The Kraken: secret of the deep or just a story.

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this is a essay i wrote about the kraken for language arts.

Submitted: June 04, 2014

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Submitted: June 04, 2014




~~The Kraken supposedly attacked ships long ago, and many people think it is still out there. Is The Kraken real? Or is it just encounters with miss identified creatures all strung together over thousands of years? Perhaps it was a real creature. Or maybe it’s something we have yet to discover…

What is the Kraken?
The Kraken is supposedly a large squid/octopus type monster that is big enough to grab, hold, and sink small-ish sailing ships. Reports of this monster go back to the twelfth century in Norway. The Kraken has been in many books of the ocean, like “The Natural History of Norway” published in 1752 by Erik Ludvigsen Pontoppidan. Something similar to The Kraken in Greek mythology is Scylla a sea monster with six heads.
To this day we don’t know much about the ocean. Even after thousands of years, less than five percent has been explored. One example of this is the goblin shark. Only a handful of photos have been taken of this rare creature that dwells on the bottom of the ocean.

Is it Possible?
While sceptics will fight for where they stand on the topic, more evidence is coming up that this beast may not be so unrealistic.
The giant squid are just like they sound, giant squid. There scientific name is Architeuthis dux, and they were thought to be the largest squid until colossal squid were found. Giant squid certainly aren’t small, they can reach up to 42 feet from the top of the mantel to the tips of the long feeding tentacles, and Weigh 1,984 pounds. But generally they are 10-30 feet in length and weigh 1,003 pounds on average. They live in the deep ocean waters in places around the world. But they are abundant in a few places, one of them being Norway. “Because of their nervous system and large brain, they are of great interest to scientists, because they have never been observed in their natural habitat until very recently, little is known about their behavior and interaction. They are believed to be solitary hunters; and only individual giant squids have been caught in fishing nets.” (“Giant Squid, Architeuthis dux” ~ (I have altered the quote a little bit to enhance fluency.)
Colossal squid yet hard to believe, are even bigger than giant squid. And contrary to some opinions are an entirely different kind of squid. The colossal squid’s scientific name is mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, and are the largest known squid reaching lengths of up to 46 feet, with a mantel 7-13 feet across, and weighing 3,307 pounds. The colossal squid lives over 3,281 feet down in the depths around the Antarctic Ocean. “These amazing creatures were first identified in 1925 when 2 colossal squid arms were recovered from a sperm whale's stomach. Since then, few specimens have been recovered and there is still very little known about this species. Colossal squids have eyes that measure about 25 cm in diameter which are thought to be the largest eyes in the entire animal kingdom. They also have the largest beaks of any squid, which makes them a fearsome predator along with the 25 rotating hooks found in two rows on the ends of their tentacles.” ("Colossal Squid, Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni” ~

The Evidence
There is an article on nbc news, about a fossilized beak belonging to a giant cephalopod (squid or octopus) that is believed to be of the Triassic period. Click here if you would like to read the article.
The Kraken could be real because the ocean is 95% un-explored and way too deep for us to go to all the way to the bottom. Besides that, we have seen strange things on underwater cameras, divers have seen things, and so have people on land. Whether it was the kraken or just a misidentified object, people have been seeing things. And you can’t just put off all people as crazy. Although they don’t look like normal squid, Humbolt squid are known to be very aggressive towards divers and have almost killed quite a few of them. They are also known to eat other Humbolts.
On the other hand, there are squid that live up to the size of the Kraken (or close to), but none of them can come to the surface or they will die. The colossal squid can’t even come above 3,000 feet. Juvenile colossal squid can come up to the surface but they aren’t even as big as giant squid. Also, there aren’t as many sightings of the Kraken as there are say, ghosts. It is possible that there was one colossal squid that was big enough to do that kind of damage, but if it went to the surface it would die. It’s more likely that a large squid got caught on an anchor of one of these ships, and the crew, probably suffering from lack of sleep, hunger, and being drunk among other things, had thought it was much worse than just a squid stuck on the boat. As a result, some of the crew might have jumped over board and other crew members thought that they were eaten by the Kraken.

Believer’s .vs. Non-Believers
Believers in the unexplained believe with all their heart. As one of the believers of the unexplained and supernatural, I know that once you know something exists it’s hard for anyone else to change our minds.
Like people back in the 17 hundreds, some people still believe that the Kraken is absolutely a reality. While others think that they are just myths and stories Wrap-Up
And as we wrap up this article I would like to remind you that long story short, The Kraken is a monstrous squid that attacks ships. Where it could exist, we do not have definitive proof that it does.


 A Little Bit About the Author
I think that there are a lot of mysterious things in this world, even out of this world, and the Kraken may just be one of those things we haven’t found yet. Or it could have lived long ago and it lives on in our minds, making us thing that bumping into a rock is The Kraken coming to get us. But I just may be more optimistic than other people, because I do believe in ghosts and other things that many people have seen since the beginning of time.  --Jurnee .S. Atkinson
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And a special thanks to google for helping me find these wonderful resources. And easybib for making it so much easier to correctly cite my sources.

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