The Marvel of Opalescence

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Submitted: December 03, 2014

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Submitted: December 03, 2014



I saw, not  too long 'go,

the explosive show of a shifting glow,

‘round a glassed mirror set at the center-

still in the cold of a wanton winter.

The day’s end ‘proached quick for the season

and so for no other reason

did see I the day die.

I’d not known it to come ‘till the broken light of some sickly botch found my eye

and  saw the crimson hovering ‘bove the ground,

but soon too did it reach all ‘round

and gather to twine  kin apart,

so no longer shone the red as a lonely art-

stood instead an amalgamate of hues:

of pink purple, purple red and reddish blues.

Yet since here they came

the sky not only is no longer the same;

changed too the silver oval framed by willowed trees,

that the focal  mirror  reflected a different sort of light,
a sort of softer crimson fading in the coming night,

so that as above, so below:

An opalescent swirl of things both high and low-

But slowly changed the open lit air

To a pervading darkness bare

And raw and absolute.

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