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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jamie knows that he is going in the direction of the railway station beyond which lies something that he fears about. Read to know how fate leads him where no one else wants to go.



"I don't presume it's a friendly place to go Jamie. I have heard shrill screams of a woman, more like mourning. It comes late at night and sometimes after dusk. I bet something evil loiters there. There's an eye watching whoever comes near", Mr. Stephen's cautious advice echoed in the corridors of my mind just as I heard that doleful scream. He was my neighbor and he worked close to those WOODS that lied beyond the Station. No wonder they called them the Woeful Woods. My feet stopped as if some unforeseen powers clang to them. My heart sank. Sweat started flowing from my face and back and I was drenched in the hotness of my fear.

"Common Jamie, it's just the bread and then you're off to home", I took a deep breath.

The air felt cold and still. I moved on. Some broken steps marked the entrance of the Railway Station. A broken board welcomed the visitors in as pathetic way as it itself was in. There was not even a single human there except for me and it was then that I started realizing like an unwelcomed guest to a cold reserved company. A small shop lighted by a single overhanging bulb was at the corner of the platform. At the other corner was the ticket booth.

I peered inside the shop and to by utmost relief I found a small man inside.

"Bet he be the shopkeeper!" I exclaimed and entered.

Just after I stepped out of the shop with my bread, I heard the train's whistle from faraway. I looked in that direction and could see the yellow light peeking from the thick fog.

" A train! Really?" I wondered, "And all this time I thought that it was an abandoned station. What a fool!"

It soon motored near. I wanted to see it and so I decided to wait until it had passed. I don't know why I wanted to stay there? Soon the train compartments were flying in front of me hastily. I could feel the gust of wind pressing upon my face and so I closed my eyes for a while. When I opened them I saw something. More like someone.

It was a woman. Her white attire and long black hair were fluttering with the misty winds making her existence vaguer. Her white face hid behind the flowing hair but the two impassive eyes were fixed at me, staring from that shadowy curtain, unpleased with my arrival. I froze with horror as I looked at the figure on the other side of the moving train. I couldn't breathe for a while. I could catch her glimpse from the spacing between the two compartments. I looked left and saw the train ending. I again faced her, waiting for the train to pass and just as the last coach passed and I was ready to view her directly, she had vanished.

"wha....ahh!", my mouth opened as I was left therewith only her glimpse and my appalled eyes searched her everywhere but she had,all of a sudden, disappeared. 



Submitted: October 06, 2015

© Copyright 2021 hellomzainab. All rights reserved.

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