the Game but her heart is pounding fast.

\"Nice to meet you, Danielle. I think we have the same homeroom, don't we? I remember seeing you the first day. You looked really cute in your jersey. Sorry- I uh... That probably sounded weird. I'll just go-\"

Taking a risky move isn't what the Closet Game needs. She knows this, yet defies it anyway.

\"Oh, ok. I was worried you'd be kinda freaked out that I'm bi.\"

Could this be true? She probes gently, not proud of herself. The Closet Game demanded self-control, definitely not curiosity.

\"Yup, I came out a couple months ago. It was scary as hell, but so worth it.\"

She battles her needs versus her wants, a critical moment in her Game.

\"I'm sorry for um wondering, but are you... straight?\"

The question jarrs her to her very core. Will she surrender the Closet Game once and for all?

\"Oh man. I'm sorry you can't come out, I know how tough it is. If you ever need anything or help with that, you can always ask me.\"

 Years of playing the Game had suffocated her, but now that the very first step to beating the Closet Game was taken, she knew she has the strength somewhere deep down to finally come out victorious.



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