Twilah Bloom and the Plot Twist

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Ok, this is the second story in the saga i am writing. You will only find this one because the first story (Time, Danger, and Twilah Bloom) needs a complete re-write. That is because i wrote that story in the 8th grade, and now im in 10th (almost 11th). My writing has greatly improved, so i will spare you the awfulness. With that in mind, you will need some background info. Here are the character descriptions for Twilah, Bliss, and Zen.

Twilah was an adventurous teen who loved to be right in the heat of the action. She was unusually tall for her age, at a whopping five feet nine inches. She was fair skinned and had long purple hair (not natural, obviously). One thing that stood out about Twilah, even beside her purple hair, were her eyes. She had big, bright orange eyes, a very uncommon sight. She lived in a house right on the edge of a forest, and her parents owned the whole thing. Her favorite thing to do when she had the time was to go exploring in her backyard, which just so happens to be a large magical forest that conceals many secrets that have yet to be found.

Bliss is not the tallest person you’ll ever meet, but quite possibly the strongest. She had fair skin, long blond hair with blue streaks, and deep green eyes.

Zen was a tall boy, not as tall as Twilah, but tall none the less. He had tan skin, brown shaggy hair, and blue eyes.

Submitted: April 10, 2016

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Submitted: April 10, 2016




“Today is the day! The day I tell my friends what I really found out in my forest.” Twilah bloom had said to herself as she got ready for school. It had been only a few weeks since she found the time machine in the forest, and she had already seen so much. Since time was not an issue, she could be gone for hours, even days without anybody knowing. At school Twilah called to her friends in the crowded hallway. They waved and she rushed over and told them to come to her house after dinner.


Once dinner rolled ‘round Twilah almost couldn’t contain her nervousness. She felt like butterflies where going to pop out of her mouth. To avoid saying anything she would regret, she took her food outside and ate on the back porch. Twilah finished her food and brought her plate back to the kitchen. While in the kitchen she heard the doorbell, and leapt to the front door. Sure enough, it was Bliss and Zen, ready for the surprise; or were they?


On this particular day, Twilah was wearing a deep purple to-the-knee tank dress, her long purple hair let loose, and her purple converse. Zen was wearing a black t-shirt with a blue police box on it, black tennis shoes, and khaki shorts. Bliss was wearing a green tank top, knee length black shorts, and black velvet ballet flats with ankle straps.


 Twilah didn’t say a word as she brought them outside to the forest.

“Ok, so you know that water heater we found out here?” Twilah asked.

“Yeah,” said Bliss

“Well, it’s not a water heater. You will not believe me if I tell you what it really is, so I have to show you.” Twilah said. She gestured for Zen and Bliss to follow her into the forest. They walked all the way to the time machine, and Twilah started to explain.

“This is a time machine. Now, I know it doesn’t look it, or, maybe it looks just like it, I don’t know! The point is that this is a time machine!” Zen and Bliss just stood there with a slightly amused looks on their faces.

“What a shame, and she looked so pretty today. Twilah Bloom has officially gone nuts” Zen said.

“I have not! It really is a time machine! Just- wait, you think I am pretty?” Twilah replied blushing.

“Well, ya, I mean, you’re a cute girl, why wouldn’t I think you are pretty?” Zen said now blushing as well.

“OH GET A ROOM!” Bliss shouted braking moment into little pieces.

“Now get on with it!” she added.

“Yes, sorry I got carried away… This is a time machine. Just watch.” Twilah said as she knocked on the metal side of the thing. The door flew open and inside where the flashing lights, switches, levers and various other things Twilah had come to love.

“Well, get in you two!” she added. Zen eagerly stepped into the time machine and Bliss followed. Twilah stepped in, and pulled the door closed. It was not large in the machine, and they felt quite cramped inside. Just then, the room started to stretch from all sides; it stretched until they all had 2-3 feet between them in standing room.

“I didn’t know it could do that!” Twilah gasped. At this point Zen and Bliss could not speak, they were in too much shock and aw to fully understand what was happening. Twilah stepped in front of the controls and started talking to the time machine.

“This is Zen, and Bliss. It is their first time in a time machine, so I thought that you could surprise all of us with a random location.” Twilah said. Once she said that, the date appeared on the wall above the control panel.  “Monday, March 16th, 2015, 7:48 pm” the wall read, then it changed.

“Monday, May 24th, 2055, 12:34 pm” Twilah read aloud. Zen and Bliss looked at each other with pure wonder. How could this be true? Was it? They didn’t know, at that point they didn’t know what way was up! Twilah opened the door and stepped out. Zen followed, then Bliss. They looked around at the tremendous city that lie in front of them. 100 story skyscrapers, sold glass buildings, bustling city streets, and the Nosie to go with it. As Bliss and Twilah where still looking around, they heard a thud behind them. It was Zen, who had fainted, falling onto the grassy hill they had landed on. Twilah got down on one knee and gently shook Zen by the shoulder. He opened his eyes and sprung up to his feet.


“I have been a fan of sci-fi for as long as I can remember. I am always dreaming about what it would be like to be in one of those stories, and now I am here! I mean, look at my shirt!” he added.  Twilah started down the hill and into the city. They came across a sign that said “Welcome to Knightmare, Home of the Dreamer.”

“Knightmare? What and odd name for a city. Especially one so marvelous a sight.” Twilah said. She continued down the side walk with her friends close at hand.

“Whoa! Look at that!” Bliss exclaimed as she pointed to a store window. In the window was a small dog, but it was green with blue spots, and red horns. There was a sign on the window that said: “Baby Gregroloff, Male, only 12 decons, his name is Patrick.”

“What a peculiar animal, a Gre-gro-loff is it?” Twilah said.


They continued to walk around the city and absorb the strange, but oddly familiar sights. After they had been exploring for about half an hour, they came upon something they did not believe. Right in front of them was a battle, a battle between 4 superheroes and a villain. They quickly hid behind a building, and watched the action from the shadows.

“THOSE ARE SUPERHEROES!” Zen whisper-yelled.

“Yes they are…” Bliss mumbled as she was captivated by the fight. Twilah had been to many places by now, but none with superheroes. Once the fight was over, and the villain escaped, they saw the heroes change back to their alter egos. Not thinking, Bliss ran out of hiding.

“BLISS NO!” Twilah yelled, but it was no good, she had already told them that she and her friend saw everything. The heroes called Zen and Twilah over, and they slowly complied. The lead hero introduced her team, and pointed to each as she said their name.

“I am Lilah, and this is Verona, Issabella, and Zaria.” 


Lilah was of average height, and looked of Irish decent. She had red hair pulled up into a neat bun, pale skin, freckles, and green eyes. She was wearing a green dress shirt tucked into a black knee length suit skirt, and shiny black high heels. Verona was very tan, also average height, and had red eyes. Her jet black hair was un-styled, and hung to the middle of her back. She was wearing a short, black long sleeve dress with a grey short sleeve cardigan over top. She had on white tights, and black boots with white straps and buckles. Issabella was tall, chocolaty brown and had eyes that looked like swimming pools. Her hair was very light blue and in micro braids. She was wearing an ice blue tank top dress with a flared skirt, an ice blue unzipped fitted vest, a large ice blue ribbon tied around her waist, and ice blue converse.  Zaria was different from the rest, very different. She had on a long dark purple dress with long draping sleeves and a tall collar. She also had a hooded cape of the same color pulled around her face. Inside the hood you could just see thick rimed purple glasses poking out. She pulled back her hood and unveiled her bright green, scaly skin, with red accents. Her lips were a light pink, and her eyes a deep red. Her head was shaped with three rigged crests, and no hair. And to add to it all, she was about 8 feet tall.


“We really should be going, after a fight we can’t hang round the seen in our normal cloths or, people might find out our real identities. Now, so you can fully understand the gravity of finding out our identities, come to Deep Water Grove on Leviathan Street. Go to tornado alley and find door 666. Meet us there at 10 pm, until then, you must not talk to any of us, or you put us and yourselves in danger.” Lilah said as she turned and waved everyone to spread out and return to normal citizen status.

“Well, that was…. interesting….” Twilah said under her breath.

“How are we supposed to know what time it is? Our phones are still at our date and time.” Zen said as he held up his phone at Twilah and Bliss.

“We go back to the time machine, and then ask it to take us to that address at 10.” Bliss stated.

“Steve. His name is Steve.” Twilah said quietly and she looked at the ground.

“Who is Steve?” Bliss inquired.

“The time machine! He wants to be called Steve. He just told me, and he is telling me how to find him right now.” Twilah said as she started walking.

“How do you know that that is the ti- I mean Steve?” Zen said

“I don’t know, I just feel it, like he is in my head guiding me.” Twilah replied as she continued to walk. Bliss and Zen started following her, wondering if she really was crazy, then again; they were in the future.


After a bit of walking, they did get to Steve. They ran up the big grassy hill to the tall metallic cylinder perched there. Zen reached out to open the door, but as soon as he did the same low pitched hum that had knocked Twilah over in the forest just weeks before, rung out from the machine. Both Zen and Bliss stumbled then fell to the ground; but Twilah was unaffected. Twilah recognized the sound, and walked over to her crumpled heaps of friends. They unrumpled and stood up within a few minutes, and asked Twilah what had happened; but the answer did not come from Twilah. Simultaneously in all of their minds, a deep male voice said: “it was a scan.”

“A scan of what?” They all asked at the same time.

“Your mind, body, personality, thoughts, health, and more. If am to be associated with you, I must make sure you have the right intentions. Now that I have scanned you, I can connect to you telepathically, and help you when needed. I have taken you here as a test, I know how this place works, and what people come with it. If you are to travel with me I must insure that you can distinguish right from Wrong. With that, you may sleep here; and I will give you rides, but I will not take you home until you have completed the task at hand. Is that clear?” Steve said.

“Yes.” They all thought as they stepped inside.

“Well, with those conditions laid out, what can i do for you?” Steve added.

“We need a ride to-” Twilah started aloud but was cut off by Steve.

“Let me guess, deep water cove on leviathan street, door 666 in tornado alley at 10pm?” before anyone could say anything the machine whizzed, and whirled, then landed with a thud. They stepped out and looked around. The whole city was dark, with sirens blaring through the streets, and low shady lighting. The place that they were, was crawling with thugs, gangs, hobos, and some plain unsavory characters. They were in front of a line of tall buildings, but there was a small alley way between two of the buildings. Before Twilah, Zen, and Bliss started to head down the alley, Steve said something.

“Ooh, I forgot how terrible this place really was… here take these to protect your selves from the thugs…” Steve said as a panel on the outside of the grand silver tube flipped out. On the panel were remote like things with one silver button each.

“What are these?” Twilah asked as she plucked all three out of their clips, and handed them out.

“Stun guns, well, more stun remotes, but you get the gist. You point the remote at who you want to stun and press the button. They will be out cold for approximately half an hour.” Steve replied.

“Alright, thanks! That certainly eases my mind.” Said Zen as he and the others started walking away.

“Oh- and one more thing, it doesn’t work on lizards.” Steve added.



Once they got to the end of the alley, they saw a large circular clearing. In that clearing was a tall, round building, that was glass all the way up.

They went to the front door and looked inside, but it was too dark to see anything. Bliss spotted a directory besides the door, and pointed it out. There was 15 floors, 111 rooms each.

“Alright, there are 1665 rooms in this place, how are we going to find the right one?” Bliss inquired.

“Easy, assuming they go in order, like everything else, we go to floor 6 and check doors tell we find it.” Said Twilah.

“Oh, well, yeah I mean that is obvious!” Said Bliss.

“OI! WHAT ARE YOU KIDS DOING HERE?” came a voice from behind. They turned around to look, it was 6 poorly groomed men with clubs.

“I SAID, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? Ahhh, no matter we’re gonna get you anyway.” The man who had just spoken nodded the other 5 men towards Twilah, Bliss and Zen. Quickly, they fumbled the stun guns out of their pockets and shot 2 out of 6 people. One of the men was headed straight for Twilah when Bliss threw herself in between them. He brought his club down with tremendous force, but Bliss grabbed it mid blow, twisted it out of his hand, tossed the club aside and knocked him to the ground.

“Twi, stun ‘um.” Bliss said wiping the sweat off her brow. Zen and Twilah just looked at her.

“WELL DON’T JUST STAND THERE! SHOOT!” Bliss yelled, as she ran off tackling, bringing down and stunning the remaining 3 men; all while Twilah and Zen stood still with their jaws on the floor.


“Can you speak yet?” Twilah asked Zen.

“Nope.” Zen replied.

“Let’s get inside before any more of those crazy people show up.” Bliss said walking towards them. She wiped the dirt off her face, and opened the door to the building. Inside was nothing more than an elevator, so they got in and took it to floor 6. They stepped out of the elevator and looked around. The place looked reminiscent of a hotel, from the smell of stale cigarette smoke, to the old dingy carpet, and the fake ferns next to the elevator.

“Not as fancy as I would have first thought…” Twilah whispered.

“Hang on, theses doors are out of order! Look, number 5, then number 777, 17, 665, 332, they are scattered across the building! It will take forever to find the right door.” Twilah added in distress. Bliss spotted another directory, and headed for it. She studied the map that accompanied the room numbers themselves, and then Steve started to talk.

“I could keep you in mental contact as you check the floors if you like.” He said.

“I would like that, that way we could split up and check 3 floors at a time.” Bliss responded as she walked away from the map and back to the others.

“It is done. To talk to one another, just think his or her name before thinking what you want to say. Anyway, I think that concludes my moment of helping. If you need anything, just tell me, and I will see what I can conjure up.”


After 45 minutes, Twilah found room 666 on the 12th floor.

“Zen, Bliss, can you hear me?” Twilah thought.

“Yes, loud and clear.” They both replied.

“I found it! Meet me on the 12th floor by the elevator.”

It took a few minutes, but they finally met back up, and headed for room 666. They found the door again, and stood in front of it.

“You know, you’d think that superheroes would stay in a better part of town…” Twilah mumbled as she knocked on the door. They saw an eye look at them through the peep hole, then the door started to open. They saw a familiar green face greet them as they walked inside. The inside of the room looked nothing of the outside. It was a very large room that curved, making a jelly bean shape. The whole place was floor to ceiling shiny white linoleum. They had big glass displays of silver objects; although it did not seem that they went together. There were a few white fluffy rugs, some lounge chairs, and a couch that matched. The whole place was very bright compared to the outside, and in the hallway. The kitchen was kind of like a bar in the side of the room, with an island sticking out into the living room. Lilah was in the kitchen making a tray of snacks, Verona and Issabella were in the lounge chairs, and Zaria was now showing Twilah and the others to the couch.

“Please, make yourselves comfortable.” Zaria said with a thick Russian accent. Lilah had come out of the kitchen and handed everyone a cup of iced tea, and a mini taco.

"I suppose you know why you are here. I will elaborate on what we do, and offer you temporary spots in our group, if you approve." Lilah said as she sat in a lounge chair, and crossed her legs.

"Our practices may be a bit different than other superheroes, but it is way more effective. To some, it is disturbing, to us, it is life. We will not let anyone stand in the way of the city's safety, and if that means that someone must die, than it does. Life is abundant, so a few people here and there won’t hurt- well, it will, but not us." Lilah stopped talking and looked out the large window that was the whole back wall. She stood up and walked over to it.

“With such a large city to protect, what are we to do? Are we supposed to let day time criminals live to haunt another day? These people are already scared silly because of the Knightmares, we cannot let any more danger consume this city.” Lilah continued.

“Batman could handle this place. He can do it without killing.” Squeaked Bliss.

“That is all very interesting! We will shall take it! Ok bye!” Twilah proclaimed as she drug Zen and Bliss out the door and slammed it behind them.


"Well. That was interesting." Twilah remarked.

"I really don't want to kill people. I would have never said anything if i knew that this is what we had ahead." Bliss said glumly.

"I mean, at least they are just going after the bad guys, but even they need a second chance." Zen said.

"They probably just said that to scare us. I know superheroes accidentally kill, maybe they were just stretching the truth to put us off, to see if we have what it takes. Even so, why did we say yes?" Pondered Twilah.

"We didn't, you did. And then you shoved us out the door. The door we have our backs too right now, the door they could open at any moment for any reason." Said Bliss. Twilah rolled her eyes and started down the hall. They had traveled down the elevator, and out to Steve in complete silence. Just before they got into Steve, Twilah saw a piece of paper deliberately placed under the grand cylinder. She pulled out the paper, and found a rather disturbing poem.

"The stars have come out, and the darkness has fallen across Knightmare.

Cars rush home to be safe and sound;

For no one wants to be out with the Knightmares around.

Dark means peace in a normal society;

But here it means fear, and lots of anxiety.

People lock up their doors, and chain up their windows, hoping that nothing may get at what's in those.

Murder and death is there more to say? That is what happens when the night comes to play.

The stars have come out, and darkness has fallen. Sirens are blazing down every street, to clean up the mess the Knightmares have made.

Dark shady figures march across the roads. Thugs, hooligans, felons and foes, they are around to give you much woes.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nowhere but up, is where we reside.

Just as the sun sets, the traffic jam starts, and when it’s all over, the Knightmares depart. Once you visit Knightmare, you are forced to stay. So we sit here dreaming of eternal day." Twilah read.

"That was creepy, but it would explain some things." Zen said.

"You guys go inside, I'm gonna look around Steve for another paper, I have a feeling that's not the only one." Twilah added. The others nodded, and walked in.  Twilah pulled the stun gun out of her pocket, and held it in a ready to shoot position, as she slunk around the silver cylinder. Twilah didn't find any more paper, but she saw a shiny thing across the street gleaming in the light. She slowly crossed, as she looked side to side for danger. She got to where the shiny thing was, and a bright light briefly shown from behind her. Twilah was stiff, as she slowly turned around, stun gun in hand.


Bliss and Zen heard a screech come from outside, so they pulled out there guns, and ran out the door. They only saw a diming light where Twilah used to be.

"Ok, this is way not good! What are we gonna do now?!?" Bliss panicked.

"It’s not the end of the world. Steve can help us find Twilah, and then we will deal with whatever comes after that." Zen said calmly as he took Bliss's hand, and walked her back to the time machine.

"We are smart enough to handle this. And that is really all we need. If we try, there is nothing we can't overcome. I know that was probably the cheesiest thing I could have said right now, but it’s true." Zen added.

"How did you become so wise?" Bliss said as she sat down on the time machine's floor.

"Years and years of science fiction. I have learned how to stay calm in foreign situations by emerging myself into other worlds; other dimensions. I have practically studied doctor who and all its episodes; I have seen everything star trek, good or bad; I have watched all of the old and new sci-fi movies multiple times. I am what you call a super fan, a fan of epic proportions. I am a fanboy, and I was made for this." Zen said triumphantly.

"Huh, I guess being a huge nerd has its advantages..." Bliss said.

"Wow. Way to kill a moment Bliss."

"What? It's true!"

"Yeah, but you could have clapped, or something like that, but no. You go and call me a nerd. I am not insulted, just disappointed."


"Anyway, let’s push this petty thing aside, and get Twilah. She may be in trouble." Said Zen as he started looking at the console for clues as to how to pilot the time machine.


Twilah's eyes flicked open, she felt her blood racing, and her brain working on overdrive. She was in a clear glass tube, being held upright by some unknown force. She started looking around the room, and found it to look very similar to a stereo typical science fiction lab; owned by sane scientists. Twilah noticed a tube, identical to the one she was in, on the other side of the room. Next to each tube was a tray of stuff, seemingly medical. It was then when she decided that leaving would be a good idea. She tried to move, but found herself unable to. It seemed to her, as if the same force that was holding her up right, was also keeping her from moving.

"Oh! You’re awake! I am so sorry about putting you in there, but I need to tell you and your friends some things. This was the only way I could get you to Stay and listen. I will let you out now thought." Said a tall green lady with dark blue hair, and a loose dark blue jumpsuit.

"I'm Oisteria Kilora, but you can just call me Kilora. I think Oisteria makes me sound like a sea creature." She added as she opened the tube, and pulled Twilah out. Twilah stood up tall, and stretched. She noticed a bandage in the crook of her left arm, and ran her hand across it.

"Oh, that, I need your help, in sort of an unusual way. I will explain once your friends get here." Kilora said. Twilah found Kilora's voice to be very soothing, tranquilizing even. She soon felt herself loosen, and her mindset drop in intensity.

"How will they know where I am?" Twilah said.

"Your time machine is mentally linked with you, isn't it?" Kilora replied.

"Yes, but how do- ugh, I should stop asking stupid questions. I am sure you know lots of things about me and my friends, and everything else." Twilah said in an exasperated tone.

"If you are linked then they should be arriving any minute now." Kilora said.



"Ok Steve, we found her, now set sail! Hoist your anchor, raise your sail, just go to her! She is probably in danger, so stop wasting time!" Zen yelled. Steve did not reply, but the numbers changed, and the floor shook.

"Here we are, top floor of the science and research center, Monday, November 8th, 2055, 11:00pm. Now, will you stop referring to me as a boat, I have no sail." Steve said in a very condescending voice.

"Fine, as long as we are where Twilah is. Bliss, you still got your stun gun?" Zen said somewhat ignoring Steve's attitude.

"Yeah." Said Bliss as she held it up. Bliss opened the door, and peered out. She saw what looked like a lab, but what stood out, was a large glass tube.

"See, I told you! Right on time." Said a woman from behind Steve. Bliss waved Zen to follow her, and they headed towards the woman.

"Stay right there!" Zen said as he raised his gun.

"Zen, calm down. I'm fine! You and Bliss can put those away." Twilah said.

"But that is who the not-so-superheroes were fighting!" Said Bliss.

"Please, let me explain. I have many things to tell." Kilora piped in.

"Really, it’s ok. As far as I can tell, she is not the bad guy." Twilah assured. Zen and Bliss pocketed the stun guns, and walked over to Kilora.


Kilora was about as tall as Twilah, and looked of the same build. She had long dark blue hair pulled into a braid that hung over her shoulder. Her skin was a deep green, and her eyes matched. She wore what looked like a uniform, which was roughly the same color as her hair. It was a jumpsuit that hung loose, but was still form fitting. And her Black boots stuck out of baggy pant bottoms. But one thing that stood out about her more than anything, was her voice. Kilora's voice could calm a room full of raging bulls, or soothe crying babies. Everyone she spoke to clung on to every word, like they were feeding the innermost soul.


"Well, I suppose I will start with who I am, and who the 'Heros' are." Kilora began.

"I was just minding my business, watching the glorflek news, like everyone else on a Monday afternoon-" Kilora added but was cut off.

"Glorflek?" Twilah repeated.

"Oh yeah, I am from the planet Gorman, and we have many of the same things you do, but some a bit different, and with different names. Glorflek is the TV station, and also the name of our president; but back to me." Kilora clarified, then continued.

"So I was watching the news, and herd that some prisoners escaped from the local prison planet, but I really didn't think much of it at the time. So the next morning I get up and walk to my job at the research department at the hospital. I am half way there, and i am robed by three ladies and a lizard. They take everything I have except the clothes on my back; and it was over in a flash. Nobody even saw them do it. Once I got to work, i kept hearing rumors of a reward for apprehending the escaped prisoners. I had realized that they fit the description of the people who robbed me, so I used my knowledge of technology to track them down. Long story short, I followed them here as a bounty hunter of sorts. Unfortunately I am not that good at being agile, so I have not been successful is my efforts to catch them. However, I have a plan that should work, but I need people to help for it requires more than just me. As far as the fugitives go, they are on a killing spree of sorts. If anyone 'gets in their way', they just kill them with no regrets; Good, bad, doesn't matter. They have killed around 54 people in the past month they've been here. And by get in their way, I mean threaten to call the police, or find out that they are not really heroes at all." Kilora trailed and walked over to Steve. She leaned on him, and felt the tremendous energy that surged through the machine.

"I have called upon a friend to get rid of the Knightmares. I can see that Zen is already acquainted with him." Kilora said cryptically. Zen's eyes narrowed, then widened with wonder.

"You don't mean..." Zen said quietly.

"That is exactly WHO I mean. And if I am correct, as I was for you, he should be here any moment now." Kilora replied. There was a loud wheezy noise the came from outside the lab door. Zen's eyes widened even further, and you could practically hear his heart pounding. A man in a tan trench coat, and brown pinstriped suit, walked around the corner. The first thing Twilah noticed about the man, was that he was the same man she had seen weeks earlier on her first adventure. He had a handsome face, and his hair stuck out in front of it. The first thing Bliss noticed was his odd shoe choice.

"Converse, with a suit?" Bliss thought.

"Hey! I know you! You’re the guy that saved me from the robot things!" Twilah said to the man. Zen looked at Twilah, then back at the man, then started to feel woozy.

"Hello Twilah, so nice to see you again." The man said as he gave Twilah a soft hug.

"How do you know my name? We only ran down a hill, and barely looked at each other. The only thing you even said to me was 'run'" Twilah said. The man ignored her statement, and offered Zen is hand.

"I'm the doctor, and you are?" He asked. Zen could not believe his eyes. He froze, and fell to the floor. The doctor gave a shaken face without pulling his hand away.

"That’s Zen, he does that." Bliss said.

"Oh, well, than what might your name be?" He replied as he shifted his hand towards Bliss, then smiled a heart stopping smile.

"It’s Bliss..." She said as her face turned a bright red.

"What a beautiful name." The doctor said as he turned on his heels. "So, Kilora, what have you got for me this time?" He said with a dazzling look in his eyes.

"It’s nice to see you too." Kilora began. "But it’s the Knightmares. They have gotten much worse since we talked last, and it is worrying me." Kilora said.

"Ahhh, I will see what I can do. As for Zen I think a quick trip to the ship is in order."  Said the doctor, as he walked over to Zen and scooped him up.

"We’ll be back in five." He said as he walked towards the door, then rounded the corner. After a moment they heard the wheezy noise ring out. Twilah stepped in front of Kilora, and looked right into her deep green eyes.

"Is Zen safe with that man?" Twilah said sternly as her eyes twinkled.

"Not in the least sense of the word. But I trust him with everything and everyone in this universe and half the next. Why is hard to explain, so please don't ask." Kilora said with a smile. She put a hand on Twilah's shoulder, and walked over to a computer on the opposite side of the room.


The wheezy noise sliced through the silent tension like a hot knife in butter. Twilah perked up, and turned toward the door. Zen came bounding in, followed by the doctor. Zen ran up to Twilah, picked her up, and twirled her around the room; or at least that's what he wanted to do. In reality, he put his hands around her waist and failed to lift her, so he turned it into an awkward hug. Twilah was just happy to see he was safe, and returned the hug. Bliss rolled her eyes, and pulled out her phone. The doctor walked over to Kilora, and Peered at the computer screen.

"So, you look pumped up, what did you do in those five minutes?" Twilah said as she broke from the hug.

"Five minutes? Try two days! I even had ten hours of sleep! His ship is a time machine like Steve. I will explain to you the significance of this once we get home. But for now, we have some fugitives to catch." Zen said as he pecked Twilah on the cheek, and walked over to Bliss. Twilah felt a wave of warmth wash over her, and gather in her face.

"I'll get right on it. If you have any more info call Donna, here is her number. Now, if you don't mind, I have some Knightmares to catch." Said the doctor as he twirled on his heels, handed Kilora a slip of paper, and dashed out the door. The wheezy noise filled the room one last time, then he was gone.

"Okay people, time to get down to business. Twilah, Zen, Bliss, come look at this." Said Kilora as she twisted to see them from where she was sitting. They all walked over to the computer Kilora was at, and pondered what the images on the monitor could possibly mean.

"The computer is showing strings of DNA, and RNA, deconstruction into letter and number sequences. More importantly, this is Twilah's DNA. This is where the plan comes in. To defeat the heroes we need living human bate, but none of us can do it because the plan includes the heroes killing the bate. Now Twilah, this sample of your blood has given me almost everything needed to create a clone that will be half alive for a day or two, just enough time to execute the plan. It won’t have any thinking power of its own, and will be controlled by us." Kilora explained.

"Question, why couldn't you just clone yourself? And why are you trusting a bunch of 15 year olds with catching dangerous criminals?" Twilah asked.

"I was getting to that. One, I can't clone myself, because it’s more complicated than just synthesizing something out of some blood. The person getting cloned needs to be in one of those tubes, and there needs to be someone to control what it does from the console, over there." Kilora said as she pointed to a large panel of buttons, switches, levers, keypads, and places to plug things in of all shapes and sizes.

"And two, nobody has wanted to help me, and nobody has been as smart, or pure in intentions. So you are my only hope of going home. I have been here for a whole month, and I miss my family. I spent my birthday here, but I can't go home until I catch them, and the Knightmares are gone. Come to think of it, nether can you." Kilora added.

"But we are not from this universe, or this time! Our parents will be worried sick!" Zen said as he walked over to Steve.

"Why did you bring us here if we can't leave?" He yelled as he kicked Steve.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Steve trailed. Zen's foot stuck to the time machine, and he fell forwards so his whole body was stuck to Steve.

"I don't take kindly to violence against me. Do it again, and the there will be more severe consequences, this is your only warning." Steve said sternly, but out loud, so even Kilora heard him say it. Zen struggled to break free of Steve's grip, but then stopped all together.

"Please just put me down! I won’t do it again." Pleaded Zen. Steve said nothing, but Zen fell to the floor.

"Ow." Zen mumbled with his face in the floor.


"Ok, are you sure you want to do this?" Kilora with a big airy breath.

"I don't really have a choice, do I?" Twilah said as she opened one of the glass tubes, and stepped in. Kilora nodded in approval as she stepped to the controls. Twilah stood in the tube with a brave, but obviously afraid face on.

"If you want, I could set the tube to sedate you until it’s over. Just to save you from any uncomfortable, or odd sensations you may feel. We are copying you after all..." Kilora suggested.

"That may be best." Twilah agreed. Bliss and Zen were camped out by the other tube, watching to see this work of science fiction in action. Kilora flipped switches, pulled leavers, and pushed buttons. With each thing, something happened. First, Twilah suspended in the tube, then she was unable to move, then her eyes closed and her face relaxed.

"Now for the tricky part..." Kilora whispered to herself. She punched some numbers into a keypad, and the tubes started to glow a marvelous green glow.

"WHOA!" Zen and Bliss exclaimed as their eyes were blinded by the sudden rush of light. Once their eyes adjusted, they could see the faint outline of a person in the tube. A person of Twilah height and stature. Slowly, color came in to play. First the skin, then the clothes, and the hair; but the colors were all wrong. After a moment, the light died out. Kilora un-pressed a few buttons, and flipped some different leavers. She walked over to the tube that held Twilah, and tapped on the glass. Twilah's eyes opened slowly, as she remembered what was going on.

"It’s over now, do you want to rest in there, or do you feel ok?" Kilora asked Twilah.

"Yes, let me out. I need some solid ground to lie on..." Twilah replied. Kilora opened the tube, and hoisted Twilah on to her feet. Twilah leaned on the tube, and slid down to the ground. In the tube on the other side of the room was another Twilah; although, she was not quite the same. Kilora checked the little screens, and dials on the control panel, and noticed that the needle on one of the dials was ever so slightly askew. She decided it was not a problem, and made her way to the other Twilah.

"Bliss, would be so kind as to help me get her out of the tube?" Kilora asked.

"Gladly." Bliss replied. The tube was opened, and the girl removed. They laid her next to Twilah, and her eyes sprung open, and she sat up.


The other Twilah had long black hair with a white streak on both sides. Like Twilah, her eye shadow was black, and her lips a very light pink. Her dress was black instead of purple, and her converse were white. The one thing that was exactly the same, were her eyes. Her eyes were the same shimmering orange that Twilah's were.


Kilora took the pulse of both Twilah’s, and compared them. They were only one beat off from each other, but that was not supposed to be.

“I don't get it, they are supposed to be exactly the same, they are even supposed to match all vital functions. But this other Twilah is all wrong, she does not match in anything but brain waves, memories and some physical similarities." Kilora said to everyone as she looked at the Twilah’s with a puzzled face. The other Twilah was not doing much, other than looking at everybody with a piercing stair. And the original Twilah was sort of dazed and confused.

"I have to get something. I'll be back in a minute. Can you guys keep an eye on them? Just shout if anything happens, I won't be far." Kilora said with a worried edge to her voice. It had been a few minutes, then Kilora came in with a lawn chair folded under her arm, and a black bag that was on the medium side of medium. She the set stuff next to Steve, and walked back out the door. A Few minutes after that, she came back with a of stack blankets and pillows.

"What’s all that?" Zen asked.

"Well, since Twilah looks a bit tired, I thought that she could use a better place to sit." Kilora replied with that same worried edge.

"I don't mean to be rude, but what did you do wrong? Why is the other Twilah so different?" Bliss inquired.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That was all me!" Said the other Twilah as she popped up onto her feet with a huge grin.

"How are you doing that? You’re the other Twilah, you’re not supposed to do anything on your own!" Zen exclaimed.

"Other Twilah! Other Twilah! Will you just knock that off! I have a name! It's Obsidyin if anybody cares, and I've been trying to get out of that lollipop of a girl for ages. Anyway, sorry I can't stay, I have things to do. Toodles!" Said Obsidyin as she pranced out the door waving, with her eyes enraged with color. Kilora just looked in horror, as she watched her terrible mistake walk away. Twilah stood up with the help of a table, and Zen rushed to her side. Twilah was very pale, and her limbs slightly shaky. Kilora unfolded the lawn chair and put it in full recline. She padded it with the blankets and helped bring Twilah over to it. She sat down, and then Kilora gave her a cup of water. Twilah drank it, and seemed to return to normal.

"Oh, that's better. Thank you, I think we can go figure out what Obsidyin is up too now." Twilah uttered with a sigh of relief.

"I don't know, you don't seem well. I worry about you." Zen said as he sat next to her.

"You’re too sweet. I'll be fine." Twilah said with a smile.

"If you insist, but I'm still concerned." Zen said with a hand on her leg. Twilah got up with an unexpected burst of energy, and asked Steve if he knew where Obsidyin was.


Steve landed, and the door opened. Bliss stepped out, then Zen holding Twilah's arm. They were in a grave yard with the sun shining bright, and random people paying their respects.

"Guys, guess where were going..." Said Twilah as she brushed Zen off and headed for the mausoleum. Zen and Bliss hastily followed. It was a little bit of a walk to get to the mausoleum, and they couldn't even see it from where Steve landed, but Twilah just knew that's where Obsidyin would be. Once the mausoleum was in view, they saw discarded caution tape, and the double doors askew. At this point Twilah had broken into a run, and was headed full speed towards the mausoleum.

"See guys! I told y-" Twilah started, then doubled over and hit the ground.

"TWILAH!" Zen yelled as he ran faster than the eye could see to her side. Twilah was on her knees, with her face burred into the ground. Zen crouched down in front of her, and placed his hand on her shoulder. Bliss could only watch with a look of shock.

"Twilah, are you ok?" He asked. Twilah lifted her shaky head, but her eyes remained closed. Her face was covered in dirt, and she had a cut on her cheek, and a scrape on her forehead. Zen put his other hand on Twilah's other shoulder to prop her up and asked her again.

"Twilah, are you ok?" When he said that, she opened her eyes. Zen looked in to her eyes just in time to see the brilliant orange, drain like an emptying bathtub, leaving only grayness in its place. Twilah went limp in Zen's arms. Zen frantically pulled out his phone and punched in a number.

"KILORA! HELP! WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY, TWILAH IS DOWN, I REPEAT, TWILAH IS DOWN." There was no reply, but a swirl of light consumed Twilah, then she was gone.

"I have her, you go find Obsidyin and try to bring her back. I'll figure out what's going on with Twilah. Kilora out." Kilora said from the phone. Zen stuck it back into his pocket and looked at Bliss with tears.

"I watched the color drain out of her eyes.  The color from the irises of her eyes! That sparkling orange was replaced with grey." Zen said as he stood up. He took a few steps forward, then shook it off. Bliss grabbed Zen's hand and gave it a squeeze.

"She’ll be ok, I know it. Twilah Bloom won’t go down without a fight. Now let’s not forget what we’re doing, we need to see if Obsidyin is in that there mausoleum. Follow me, and we'll get through this." Bliss declared as she marched on towards the mausoleum. Zen followed with a half-smile, and a hopeful gleam in his eye. They reached the opening, and shuddered at the caution tape that was shredded, and wondered why it was there in the first place.

"Well, ladies first!" Zen said as he stood behind Bliss after peering into the dark tomb.

"Nice try, but we doin' this together." Said Bliss as she grabbed Zen's hand and pulled him into the darkness beyond. The inside of the mausoleum was incredibly dark, and if it weren't for the torches every so often, it would have been pitch black. For the 3 or so minutes they had been walking, it was just a dark corridor that had a mild downward slope. All along the walls were cryptic symbols, and spider webs along the ceiling. They had reached the end of the dank and dusty tunnel, and entered a slightly brighter small room. There was a single sarcophagus in the center, and no other ways out.

"Hello young ones! It's a pleasure seeing you here. I knew my sister would know where I like to be... I was feeling a bit stressed so I need a calming place to rest..." Obsidyin said as she hopped up from behind the sarcophagus and laid on top with her legs crossed.

"Young ones? You’re our age!" Bliss Said with a confused look, as Zen crossed his arms.

"Oh please. I have been around the block a few times. I've been the dark part of the soul for many a person. Do you think I would be this eager to get out of Twilah if I hadn't been a slave to other people’s emotions for so long? I've been involuntarily hopping from person to person for hundreds of years, and now I can finally think for and about myself and my needs. Like right now, I need a meatball sandwich. So if you don't mind, I'll be going.” said Obsidyin as she hopped off the sarcophagus, and past Bliss and Zen.

"Oh, and I put the caution tape up, hope it freaked you out." Obsidyin added as she had something in her hand. She took whatever was in her hand and through it to the ground as heard as she could. The tunnel filled with smoke. It cleared and Obsidyin was gone.

"Nice, real original!" Yelled Zen agitatedly.



Kilora placed the limp Twilah onto the lawn chair and tended to her scraped up knees and face. She laid a blanket on Twilah's cold legs, and grabbed her wrists. Kilora could feel the blood slowly pumping through Twilah's veins.  She could see Twilah's chest moving up and down way slower than normal. Kilora gently opened one of Twilah's eyes and saw the lack of color. Kilora walked over to the black bag and pulled out a gun shaped item, with a screen imbedded in the side. Kilora walked back to Twilah and held the item in both hands. She pulled the trigger and a beam of light shot out of the tip. Kilora slowly ran the beam of light across Twilah, and then checked the screen. She frowned.



Obsidyin was walking out of the sub shop with a sandwich. She had walked for a little bit trying to find a secluded place to eat, and finally, she found a nice dark alley free of hooligans-other than herself. She sat on the damp ground with her back planted agents a building. Obsidyin opened the paper wrapping on her sandwich, and looked at it with stars, intoxicated by the savory aroma. The meatballs were glistening, tomato sauce dripping, the spinach and onions slightly limp, and the olives and banana peppers trying to escape. This was absolutely the most perfect sandwich Obsidyin had ever seen. She opened her mouth once she got the perfect grip on the hot sandwich. Mouthwatering, stomach rumbling, eyes closing, her hands set the course and steadily inched on.

"Oi! What are you doing in our ally?" Said Lilah, with the other girls behind her.

"Your ally? I don't see a sign, nor anything that would constitute you interrupting my glorious sandwich. And I would like at least one bite before its cold." Said Obsidyin without moving from her eating position.

Lilah and the girls marched forward, stopping when Lilah's shoes touched the side of Obsidyin's thigh.

"Yeah, well I don't see a sign or anything that constitutes you being in my ally!" Lilah shouted as she ripped the sandwich out of Obsidyin's hands, through it to the ground, and smeared it with her foot. Obsidyin's jaw dropped, then turned into a sinister smile. She rose up from the ground with a deranged gleam in her almost glowing eyes and stood in front of Lilah. Obsidyin raised her hand and drew a sword out of thin air.

"Do you like your meat thinly sliced, or chunky?" Said Obsidyin with a stomach turning grin.


Bliss and Zen felt kind of lost without Twilah, for she had always been the leader. They were at a loss of where to look for Obsidyin. Twilah is unable, and Steve just gives them the silent treatment, so they had taken to wandering the huge city for possible Obsidyin traps. Bliss and Zen were on the corner of Noble and Jones, when Zaria came running around the side of a building. She was wearing black shorts, a black leather tank top, with a silver zipper, and tall black combat boots. Zaria stopped in front of Zen and Bliss with a scared face. They just stared.

"Please! You have to help me. Hide me! My friends, dead! Murdered! I escaped, but she come for me! Please you got to hide me!" The 8 foot tall lizard pleaded in her thick accent. Bliss and Zen looked at each other.

"Come with us." They said officially, as they led Zaria around a corner, and called Steve.

"What is that thing?" Zaria asked confusedly.

"This is Steve. Now, because I am skeptical of this whole thing, I shall not tell you what he is until I learn that what you state is the truth. So, get in!" Bliss said as she opened the door.


Kilora looked up from the computer to see Steve land. She got up and walked over to the machine, unaware of its newest passenger. The door opened and she peered inside. Zaria stepped out, and saw Kilora. Zaria produced two small daggers from her pockets, and charged. Kilora turned and ran behind a chair. SLICE! The daggers stabbed through the chair, but Kilora tumbled out of the way. Kilora crawled over to a desk drawer and grabbed something. Zaria was just too tall for the building, so she kept bumping into the ceiling, and tripping over the messy lab floor. As Bliss watched the momentary game of cat and mouse, she remembered the stun guns, and fired at Zaria. Nothing happened.

"Dammit! Doesn't work on lizards!" Bliss cursed to herself. Zen was just watching in terror, wondering if it was all going to turn on him. Kilora ran behind Steve, and took aim with the object. Zaria charged, and Kilora held the straw thing to her mouth, and blew. A fairly large dart shot out of the straw, and into the side of Zaria's thigh. She went loose on her feet, mumbled strange things, then folded down to the ground. Kilora hastily took the daggers, and patted Zaria for any others.

"What was that?!" Zen asked as a wave of relief rolled across him.

"That my friend, was a blow dart full of reptile tranquilizer. Enough to stop an 8 foot crocodile, for... Ehhhh... I'd say like half an hour or so." Kilora answered as she ran around doing things.

"I have a question for you though, how in the blue blazes did you get her here?" She added.

"Well, we don't know if she is telling the truth, but she said that, at least it sounded like, Obsidyin killed the others, and Zaria escaped. But I'm not entirely sure." Bliss said nervously. Kilora scowled

"Anyway, me and Zen were walking around the city looking for Obsidyin, when Zaria came to us pleading for help. She said that a girl had murdered the others and was coming for her. Makes me wonder what they did." Bliss continued.

"Well we are going to find out." Kilora said as she held up a pair of hand cuffs.

"Hey, Kilora, where is Twi?" Zen asked.

"Oh, well, that is a time sensitive issue. However, it can wait until we are done with this. But only because it would make that easier. Now let’s tie up that lizard."


Twilah was standing in a grayish hallway full of fog. One minute she is running in a graveyard, the next she's here. Twilah felt like she has been standing in that hallway for hours. And absolutely nothing had happened in those hours. She had no idea why or how she got there, or why she felt compelled to stay in that one spot; all Twilah knew was that whatever happened, she needed to fix it. Finally, after a long time of contemplation, Twilah started walking to the left, down the hallway. At the end of the corridor there were two open doors, one glowed purple, and the other orange. Twilah stepped into the purple door, and was in a hotel bathroom. Obsidyin stepped out of the hotel shower, and wrapped up in a towel. Twilah couldn't touch anything, and Obsidyin couldn't see or hear her.  Obsidyin put on her room service laundered clothes, and snook back out the window from which she came. Obsidyin planted her feet on the city street, and hunger shook her to the core. She spotted an Italian sub shop, and checked her pockets. No money, but after the next fool walled past her, she would be twenty dollars richer. Twilah was then brought back to the grey corridor with the doors, and stepped in to the orange one.

Twilah was in Kilora's lab, and everyone was talking to one another. Twilah saw Zaria tied up in an outfit way different than the last time she saw her. Then she spotted somebody in a tube. She walked over to it and froze.

"What?" Twilah mumbled to herself. She read over the control screen and gasped. "I'm dying?" She said with a tear in her eye, then she overheard Kilora talking.

"Ok, here is what's going on with Twilah. That there tube is acting like a stasis pod, because Twilah is dying. When Obsidyin removed herself from Twilah, she took too much of Twilah's life force with her. But even now, Obsidyin is taking more and more of Twilah's energy. Soon enough, she will be completely depleted. But, Obsidyin's health will decline as Twilah reaches empty; for you see, neither Twilah nor Obsidyin can live without the other. I have made some calculations, and Twilah only has 48 hours to live, unless we can catch Obsidyin and merge them back together." Kilora said. Twilah looked at her friends, and the tied up lizard. She walked over to Zen and leaned into his ear. "God speed my love. God speed." She whispered. She knew it did no good, but it was all she could do. Zen flinched, and said that he just got goose bumps. Twilah was surprised, and gave a huge smile. She hugged him, and faded back into the hallway.


Obsidyin crumbled up the sandwich wrapper, and tossed it into a trash can. "I may be a bad guy, but by George am I going be a littering one." She said to herself. It was getting dark, and that meant that the Knightmares were coming to play. Obsidyin wasn't scared, she was one of them, and by the way she took care of those no good heroes, the baddies would be a piece of cake. She walked across the city without a care in the world, and stopped at the graveyard. She found a statue of an angel sitting on a bench, and sat with it. At this time, people were still rushing to their homes in the taller than tall buildings, and hiding their cars the best they could. For reasons unknown to any sane person, there was a growing hatred of the city folk growing in Obsidyin. She had enough. Why was she just going to watch those losers scatter, when she could do some real damage? She rose from her seat, and walked into the middle of the street. She cleared her throat, and called attention. Nobody noticed. She closed her eyes and concentrated. Slowly but surely, her feet left the black city floor. She reached a height of about 50 feet, and then called again. The people saw the floating girl, but knew better than to care. Obsidyin was incensed. Why wouldn't these inferior peasants cower and bow to their rightful leader? She yelled, and still, nobody would even look at her.

"Fine. You had your chances." Obsidyin said. She focused a bit harder, and floated around above the rushing crowds. She singled out a man in a black suit, with a brief case, and picked him up. The man scrambled for freedom, but the city folk cared not. That is, not until Obsidyin punched him in the face, and threw him across the road. When he landed, he crushed three other people. Now she had people’s attention. "Listen to me! I am your new leader! You shall stop running from the Knightmares and face them!" Obsidyin said. "Who are you?! Why are you doing this!?" Somebody yelled from the halted crowd. "Why does everyone ask such stereo typical questions?!" Obsidyin yelled. She sighed. "My name is Obsidyin, I came from the dark, and I like to watch you panic! Disco or not." She said in an exasperated manner.


"What is going on out there?" Kilora said as she rushed to the lab window. She saw cars piled up, people screaming, grown men running for their lives, and police by the bucket loads. Zen and Bliss took a look, and frowned at each other. "You don't think..." Bliss said. "That’s exactly what I think." Kilora said with tremendous panic in her voice. Kilora walked over to the tube controls, and shrieked. "What could she possibly be doing that requires that much energy!?" Kilora yelled. Bliss and Zen were still at the window, and saw a girl floating high above the crowds and police, and crashed cars, shooting lasers from her eyes. "Um..... Look..." Said Bliss. Kilora speeded to the window and her jaw hit the floor. "FRICKING LASERS!?!?!? HOW IN THE BLUE BLAZES DID SHE CREATE EYE LASERS!?" Kilora yelled in astonishment. "Well that does it. If she keeps using power like that, they won't last 20 minutes." Kilora added. She turned away from the window and started to gather things. Zen walked over to Twilah, and read the screen on the console. He placed his cheek on the glass and whispered to her. He knew it would do no good, but she had to know he was trying.

"Here! One for you and you." Kilora shouted as she threw a gun at Zen and Bliss. "Those are medical scanners. When you catch Obsidyin, scan her, and I will calibrate the other tube to receive her." She added. "Why do you always send us alone?" Bliss questioned. "Because you are far stronger than I, and I need to hold down the fort. What would have happened if I weren't here when Twilah needed me? Now get down there!" Kilora yelled. Kilora did a thing at a little side console, and Bliss and Zen were consumed in light.


The hallway was getting darker, and the doors were starting to close. Twilah found it hard to do anything, and took to sitting on the floor. "Twi, its Zen. Please hold out just a little longer. We have almost got Obsidyin." Zen's voice rang out, and gave Twilah a glimpse of hope. She saw the doors starting to close, and dashed over to the purple one. She was out of breath, and could feel herself slipping, but she flopped into door anyway. She was flying above a destroyed city beside Obsidyin. Twilah saw the pain in Obsidyin's eyes, and clung on to her. Obsidyin wobbled. "Twilah get out of here! You’re done. This is my world now, and you can't stop me!" Obsidyin snarled. But before Twilah could retort, Obsidyin started falling. Down, down, down she fell, into Bliss's arms. Zen scanned her, and Obsidyin detested. Twilah was lying on the ground, she felt cold and alone. She felt herself fade into the dark hallway, but could do nothing other than lie on the hard floor.



Zen and Bliss had fought their way past police, panicking townsfolk, car wrecks, ambulances, fire trucks, and even a small plane. Once they saw Obsidyin, she was headed for the ground. Bliss positioned herself under the falling girl, braced for impact, then stumbled backward under Obsidyin's weight. Zen pointed the scanning device at Obsidyin and pushed the button. Obsidyin strongly detested.

 She tried to snatch the device from Zen, but had no luck for she was too weak to be fast. Bliss caught her by the arm and gave her a tug letting her know what was up. "You little missy are coming with us." Said Zen as he pulled out his phone, and texted Kilora. They were surrounded by light, then they were in the lab. Kilora and Zaria stood with arms crossed in front of Twilah's tube. Bliss let go of Obsidyin and shoved her toward the two green ladies. Obsidyin dropped to her knees, and the tube started beeping. "5 minutes" the screen read. Kilora got down low and peered into Obsidyin's face. Sure enough, her eyes were going grey too. "Let’s get her in there now!" Said Kilora as she seized Obsidyin's arms and started guiding the floppy girl. "No. I am not going to do this. I want to be free." Obsidyin growled as she pulled Kilora to the floor as she let her knees give out. The tube beeped again. "It says that Twilah has gone super critical. 2 minutes left." Zaria read. Kilora grabbed her face, and Bliss started crying. Zen had a tear roll down his cheek, then he bent down to Obsidyin.  "You are going to get in that tube, and you are going to save my Twilah. And if you don't, you have something worse than hell on your plate; and yes that is a threat." Zen scorned. "It’s too late for the tube now. It will take too long. If you give Twilah to me, I can merge us back together." Obsidyin said with wet, grey eyes. Zen nodded. Kilora and Zaria removed Twilah from the tube, and placed her in Obsidyin's lap. Obsidyin's tears picked up, and she started to glow. She wrapped her arms around Twilah very tight. "I'm sorry my sister." Obsidyin whispered. Twilah started glowing, and soon the light was so strong that nobody could see a thing. Once it cleared, there was only one purple haired girl lying on the ground.


Obsidyin was home. She never knew she liked it until she felt the pain of being away from it. Absolute power was never what she needed, and when she had it, her conscious sat heavy in her hands. "Good to be home." Obsidyin said as she sat on a deep purple velvet 6-seat curved couch in a room with black walls and light purple shag carpet. Obsidyin leaned back and closed her eyes. She had a lot to think about.


Twilah felt a feeling that had been missing for so long; warmth. She had felt so cold, and alone, and her heart felt heavy with grief over leaving her friends to fix things on their own. But now, she could finally open her real eyes, and what she saw were the faces of her friends.

"Twi! Your eyes are orange again!" Zen cried. Bliss's face was red and blotchy, and her eyes were bloodshot from crying, but the smile she had was overwhelming. Twilah looked over at Kilora and saw Zaria. "Kilora! Look out Zaria is behind you!" Twilah warned with a shaky voice as she shot up to her feet, grabbing Zen's shoulder for support. "No, its ok! Zaria is with us now." Kilora said.

"Kilora do tell, I was wondering about that myself." Bliss said as she wiped away tears and blew her nose.

"Since the rest of Zaria's gang is no more, we struck a deal. I would say that the gang died trying to save the city from Obsidyin, and Zaria was the only survivor. That should lessen the punishment for their other crimes, and I will get the reward. I am also giving a quarter of that to her once she is freed, so she can start a decent life." Kilora explained. Twilah smiled, and walked over to Steve.

"Have you been helpful?" Twilah asked.

"No, is the first time I have talked in hours. I've been busy keeping the reader connected with you, Obsidyin, and the others." Steve said.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Twilah asked.

“ you seem weak. Touch my side, it will help." Said Steve avoiding Twilah's question. Twilah raised a hand and placed it on the machine; she felt a surge of energy, and pulled away. She indeed felt better, but she didn't want to say anything.

"Ok, something nobody has addressed. The city is in ruins!" Twilah said as she walked back to Zen.

"That is not our problem. Yes, we released the sentient being who destroyed the place, but we put it back, and now she can't do anything else. Plus, we did them a service, the super heroes are gone now because of that being. So really, they should be thanking us." Kilora said justly. "You really are something, ya know that?" Twilah said jokingly.

"Just a reminder, we can't leave until the Knightmares are gone. Oh wait, I am a fully functional interdimensional, time traveling transportation unit. So, that is not a problem." Steve said with a smile in his voice.

"Well then, Kilora, you’re going home." Twilah said.

"Really? I have been so home sick for so long, I can't even tell you." Said Kilora.

"Why haven't you just gone home?" Zaria questioned.

"Because I was stupid. I left my family and my job to come catch 4 dangerous criminals. And in the process I endangered the lives of three teenagers, an evil spirit, and destroyed the city. So my lesson in life is blind revenge dose nothing for anyone." Kilora replied.

"That is very wise." Bliss said. Everyone else agreed.

"Well, I guess it is time to get to work. I have things to pack. But before I do..." Kilora trailed as she grabbed a scanner and ran over Twilah. The reading was satisfactory, and she started packing.


Steve landed and Kilora took a deep breath.

"You know, I have been gone for 4 months. My family will not be happy with me, and I am certainly not getting my job back. I didn't quit, I just figure that they wouldn't want a 4 month absent person." Kilora said.

"Remember Kilora, I am a time machine. I could take you say, 4 days after you left instead. Then all would be normal." Steve said.

"Yeah, it would be like none of this ever happed for your family and friends. And, I bet your job won't mind to bad." Twilah added with a smile. Kilora thought about it, and agreed. Steve shook a little, then the date changed.

"Here we are; Thursday, January 28th, 2055, 2:07pm." Steve said as he swung the door open.

"Well, this is it. We have only known each other for a short time, but you showed such kindness, I feel like your family." Kilora said as she picked up her suitcases.

"I am going to miss you very much. Please come visit here and there." Kilora continued as she set the suitcases outside the door. Bliss, Twilah, and Zen put on sad faces, but knew they would see her again soon. Everyone hugged, said thank you, and goodbye. But before Zaria walked with Kilora out the door she stopped, and turned towards the gang.

"I am truly very sorry for what I have done. I also thank you for freeing me from the others. I will drop you a line once I get my life back together. Goodbye friends." Said Zaria as she turned and walked behind Kilora. Steve closed the door, and gave a sigh of relief.

"I am so ready to be home right now." Twilah said.

"Yeah, like I will never think PE class is hard again now that I have caught a girl much bigger than I am from 50 feet in the air." Bliss said sleepily.

"Steve, take us home." Twilah proclaimed.

"Yes madam."


After countless hours in a world of wonder and mystique, Twilah, Bliss and Zen finally arrive home after being gone for only an hour and a half on earth. They all break out of Steve, and heavily breath the forest air. "Ok, I am going home. I need lots if food and rest, I shall talk to you guys tomorrow, love ya bye." Bliss said as she trotted out of view. Twilah took Zen's hand.

"What about you? Can you stay for a moment?" Twilah said quietly to him.

"It depends, will there be killer doppelgangers with laser eyes?" He replied with a raised eyebrow. Twilah giggled.

"No, I don't think so. But, there might be this..." Twilah trailed as she planted her lips on his. Zen's face filled with shock, then he wrapped his arms around her.





Especially considering that we still don’t know what the Knightmares are, and why they were there in the first place; why that whole city was super ominous; who “The Dreamer” is; and why Kilora knew about Twilah, Bliss and Zen the whole time.

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