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a Q that comes to everyones mind eventually

Submitted: March 28, 2011

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Submitted: March 28, 2011




when theres nothing left to hold inside

why does the heart still beat

why do we keep going on

when our strengh has gone weak

when happiness has disappeared

why do we still smile

why do we keep moving on

when nothing is worth while

when love is forgotten

why do we lie

why cant we find love

nomatter how hard we try

when all your prayers go unanwsered

why do we bless our god

why do we fight to believe

there is no god at all

when stars are shinning bright

why do we make a wish

why do we keep believeing

one day we'll get that wish

when dreams have gone to nightmares

why do we try to dream

why do we travel a life of signs

not knowing what they mean

when pain dwels inside

why do we stay alive

why do we keep trying 

to put the pain aside

when the heart is full of welts

why wont the scars heal

why do we keep laughing

regardless of how we feel

when death is just right there

why do we choose to live

why do we stay alive

with no life to live

when tears begin to fall

why do we try to dry them

why do we hold inside

when they rain again

when life has gotten hard

why do we choose to struggle

why are we all alone

with noone there to cuddle

when your heart is frozen

why try to make a fire

why gather sticks

when we cant make it higher

when deep inside your dead

why does your soul leave

why does it leave you with nothing

not a sigle breath to breath

when anger has control

why try to be nice

why try to live with it

when it happend more then twice

when friends are all around

why do we feel alone

why are we always scared

when we are so alone

when your with your family

why does the feeling grow

why does it feel they dont know you

when you yourself dont know

when we choose the light

why are we haunted by the dark

why do we choose to finish

when we didnt want to start

when we cant fall asleep

why do we close our eyies

why do we choose to see

the nightmares deep inside

when theres nothing left to speak

why do we try to talk

why do we keep moving

when were to weak to walk

when my eyies are open

why do i choose to see

why does this demon deep inside

work so hard to kill me


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