Cold Blood

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Senior crime investigator, Marco Wilson, comes across the body of Kathie Anderson, a 25 years old house wife, who faced a dual demise, first poisoned and then shot in a hotel room. Leaving no clue and only a heart broken family, will Marco be able to solve the case?

Submitted: October 03, 2015

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Submitted: October 03, 2015






Never had I been so baffled, my eyes so blinded and my ears so hopelessly deafened for I could only recall Jamie's voice echoing ," Indeed Marco! She was already dead before the bullet made its way through her body". He is the senior forensic specialist and what he told me was the last I would have expected. The poison had suffused in the whole of her and there was only the faintest possibility that she was alive at that time to face the second assault.

My already wider preoccupations were completely stirred. I would often dream in the pitch perfect darkness of night, a hotel room, wooden floored and simply furnished with a small open window facing east. A rusted candle stand was on the mantle shelf with only a small piece of log in the fire place. It had long been abandoned by fire but inhabited by cobwebs instead. Most remarkable was a large overhanging chandelier throwing its long yellow gleams over the body of Kathie Anderson, lying still with eyes still open and long glaring back at the chandelier and her beautiful blonde hair becoming crimson by the blood oozing from her body. Her skin was all white for the blood and the last of warmth had abandoned her mystically. The somber spectacle couldn't be more realistic for that was exactly what I had seen that Tuesday evening except that the family of the deceased was also there. The father was a stout man who was facing the window to hide what he felt from the others. Their maid, Mary, was kneeling beside the body, holding and solacing Kathie's younger sister, Emily Anderson, who was sobbing and her face hid behind her cold white hands. Jarrod was standing outside the room, appalled by his young wife's eternal departure. In his wide open eyes, tears of untold misery and angst could be seen shimmering. I was not alone in this case but my comrade, Thomas Andrew, was with me for he was also an old chum of mine.

Kathie's clothes were all muddy and the mud was still a bit flaky. I remembered noticing that there was a small mud puddle a little way off the hotel. In her hand she was holding a red handkerchief that I had collected before anyone could have noticed.

"I was in my office as was my Tuesday business", Jarrod continued in a heavy tone,"We were going to sign our dream project that evening that would have brought us a really big success. My manager Willie was going to assist me in that. At around 4 p.m. I received a call from home and Mary told me that Kathie is coming to meet me in the office. So I stayed there, waiting, until I was informed at around 4:30 and..uh! I rushed.....but....It was too late...."

I went down to the hotel lobby. " Can you show me the bookings register for this week?"

"Sure, sir!", the Manager replied by thrusting a big dusty book in my hand. I began going through the contents and there my eyes caught sight of a booking of the same hotel room by Kathie Anderson at 4 p.m.

"So she knew that she was coming to the hotel but she still lied to Jarrod", exclaimed Thomas.

"Well I can't say much but...", I paused having nothing to say and then I started studying her phone record. After Kathie had booked for the room, she had called Willie. Willie also texted her some time later " I WON'T MAKE IT IN TIME".

Well it's easy to guess what happened next. I left to see him.

"Yeah! She called me to meet her in that room but you know the traffic in that part of the day. So I texted her instead".

"That's it?"

"Yes sir! But she sounded upset and troubled."

The next day I spent with the family. I gave them an ear more for the purpose of divulging some facts than condoling.

"She was my brave daughter", Mr. Anderson sniffled,"And I loved her. She never argued and was obedient. She never minded even when at first I used to pay more attention to Emily as she was........"

Emily promptly exchanged a worried glance with her father as if he had said something that he shouldn't have said.

"Oh daddy! You promised you would never........", Emily ran into her room, crying. I looked at her and caught the glimpse of the maid watching us from the kitchen. Ever since Kathie's death, she had been looking after Emily.

"She was what?" I questioned.

"Uh....Um...Kathie was my step daughter but that had never faltered my love for her."

Well Kathie was indeed a very nice person. She had taken care of Emily like she was her child. Indeed that was the reason why Emily also loved her so much and couldn't hear a word against her. Why do good people have to suffer?

"Well Mr. Anderson! Do you by any chance know anything about this fellow Mark Clay?"

"Why yes! He worked for Jarrod, assisting in some finance..."


"The poor lad died in a car crash on Monday!"

'Mark' was in that phone record. Before that car crash he had called Kathie. It was a long call. But why? Well it was highly impossible that the incident was not involved in this murder.

"I can give you a tour!", Willie offered me the next morning when I desired to visit Jarrod's office. Mr. Anderson and Emily joined us.

"Meanwhile as I prowl here, mind if I ask you to call Jarrod?" I said.

"Sure", Emily replied.

I hastened towards Mark's cubicle and began tossing the files here and there. Some were too old and covered in dust and some were new. New and important. And then I caught sight of something.

Just as Emily returned with Jarrod I happened to throw a heavy file, instinctively, onto the desk and dust did its part.

"Ah-choo!", Emily sneezed and her hand impulsively reached the pocket of her coat but came back empty.

"My dear! You need a handkerchief. Here you go", I handed her one, looked at Jarrod and with a grin on my face I blurted out," I didn't expect you to be such a bad supervisor after all, Jarrod!", and I left.

The next day everyone was looking at me with inquisitive eyes as I had summoned them early morning in my office.

"Well! I suppose that we are all standing at the verge of this case beyond which I don't see anything left. Jarrod! theses papers that I am holding are of your dream project and they have been tempered with." I looked at Thomas and he continued.

"Your wife knew about it somehow. Maybe someone from your office. Someone who was equally guilty in this, had told her. So she had called you to stay in the office so that you won't make it in time to sign them and for the same purpose she had called Willie to that hotel.", I took it from there.

" Someone was not liking all that and so in an attempt to stop her, she was poisoned that afternoon but she still managed to reach the hotel. Due to the toxin she even staggered in that mud puddle and dropped her cellphone there." I showed them the phone that I held in my other hand.

"Well what do you mean by all this", Jarrod asked with a nervousness on his face.

"Take a look at these papers that I found on Mark's desk"

"Mark?", He reached for these papers and looked at them.

"Well what's what? I know about these papers, I told Mark to make them myself. They say that I transfer all the benefits and profits of my new project to my wife. I was suppose to sign these papers that evening."

I shifted my eyes from Jarrod to someone who had shared my glance and now had hid that devil face behind cold white hands.

"Well take a closer look at them. I don't suppose that EMILY ANDERSON is your wife's name for that is all I can see?"

She fell to her knees, devastated. She had known that Kathie knew her dark secret. Blinded by money and desire to be rich she had poisoned her but couldn't rely on its work and so she followed her to the hotel where the two had a fight and she ended her game. Poor Kathie was already suffering the pain of that venom and was close to death and drained from strength but that bullet relieved her from that forever.




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