How FlowerAura Flowers Proved To Be My Rescuer In Tough Time

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The post is all about myself when I forget my girl friend's birthday and how flowers saved me.

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



It was a usual day, the warmth in the sun was usual; the city traffic was not a surprise too. While my mind was sorting out the projects at the work place throughout the way, I reached the office at prompt 10 and got started with a fresh mind.

“Good Morning, Kunal!” I wished Kunal on the way.

“Good Morning, Paaras!  Any special plans for the day?”

I walked past with a “No”, at the same time wondering why a regular Wednesday ought to be planned.

I opened the calendar to set tasks for the upcoming days when the figure of the date sent a sudden chill. 26th April! My Girlfriend’s Birthday! I couldn’t have afforded to forget that. Petrified by what the repercussions could be, I picked up my phone to call her while my mind kept compiling all the sweet words that have worked to save me during the past mishaps.

No, that won’t be enough. My inner voice warned me.

I agreed, of course. When a delay in call from 8:00 to 8:03 could raise a serious discussion over compatibility, forgetting the birthday equated to the death sentence. There began a frantic search of anything I could find to make up for the mistake. Journals- No, Indoor plants- No, earphones- No, Ring- too early, Make up kit- done already; and then Google too didn’t seem to make any possible efforts to save me from the trouble. But did I have a solution? I asked myself.

 All my past memories of wrongdoings began piling up in my head. Hell! I couldn’t even encourage myself. Amidst all the fatal tension, my boss dropped a message- Meeting in 10 minutes. I must have done something wrong. I was about to dive deeper in the guilt of everything wrong I have done in my life when something popped in my head.

 I remembered how once she had not stopped swooning over the colourful mix of red roses I had surprised her with on the Valentine’s Day. Would they work? I thought and concluded them to be better than any other present.

No later did I look for a quick online flower delivery in Delhi than I came face to face with my life saviours - amazing assortment of fresh flower delivery in 3 hours. This is it! I ordered for her favourite flowers in no time and felt the relief of a lifetime.

Later in the evening

“So, you pretended to forget my birthday so that you could surprise me with my favourite gift!” She said chomping on the Temptation bar that came along with the bouquet.

I smiled mischievously bookmarking the dear for all future emergencies.




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