The Downside to Success - Chapter One: The Beginning

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Clinton Shedlock, a trillionaire with a business inherited by his father...that is also sexist, racist, and out of line vulgar. But guess what year it is? It's the year 2549...

Submitted: December 25, 2014

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Submitted: December 25, 2014



The Downside to Success - Chapter One: The Beginning

I was sitting in my office, waiting for my employees to get their work done as I was staring at the mirror in front of me. God, I’m handsome, the chiseled jaw-line, the great body. I of-course have millions of dollars, I’m fucking amazing. Carol barged into my office, nervous as she’s ever been.

Carol: “I…I’ve got the work done, Clinton.”
Clinton: “I’m sorry bitch, what was that?”
Carol: “I…I mean, Mr. Clinton...”
Clinton: “That’s right. Send Andrew in my office, now please?”

I gave her a devious look, as she stood there staring at me in a nervous convulsion.

Clinton: “Now!”

She ran and tripped over her heel. What a twitchy cunt.
Andrew rushed into my office, without question.
It’s good to be me.

Andrew: “Yes, sir. What is it?”
Clinton: “How are you, buddy?”
Andrew: “I—I’m good sir, and yourself?”
Clinton: “Well, forget about how I am, have you got my paper work done?”
Andrew: “Well, I haven’t exactly started yet…”
Clinton: “OH.”

Andrew flinched, as I leaned back in my chair, becoming amused at him being frightened of me.

Clinton: “That’s fine then. How about you go get that started, sport?”
Andrew: “I’ll start it immediately!”

He ran to his cubicle, and started on his work.
I hope you’ve noticed why I’m being nice to Andrew, and not Carol. Part of it is because she’s a stupid woman, but that’s not the point. I’ve been fucking Andrew’s slutty eighteen year old daughter for the past two weeks, and he hasn’t even noticed, nor questioned why she’s been out with me so often. He’s such a gullible little man.
I took out some cocaine that had been in my cabinet for quite a while. You know those employees, they never let you do coke in your own damn office. I set out a line across my table, and sniffed all of it through. My nose bled.

Clinton: “Fuck, not again!”

I wiped my nose with some wipes that had been nearby. I looked into the mirror. The whites of my eyes turned a dark red, and I could feel my pupil’s dilating.

My life is fucking amazing.

Well, you want to know what I’m the boss of.  I inherited this company from my father, and have made trillions off of it; my company is named “Excel Industries.” Could you guess what year it is? No, you can’t, because you’re fucking stupid. It’s the year 2549!  What we do is build, manufacture, and sell space-ships. Now, you might be asking, how is a gorgeous, blonde haired white guy like myself, so racist, and sexist in this century? Let me tell you. I’m fucking rich, and I don’t give a shit.

The day had ended in the work place, and I had been driven home by my mentally retarded chauffeur, while I had been looking at my gorgeous self in the mirror on my smart phone. Fun fact: at this point in time, North Korea still hasn’t done shit to the U.S. Remember that century’s old movie “The Interview” with Seth Rogen, and that other guy? Yeah, North Korea announced that Kim Jong Un had watched the movie, and that he plans to personally kill the actors. Days later, he had a heart attack because he’s a fat fucking blob. Let that all sink in. How am I telling you this? We can write things that are currently happening in the future, and send them back to the past. It’s illegal as shit, but again. I’m rich, and I don’t give two fucking shits, let alone one.

My industry has been making trillions. Money isn’t even a problem in the U.S anymore; we’ve paid off everything to China, and guess what? Now they owe us, and guess how much? Well, I’ll tell your sorry ass; over fifty trillion god damn dollars. Their nuclear weapons were quite the money fill, but guess what FIXED our whole “money issue,” my motherfucking industry. My father started it up, and I continued it, and made it much better, and more advanced.

This is only the beginning.

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