Is Trump giving a good example?

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Submitted: November 20, 2018

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Submitted: November 20, 2018



We're almost at the end of November and this month we've seen the rather disrespecftul face of Donald Trump. Not that I consider him a very respectful person in the first place, but during the past few weeks I have been amazed just how ingorant and rude he can be towards other people. 

November 11th 2018 became exactly one hundred years from World War One ending and many world leaders gathered in France to celebrate this. Of course, as the president of the the world's superpower, Donald Trump was present. He managed to do a lot in France, most of it angering the world. First he managed to criticize the host country France's president on his Twitter account, saying Emmanuel Macron is rude even thinking about having Europe tighten its militaries' cooperation when many European countries aren't giving their two cents to NATO and the USA.

Another Twitter comment on 13th of November managed to also hurt France. Marcon said it was very rude of Trump to accuse France on the third anniversary of the Paris terror attack that killed over 150 people. European leaders don't go around tweeting how your country makes great wine but otherwise sucks on 9/11, do they?

During the same visit to France, Trump managed to skip a memorial dedicated to the fallen soldiers of WWI because "the weather was poor and his helicopter couldn't fly". No commentation to that but he could've used the car. Somehow all other world leaders managed to make the trip, by helicopter or car. 

That wasn't the only memorial service Trump skipped. After getting back from France, it was Veterans Day in the US. It is pretty much mandatory for the POTUS to visit Arlington Cemetery on that day. Trump didn't, which made a lot of people angry because let's face it, apparently veterans are very respected in the States, and I don't see why they wouldn't be.

While I personally don't know any American veterans, to me just thinking that hey, you've served your country and your president doesn't acknowledge that on Veterans Day is rude. I'd be pissed. Let alone when Trump is the person who managed to dodge a draft several times during the Vietnam War era. Let alone when Senator John McCain (rest in peace) was a POW in said war and Trump was the one to diss him during the election campaing for getting captured in the first place.

Now, I'm a woman and I'm not even fit for service, but if I could, I would enlist. Finland has a draft for all males and to most Finns, ignoring that draft is unthinkable. When I first learnt Trump did that up to five times, I was like, what the hell? Then you have the guts to run for president and accuse people who have actually done something for the country you live in, while you were safe home eating KFC and drinking coke? That's nice. Real nice. 

Last but not least, last weekend Trump visited California that has been suffering from wildfires the past weeks. A town called Paradise was pretty much swept off the map by the fire. Trump managed to call that town Pleasure. Okay, accidents happen. But c'mon. How about excusing youself once you realize you said the wrong name? That just shows how little compassion the president has for the town and the people who lost everything in that fire. 

All I have to wish for the last little over half of his presidency, have some fucking respect for other people. No matter who they are. Every human being should be respected as that; a human. If the US President expects other people to respect him, how about doing the same first and showing a proper example?

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