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Submitted: March 19, 2008

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Submitted: March 19, 2008



with mister webster singing by my side
i chose the words with high esteem
and from them i built a cryptic poem
alas! another masterpiece was done!

so for greed of ego boasting praise
i tried to find someone to show my piece
this elder, wise and in knowledge bulged
was chosen as the unrelenting judge

so i approached him when he was doing none
and gave the paper where my poem was done
as he was reading a smile crept in my mind,
"he'll be fascinated i'll bet in it my life."

but when he's through my hope were dumped in vain
no praise, no clap, not even a knowing grin!
as i was shrinking he wrote a note on it
gave it back and left my smoldered state

when i gained myself, a paper's in my hand
my masterpiece, his note had rent it blurred:
"poems may mask some meanings, but they never hide the words."
can anyone tell me what wisdom does this hold???

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