Does suicide make things better?

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Welcome to my hell of a life. Maybe you can tell me why i have no family hates me....and i just want to die sometimes.

Submitted: April 26, 2011

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Submitted: April 26, 2011



I used to be the most popular kid in my grade Now i deactivated my facebook because its too depressing. Too depressing to see my 3,000 friends online, yet none even say hi My sister recently came home Only to cause my family to hate me My sister claims her problems are from me. I caused my family this stress Im fat Ugly why would anyone still talk to me?

Then i run to my room Lock myself away Hide from my friends my family the world. So many times ive thought and dreamt Of how great it could be if my life just went Up in the sky with that thing we call \"god\" should i do it? should i die? yes.

Then the door knocks its the sweet face of my 4 year old sister with a hug her eyes beg me not to hurt myself for her sake i cant leave her with a death in her blood with screams in her sleep with pain that can never be healed

for her, i live.

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