Dancer Or Gamer? Chapter 1

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First time writer here! I'm not looking for good comments if it doesn't deserve it. Say your mind. It will also help me improve!

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



What do people do when they have time in their hands? They ether sleep or go out. Where would they go then? The streets, mall, stores, library. Anyplace that's worthy of wasting time. As for me, Vince Layson, the small arcade that's sitting in middle of the city is were you would find me.

After school. I'm I at the arcade as usual. The exciting atmosphere. The noisy sound effects of each game. The players cheers when they win. Their cries when they don't, the friendly competitions. This place is never bores me. Oh! Someone broke the high score again!... Where was I? But off course I would finish my school work or chores but when I have nothing else to do I find myself here. I play but mostly watch. I find watching people play more entertaining for some reason. Seeing how they get all worked up when they win or seeing how they get very serious playing that they didn't even notice the crowd behind them watching how good they play. Its better than staying home watching re-runs on TV that's for sure. I never really thought of anything serious when I'm here. I just watch or play until I lose track of time. But... until they brought that new “game”. That's when the arcade had no meaning to me anymore.

Afternoon. It was the weekend. I had just arrived at the arcade right after my morning chores. But what I saw from the inside was unexpected. A huge crowd was circling an area inside. And when huge I mean it almost filled the whole arcade. They were all gathered in the middle.

“Is someone playing Pekken again?” I asked myself.

Pekken is one of those fighting games. Usually there are people who are really good at the game that they would have no losing streak. Which would attract a crowd. But the game was on the other side.  And the people were gathered at the middle of the room.

When I got in through the door the crowd in front of me suddenly got bigger. I carefully squeezed through the traffic trying not to touch unwanted "places". I wondered what game would attract this kind of crowd? I know all the games and as if any of them would bring up this kind of attention or maybe someone really good is playing? The closer I got I started to hear music and stomping. I was getting closer. From back in the crowd I was able to see the glowing sign that showed the name of the game that they were so rounding “DDR: Dancing Dancer Revolution”

“Oh...” I said as I suddenly remember.

From the name you would already know what type is it. It was one of those dancing games where you have to hit the arrows on the floor in time with the arrows on the screen. They just installed it last week.

Not much people played it when they first brought it here. Dancing games started becoming popular but it didn't seem like that before. And when people did play they were not that serious or good enough to attract big crowds. So then I guess there is really someone like that. And that person is in the middle of this crowd. The final stretch. I was about to see who was playing. As I moved to the front my heart started to race. Why am I getting so nervous?

“Why am I getting nervous!?” I shouted at myself.

Getting angry at myself I hurried past the final block of people and finally reached the front. There I saw a dancing figure. It was the back of a girl with long hair swaying her body and moving her feet to the in-game music. I wanted to know what she looked like so I moved to the side. There I saw what was going on. At first glance her hair was covering her face but she flipped it up while dancing.eeven though she was sweaty her expression was full of energy.  Her face was full of joy as she danced. When I looked closer at her feet I noticed, they were moving fast and in rhythm. When I looked at the game screen and back at her feet again they were both amazingly synchronized with the music and game. When I looked closer at the score she didn't even break her combo streak that was still going. She was amazing... her body and feet moved to each arrow that popped up on the screen hitting them all while she still kept her streak up. Even though she was full of sweat she still had a smile on her as she danced. The music suddenly stopped for me. I only noticed her movements. Her hands and body swaying to music that I couldn't hear, made her seem like she was in her own world. Did I go deaf?  I didn't know. Suddenly I got pushed  by one of the people behind me. The music started played for me again. The music was fast but her movement was graceful. She seemed like a girl from another world.

“...” I wanted to say something but my mouth just made a small gap.

After a while when the girl stopped the crowd started to clap at her performance. She looked confused and surprised. Ether she didn't notice them or wasn't expecting to get an encore. She then left mbarrassingly.

During this past week the girl would come to the arcade, but to only play DDR. I don't know why but I would always watch her dance in the crowd until she was done. That's when its close to closing time and not much people would be here anymore.  Just watching her made me feel... full? Well... I think I feel like that when ever I finish watching her. Seeing her drown out all her energy at one game and after finishing she would still have a smile on her face almost makes me feel like I would enjoy the game too... But as if I would find myself playing that!

“Why only dancing?” I asked myself while heading home after I left the arcade.

Why is she always playing that game? If she just wants to use up her pent up energy like that then there are many games in the arcade better than DDR. But as soon as she gets in she would start at that game. She seems serious in playing but her face shows that she's enjoying it. I thought I could know people's personalities when I watch them play but... I can't seem to understand her. She could dance hours long almost until closing time and still keep going. People would just play in the arcade to waste time but for her she is enjoying time. If she just wanted to have fun then why not the other games like the mini blowing, mini basketball or anything else. Is dancing that good? I never tried that game before. Heck I never even danced before. Maybe she's the same... but she has such good rhythm that she could also be a professional dancer.

I arrived at my house. As soon as I opened the door I heard people in the dining room. I went in the room where I saw my parents and my two elder sisters eating. It was meat loaf for dinner this time. I sat at my usual place which was next to May my eldest sister.  I was about to eat when my mother suddenly spoke.

“Vince... Are you feeling alright?” She asked me.

“What do you mean?” I asked, surprised by her questions

“Well... ever since last week you started to come home a bit late after going to the arcade...”

“Mom. I'm top at my class and I always do my chores. Didn't we already talk about this...?” I sighed as I replied.

“Well...” She then turned silent

I wanted to apologize when I realized I talked back at her like that but before I could say anything my 2nd eldest sister, Clara spoke.

“What mom is trying to say is that your always coming home with a silent land with a out of place look face” Clara stated

“You would always return home to dinner like this. Now were wondering if anything happened to  you...” May added.

I looked at them more confused. How was I acting distant? I thought I was acting the same as usual.

“You know what me and Clara think?” She said with a grin. She then glanced at Clara

“Your in love!” Both my sister said in a high voice. My mother seemed to agree to the statement

“Wha...” As I was about to disagree with their conclusion my mother spoke

“Vince... If you ever need to talk about... you know, about love, you have your sisters and even me. Just ask and we'll help.” She said seriously with a smile. That statement would mean that she was making fun of me. But the way my mother is. She was serious. Unlike my sisters...

“Ya! Were willing to help our little brother know the “secrets” of a girls heart!” Clara said with a face filled with laughter.

Suddenly May patted my back “You can do it.” She said with a somewhat serious face while looking at me.

I just stayed quiet. I never knew my sisters were this energetic. Well okay I knew, but their going to far... and my father was just sitting their eating at the edge of the table. But I think I saw him smiling while chewing. My sisters were joking and laughing with each other about me being in love. But I knew it wasn't true.

“Okay. Well I'll finish this up my room” I said as I took my plate of unfinished dinner.

When Vince left the room the sisters started talking again.

“I never laughed that hard before! But he didn't have to be such a whiner.” Clara said

“Well I guess we did go to far. But I mean really. Is he in love?” May said

“Who knows? I never seen a boy in love... if he is. Then... why isn't Jack like that?” Clara said while being concerned about her own relationship with her boyfriend.

“He is in love.” Suddenly the mother spoke. The sisters looked at her curiously.

“Well I guess he is. I remember when Charles was like that when we were on our first date. He would always stay quiet, I had to start most of the conversations that time. But look at us now.” May said while remembering her husband Charles who was working in another country.

“Wait... in our first date Jack was like all flirty and talkative. Then does that mean...” Clara said with a worried look on her face.

But May and their mother was thinking if Vince was really in love. At that time the father had just finished dinner he was already at the living room watching TV when they were done. 

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Dancer Or Gamer? Chapter 1

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