Reapers revenge

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born the bastard child of a lord and a servant girl zorin was sold at infancy to the dark blades trained to be an assassin from the age of 3 this was the only life he has ever known showing great prows he earned the nick name reaper but l his first solo assassination goes horrible wrong leaving him nearly dead but fortune shines upon him when a young women finds him and nurses back to health with no room for a failed assassin in the dark blades he puts his life as the reaper behind him to start a family and lead a happy life but he soon discovers that everyone's past has to catch up with them when his daughter and wife are killed by the dark blades on the order of there new leader and a old friend with nothing left to live for he dawns his old persona as the reaper only this time only this time his pay is revenge

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One mans trash

Submitted: January 11, 2014

I don’t remember much of much of my life before the blades I know only what im am told. My mother was a servent in castle star in th... Read Chapter

Weed out the weak

Submitted: January 11, 2014

“This is insane. What if we all die?” One of the kids begins to panic. It’s hard to tell which of us is speaking these words but ... Read Chapter