One Lady of Two and Four: Chronicles

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Well the characters were great i promise so please read this.

Torn Between the Two Lovers

Once in a far away land there was an empire

Ruled by a handsome princes that were vampires

They were twin brothers

Who promised to stick with each other

Till’ the end as one- forever

Then a plague came one day

And the kings was sent away

To find a cure in the dreadful illness

For the people trusted their highness

On the way of their journey

They met Susan, me and Ashley

The handsome pale and cold vampires

Asked to teach them the way

We could not regret for they were beautiful

Even though the three of us were fearful

We reached so many dangerous roads

But the five of us still survive

We carry so many loads

But unaware to me the four of them were

In love

I felt the feeling

Of being out of place

The situate were full of love birds

While on my side there are dusts

None of them noticed my loneliness and Aloneness

After sometime their love grew much tender

That they forgot I was with them

But I guess it should be me to surrender

For me I am the rarest gem

That could never noticed be noticed by anyone

We travelled so far after years passed

And the lover by my side still last

I was happy for them

I was sad for myself

It’s never been easy to feel alone

Despite the fact that I was with two pairs of lovers

Again years passed

And I can’t take it anymore

No! I just can’t anymore

My heart just can’t bear this pain

And thus like an air I sway

Struck myself with a sharp twig in the forest

The vampires and my friends were surprised

“Oh my dear, what have you done?”

They cried in tears

Then I bet that time they remembered that I was

With them all those times

But I am alone with those memories

The lovers brought me into their kingdom

And by accident one of their people

Cut my pale and cold skin by his weapon

“Don’t kill me your majesty”

He cried

Then my blood shined like clear water

And the man who happened to be

A victim of the plague reached for my poor blood

And in an instance he was free from his sickness

He bowed in front of my corpse and praised me

The whole empire heard it

So they went to see me

Yes! I was the cure

My dear blood was the key

And once again the kingdom was free

I thought before I went to the other world

My friends and the vampires help me a lot

Because without them I did not know I am precious

It was never hurt then,

I’m thankful because…

“I was torn between the two lovers”


Submitted: January 20, 2010

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