Something Impressive - Reckless Abandoned

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What so many want to see, they fail to notice

Submitted: June 26, 2014

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Submitted: June 26, 2014



Something impressive
by Henry Duthler

Something, in and of itself
The things we say, that which we do
How we relate through words and song
The images we create out of nothing
The verses that build us up
To the chorus that brings us around
That sculpture, built with these two hands
The relationships we hold dear to our hearts
The beliefs we embrace  
Are all part of the fabric we weave 
The ties that bind in that special way
What brings us together 
And defines the meaning of it all...
You want, no need... Something impressive?
Open your eyes to the world around you
Smell the coffee and the roses
Touch everything just to feel it
Listen for the beautiful sounds of life
And taste everything. 
The moment and all it's trappings
Something isn't impressive, until it impresses your every sense.

© Copyright 2018 Henry Duthler. All rights reserved.

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