Reasons why we needed 13 Reasons Why right now

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This is just me rambling about 13 reasons why, season 2, and addressing issues that I think need to be addressed right not.

Submitted: June 06, 2018

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Submitted: June 06, 2018



First of all, spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen the second season of 13 Reasons Why, I highly recommend doing that prior to reading this. Second of all, I don’t mean to be rude and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here. I just want to say what I think about the issues in the series and how it’s good that they made the second season like this. Third of all, sorry for the language, I swear a lot when I write in English.

I was really sceptic about the second season, mostly because I didn’t like the first one. I had read the book before the series was even made. I liked the book so I thought the show would be good and I was disappointed. And the reception it got, people being maybe a bit horrified about the blunt way it represented suicide. In my opinion that’s bullshit. That’s why we have the content ratings in movies and series. If you get easily triggered, don’t watch the content.

The second season, in my opinion, is something people needed right now. And when I say needed, I have two reasons why. Mostly the sexual harassment and how the people in the series cope with it. We all probably know the #metoo -campaign. I personally have experienced harassment, nothing as serious as rape, but still. I feel the people in the series and how hard it is to tell about it. I kept it a secret for five years. Even when you haven’t done anything wrong, it’s hard to tell about something like that. I hope the series gives a lot of young people the courage to tell about their experiences and get justice. It’s okay to be ashamed and scared but it’ll be worth it telling about it in the end. It’s not your fault, it’s the offenders’ fault. I would want to talk about how the penalties for sexual abuse and harassment are way too easy, but that depends on where you personally live so I’m not going to. All I want to say, if this affects you somehow, do something. Speak out for yourself or someone else.

The second reason why I think this is what the people, especially in the United States, need is the last scene of the season two. Yes, I’m talking about the gun control here. I’m not American and I will probably never understand the American identity and how it’s their civil right to own a gun. That’s why I can’t really tell anyone in the US they’re stupid because of their gun laws. I know Americans who own a lot of guns but treat them appropriately and with care. How I think they should.

Anyway. The point is, I was almost choked when I saw Tyler Down getting to the school with that amount of firearms. Almost, because it wasn’t too hard to guess, probably. And I was excited. Don’t get me wrong, school shootings are awful and I can’t even begin to imagine how people affected by them feel. I was excited because in my opinion, this is what the USA right now needs. It’s been a few weeks since I saw anything major gun related in the news and I feel like that’s shit. What happened? People were demanding change, are they still doing it?

Fucking do something, people. I wish I was an American so I could fucking go out there and say your gun control is shit. I’m not, though, so I have to settle to ranting online. So, you all teenagers and everyone else who were trying to change things, don’t fucking stop now that you got your word out there. Keep going and protest. It’s your right and it’s your country’s duty to keep you safe. Especially teenagers, go out there, please. You’re the future. You’re the people who are going to be deciding about your children’s future; be there to do that and guarantee their safety. Some of you can’t vote but you have a voice and it matters when people are deciding about your life and schooling environment.

All in all, I’m sorry about the ranting and how this wasn’t much related to the series at hand. I just wanted to point these things out because the series made me think. In my opinion, the series is what the people in today’s world needed right now. These are serious issues and we need to do something about them. If you read this all, thank you. I really appreciate it and your patience. Also, sorry if I offended you but I don’t really care because I don’t have to.

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