Magical moment - A loving embrace...

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A subtle expression of Unconditional love...

Submitted: June 29, 2008

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Submitted: June 29, 2008



Magical moment - A loving embrace...
Alone by the sea, on a hot day,
A being so beautiful is standing there.
I touch her. She feels gentle, like a breeze,
Who lovingly gives herself up, in a warm embrace.
Her eyes are so beautiful, a tear she holds by,
A prisoner of love, yet she wont cry.
Her embrace charges me, with love and care,
But her pain, she wouldn’t share.
And now the breeze has become a storm,
That has taken away my calm.
A mute spectator, silently I stand,
She says, I give myself, though you asked, just my hand.
Always I have given, yet been hurt,
But now please, don’t break my trust.
Touched by her gesture, I want to give too,
And tell her, I was lonely till I met you.
Never will I hurt and promise to stand by,
The tear I’ll wipe, trust me, don’t ever cry.
This moment is so special, that’s all we have,
Maybe, the bonding has filled our gaps.
I’ve got all I want, and maybe more,
From a beautiful person, I’m trying to know.
Then through her eyes, she asked but once,
And my heart said YES, in an instance.
You are so nice and simply magical,
You ask for my love, take it, its UNCONDITIONAL…
Written by
Hemant A Sharma.

© Copyright 2018 hemant a sharma. All rights reserved.

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