Rubber Duck of Wonder

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Starring the same character as "Chrome Bumper's Angel", this story is set circa January 2010. Technically, it's a bit of a parody of the film "The Last Mimzy", which I produced an episode of. This retells the story from Chrome Bupmer's point of view.

(P.S. I've found that a great soundtrack for this story is Simple Minds' album "Our Secrets Are The Same")

One million, two thousand ten years since the brith of Christ had passed and it was highly doubtful that Earth could survive another million years, for it was dying. Millenia of wars, pollution, and utter disregard for the Earth had left it ruined, charred, and contaminated with radioactive fallout. All of this had also tainted the DNA of every person on the planet. The life expectancy was 40.
There was but one hope, the greatest scientist on the planet had a plan: Build an army of DNA collection devices disguised as children's toys, send them back in time to before the great contamination, and hope one or more of them is picked up, activated, and returns some pure DNA that can reverse the dammage. All they could do was hope...

One million years previously...

The gang of four, which consisted of Shadow, Spot, Chrome Bumper, and The Slash, was walking home from a 13-hour Saturday detention they had to serve because Chrome Bumper set off a rocket inside the gymnasium--again!
"I can't believe you got us Saturday detention again!" Spot says.
"Chrome Bumper, how many times are we gonna have to tell you? You're supposed to launch rockets OUTDOORS!!" The Slash declares angrilly.
"But dude!" Chrome Bumper moans, "It's too cold to launch my like, rocket!"
"That, is why you wait UNTIL SPRING COMES!!" The Slash explodes.
"But I don't wanna wait for spring to like, come. I wanna play with my like, rocket now!" Chrome Bumper whines.
Just then, Shadow points out a mysterious rubber duck sitting in the road ahead. Chrome Bumper runs over and picks it up, excitedly.
"Dude I like, love rubber duckies! Can I like, keep him!? Can I like, keep him!?"

Chrome Bumper did keep him. He was going to name the duck Borat, after the movie, but Shadow pointed out a tag on the duck reading THIS UNIT'S NAME IS MIMZY. Chrome Bumper cared for Mimzy lovelingly as though he were his own kin. He "fed" him, tucked him in at night--after reading him a bed time story, played peek-a-boo withhim, and even brushed his beak. But Mimzy was not totally inert, for he did interact with Chrome Bumper as well...

It all started one night, whiel Chrome Bumper was petting Mimzy. "I love you Mimzy!" Chrome Bumper said excitedly. Suddenly, Mimzy begins glowing! "Mimzy?" Chrome Bumper asks nervously, "Why are you like, glowing?" Suddenly, a projector lense pops out of the rubber duck's back and displays to Chrome Bumper the dark future from which it came.
"Is this where you like, come from? Chrome Bumper asks Mimzy, who responds with an intelligently simple quack. Chrome Bumper gets a dark picture of shown to him that night. He sees vast waisteland cities, with amazing, immense buildings, only to be vaporized by a nuclear missile from space. He sees mutant people walking in underground catacombs wearing big battle suits. He sees the scientist who created Mimzy hoping that his efforts are not in vain. He sees the dying Earth.
"But I don't want the world to like, end. I love the like, world. I don't want it to like, die."Chrome Bumper says sadly. Mimzy quacks again. "Like, really, dude? I can like, help?" Chrome Bumper asks eagarly. Mimzy quacks once more. "Well, dude. What can I do to like, help?"

Meanwhile, Shadow and Spot are having a hard time grasping Chrome Bumper's attatchment to Mimzy.
"I just don't get it, Shadow. I just don't get it." Spot says, baffled, "Chrome Bumper can't ride a skateboard without falling off. But suddenly he can move objects with his mind, walk on water, and fly"
Spot continues, reffering to an incident in chemistry class the other day, in which their science teacher, Mr. Tolkton, had asked Chrome Bumper to pass him a beaker of Potassium Sulfied and Chrome Bumper used his mind to levitate it across the room to him.
"Well," Shadow points out, "I could'a sworn that duck--Mimzy--wasn't there three seconds before I pointed him out."

Meanwhile, Chrome Bumper has since done exactly what Mimzy wanted him to. That's when the power went out... across North America.

Meanwhile, the military has been monitoring strange energy fluxes in in Wacovia. Now they act!
The tanks rolled through the town searching for "A flying kid with a powerful bath toy".

All the while, Chrome Bumper is sitting happily on the couch in his livingroom while all this chaos takes place outside when Shadow and Spot burst through the backdoor.
"Chrome Bumper what are you doing in here!? Where's the rest of your family!?" Spot asks franitcally.
"In the like, fallout shelter out back." Chrome Bumper says happily.
"The military's looking for you!" Shadow exclaims, equally frantic.
"I know. Mimzy made the like, lights go out." Chrome Bumper says, smiling.
"Across North America!!??" Spot demands.
"Well, he needs a lot of like, power to go back to the like, future where he came from."
"THE FUTURE!!??" Shadow and Spot freak out.
Chrome Bumper explains to them what happened and they agree to aid him in his quest.

The return to the exact spot where they found Mimzy. Chrome Bumper sends some DNA back in the form of a wad of A.B.C. gum he stuck to Mimzy's back. It then flashed one million years ahead to the age from whence it came!

And after that, something new--something beautiful--happened. The world suddenly changed. The wars halted, the hatred dried out, and things began to rebuild. Things became good, and love and peace flooded back into the hearts of humanity as the new world came rising up from the ashes of the old.
The sky was clear,
the people were good,
the sun was bright,
the water was clean.
This all happened thanks to Chroem Bumper, who became the father of all our generations!

And this children, is how our world came to be: Through the goodness and purity of a young boy and a rubber duck.

End log.
Date filed: June 11, 1,507,903 AD_

Submitted: June 17, 2010

© Copyright 2021 HenryClerval. All rights reserved.

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