BEYOND THE RAILWAY STATION- chapter 5 (last part)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jamie knows that he is going in the direction of the railway station beyond which lies something that he fears about. Read to know how fate leads him where no one else wants to go.



"Why did you do that to me?....WHYYYY?" a shaky voice of women whispered in my ear. There was something sinister in that murmur. I turned at once but all I could see was an endless forest with pitch black path leading ahead and a white misty trail leading behind. I was petrified.

I could sense an arcane dejection looming there. I could feel a cold touch on my cheeks and sometimes I could perceive someone was holding my hand. I could feel my way through it yet my mind was completely boggled. I was not sure if I could make my way back or if I was ever going to see anyone again.

"Hello! Is anyone...the-re", I summoned up the courage and pretended to be audacious but my quavering voice was self evident.

I was dissolving into the bottom of this place. The trees here were taller, stickier and more frightening. I was at the end of my wit. I started hearing voices. It was like someone crying and begging for mercy. Then I heard some angry ones. They grew more and more deafening, and my brain started aching. I could hear,

"Why are you doing this? Spare me....."

I clapped my ears with both my hands and closed my eyes. I regretted coming here. When I opened them, I saw it, a light coming from the other end of the woods. A ray of hope struck me at the last moment. I staggered towards that light, cutting my hands through the sharp razor twigs but all I could see was hope of life in that light.

When I reached near I slowed down, my steps broke as I could see that the light was flickering.

"This can't be daylight"

I wondered and as I drifted near the end, my eyes opened up wide, a chill ran down my spine and I stood there appalled with incredulity reflecting from my eyes.

What I could see was a large clearing with many huts and shacks but above all, I could see myriads of fire eating up that whole place. The whole settlement was swallowed by the thirsty conflagration that was still quenching its thirst on some more. There were dead people lying in pools of blood. Some were ruthlessly tortured and then murdered.

All in the vastness was a crimson checkerboard with the people as devastated and dead pawns. The arena was swept clean of the intruders. I couldn't believe my eyes. My mind was stiff and I was completely out of senses that at last I stumbled and fell on the ground while before my very eyes the ground was roaring fires.


I lowered my head in despair and I could see someone from the corner of my eye. It was she. Only this time she was sad. Her eyes were full of tears and unanswered questions. They had been calling us for help. They had been waiting for someone to rescue them. The souls of the departed had been restless, their eyes fixed in our direction for succor but we couldn't see that. They had been waiting for our help but Alas! It was too late.

Tears rolled down my cheeks and I could sense a painful burden in my heart. Just then I saw a movement in a shack not far away. I stood up and peeked and saw a young boy crouching down with injured arms and scared to death. I hurried inside and picked him up in my arms. Without wasting time I dashed into the woods running as fast as I could while the path behind me was getting darker.

"Help will come" I was muttering in my feele voice while carrying him in my arms. When I had reached the other side of the station, I looked back and saw her. She was crying and smiling. Her eyes were shining and I could see relief in them.

Every day, I visited him at the local healthcare center. He was too young only 4 yrs and too innocent. I was happy to see how the police had taken action on my call. The culprits were caught, a ruthless gang of 14 who used to put their victims to death after looting.

The souls were avenged and all I mentioned to little Johnny about his past was;

"Yes Johnny! Your mother was beautiful".



Submitted: October 10, 2015

© Copyright 2022 hellomzainab. All rights reserved.

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