We should kill more people

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Submitted: March 05, 2019

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Submitted: March 05, 2019



We're using the resources we currently have at the pace that in a few decades, all the people on earth won't have enough food. The population growth increases all the time and in case humans don't pay more attention on sustainable development and limit the use of naturl resources, there will be consequences that will affect the whole biosphere, humans included.

Since it is March 5th, and today becomes 66 years of Josif Stalin's death, I'm going to explain why people like him and Hitler did something great. So did every terrorist that ever put any thought to killing lots of people. So did Bush when he stared the Iraq war and Gavrilo Princip when he shot Frans Ferdinand and ended up staring the First World War. Those people all started something or did something that ended up killing people, even millions of people. That's what the world needs right now.

Malthusianism is the idea that the human population growth is exponential, which it partly is, and the growth of food supply is linear. This leads to a point where the human population passes the growth of food supply and some of the people end up strarving to death. The idea dates back ovet 200 years, but now is the time when it's starting to become critical. As I mentioned before, the human race is overusing the Earth's resources. The idea however isn't perfect, and the population growth hasn't been fully exponential. Also the fact that food is produced faster than 200 years ago, is something that's taken into account. Malthusianism does have a point though, as the carrying capacity of nature is limited, even when it comes to humans.

According to some people who believe in the theory, the way to save some of the people and nature itself, is to kill as many people as possible. It sounds harsh, but it is quite fitting. Humans have taken advantage of the environment for generations and since the environment doesn't have much possibilities to defend itself from human activity, it's easier and more fitting to kill off as many of the people who are doing the harm. It's more important to make sure other parts of nature are well than humans. This is one of the main philosophies of ecofascists, who believe that it's positive that wars, diseases and hunger kill large amounts of people in order for the environment to stay safe.

One of the people who identifies himself as an ecofascist, is a Finnish environmental activist, writer and fiserman Pentti Linkola. He's one of the most well-known ecoactivists in the country and has founded a national conservation organisation and speaks publicly about his beliefs about how humans are a threat to other living oranisms and how the only way to limit the population growth is by these radical ways of killing people. 

I first learned about him about two years ago when I had to do a presentation and wow, I don't think I've ever heard of someone who has actually such great ideas. I believe humans are abusing the environment and agree that the easiest and most efficient way to limit this is by large mass killings. No, I don't approve of killing people obviously, but this guy is literally inside my head right now. No matter how ridiculous it sounds, killing more people, along with limitting people from being born in the first place, is a smart move.


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