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Submitted: March 07, 2008

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Submitted: March 07, 2008






once i came to sit beside a woman with wringkled face,
with white strand hair, and eyes of longing gaze.

she said,
"he was the tough shoulder who always dried my tears;
he was the patient ears who always heard my pains;
he was the gentle eyes who showed love and honest care;
he was the silent lips who only spoke to alleviate my fear.
'i love you.' he'd say,
those words are for a friend he deemed so dear
for me it's a promise that he'll be always there.
but when one day i came to look for him
my search was only made in vain
my dearest friend was nowhere to be seen
then came a letter with just my name on it
and when it opened i found the words
i never thought could hurt;
'i love you.'
silent tears crept upon my face
a foreign pain kept throbbing in my chest
he was my friend but only then i knew
he was a love so near i never saw
so now here i sit where we had always met
and 'till the end of me, for him i'll always wait."

her tale was short and yet it made me think.
i looked to where she looked and there...
i saw her face.


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