Leave your kids home alone

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Submitted: December 14, 2018

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Submitted: December 14, 2018



Nowadays, many people think kids and teenagers are too pampered and can't do things by themselves. That is true, to some extenct. Of course every individual is different and adults have different parenting methods. However, in my opininon, you should teach your kids some basic things in life early enough.

I'll speak from personal experience. I'm only eighteen, but I've realized my also 18-year-old friends have the survival skills of a toddler. One of them, who is a great guy in all honesty, is a good example. She's almost nineteen and she literally can't survive a day alone.

I once asked her what's her favourite food to make. She can't cook. Okay, a lot of people can't, but that's not an excuse. You should learn. She doesn't pay for anything herself, which I've realized is a bad thing. She gets all the money from her parents she wants. They pay for her gas. She eats takeout each day, when it's inconvenient because she just ate at school for free. She doesn't understand the value of money or how much work has to be done to earn the amount to get a tankful of gas.

Parents, don't give your kids money however they want, even if you had lots to spare. Teach your kids that they have to earn that money by maybe doing chores or even better, getting a real job if they're old enough. That'll give them the proper idea of what money actually is. 

Make your kids book their doctor's appointment and deal with their banking. I have several friends who take their parents to the dentist because they don't know how to do it alone. That's something a five year old does. I believe a preteen can easily manage that on their own.

Make your kids do their own laungry at times, or cook dinner for the whole family. One thing my parents used to do is, give us a list of groceries and then you have to go to the store alone to get those. Most kids at stores nowadays only know what't the cost of an energy drink or a candy bar. They won't survive on those once they move out. 

Another good thing is, leave them alone for a while. Not just an hour or two but several days. It's no use getting a babysitter for a teenagers if you have teached them how to manage. My mother travels a lot and sometimes I live alone for up to three weeks with our two cats. I don't understand how some of my friends have never been alone a whole night, since I used to spend weekends alone when I was nine. I sometimes had my brother with me and I was the one who had to take care of him for a few days. I actually enjoyed that time because then my stepmom wasn't around and she was an abusive narcist, and I got to spend some time with my younger brother. It's how I learned to cook, and I make pretty good food nowadays. We were used to managing alone at our dad's. 

Teach your kids how to survive in everyday life and don't be afraid to let them test their waters. One day they'll live alone, hopefully, and then it's too late to learn how to not burn water and how to pay bills.


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