Why are there troops on the border?

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Submitted: November 14, 2018

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Submitted: November 14, 2018



There is a caravan of an estimad 3500 people heading toward the United States' border with Mexico. There is an estimated of 5000 US troops and that number will rise, waiting for them. Literally, waiting. They've been there for well over a week, and will be for a few more weeks, because the caravan is arriving on foot. 

While it's a good idea to have reinfocements at the border, the Customs and Border Protection would manage with their own people. To put thousands of people there, just to wait until the immigrants arrive, is a waste of money. Not to say, it's kind of inhumane. Those are people with families they could spend thanksgiving with in a week or so. Those are people who'd most likely want to do something else than sit around in the heat eating MREs. Those are people who want to serve their country, not probably wait for a caravan of civilians to come around.

The fact that those people are there right now, symbolizes how fucked up the American immigrations policies are. The fact that Trump is ready to spend 15 000 troops to the border, shows how he doesn't understand that the caravan is full of refugees, wanting to seek asylum. The fact that the whole ordeal costs millions of dollars, shows how he isn't up to date with the country's resources. 

But that's all okay. As long as we don't let any of those terrorists, rapists, and murderers in the country. Because nowadays, it's not okay to seek asylum at the border, according to Trump. Fun fact, it's stated in the US law that anyone can seek asylum at the border, no matter if it's at a border crossing station. By banning that, the president is breaking the law of the country he's supposed to lead. 

But what if they're not terrosists? What happens if most of those people are in fact, just normal people, wanting a better life? Imagine yourself in that situation. Coming from, let's say, a country where there is poverty and crime more than anywhere. Walking for weeks and then what? You're faced by people who are told it's okay to shoot you if you misbehave. This isn't war. This is politics about civilians and this is about people being treated as humans, on both sides.

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