unborn -fer ye hesitant moms-

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Submitted: March 07, 2008

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Submitted: March 07, 2008




that word will be me fir's
mama, 'am gonna make ye proud!

i won't cost that much to raise
'am not choosy of me milk
i hate 'em sealed in cans
i'd love 'em from yer breas'

an' mama,
me know ye'll res' at night
so i'll cry as seldom as i can
yet i might wee-wee in yer a'ms
and i might poo-poo in me pan's

but mama,
ye jus' wait 'till 'am one
i'll walk as early as i can!

an' mama,
in time ye'll work at day
i'll wait fer ye at home
so wen yer tired at dusk
me hug's fer ye 'till dawn!

then mama,
i'll always kiss yer cheeks
i'll be showy an' not meek

yes mama,
'am gonna eat 'em healthy meals
'am gonna munch 'em leafy greens
so i'll be healthy yet not fat
mama, i'll be anythin' ye want!

oh, how i'd love to say that word
mama, please let me see the world.

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