This short story deals with the life of a young girl named Athena. she lived in an island far away in the city with her family. The incident happened when she was playing with her friends hide and seek. Travelers caught her and brought her into a large city.

When Athena came back, she brought with her civilization she learned while she was still in the big city. But her family and fellow Indians had a hard time copping with the new traits. How will Athena urge her people the importance of the things she would teach them?


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It was still early in the morning but the people were crowding on the woods already. The women started their daily chores and the men went fishing. The children were running around the forest playing hide and seek. That is the day in the island of Shurey, somewhere beyond Indian sea.

One of the kids is Athena, a 10 year old girl. She can get along to the people around her and so she is a friend of everyone. Her parents were very proud of their only child because they believe that she can bring them fortune. Their island is just small that one tribe can only fit in. The islander was innocent to a thing called- civilization. There were no school nor books and pens. People on the cities were unaware that inside that small island lived a tribe of needy people. But they learned to live their lives without the aid of those people in the government.

Then one day as the children played there usual game, Athena hid in one of the deep bushes of the forest. While keeping silent she heard footsteps behind her and when she looked up a hand covered her mouth and she lost consciousness.

When she woke up she was already in a soft mat, she never knew what it was called. A man entered the room with a tray on his hands. Athena wore a frightened faced. “Don’t worry, my child.” the man said. Then he let her drink the milk.

As years gone by, Athena grew into an educated teenager in the city. The man who raised her was very proud just like her parents in the island. And like the islanders, the people in the city also loved her and there she learned the meaning of civilization. One day she decided to go back to her hometown and teach the people about what she learned in the city, all of them. She asked permission to the man and he agreed.

“Please do be careful, Athena”, he said worriedly.

“Why are you so worried?” she asked.

“They might not treat you well like they did to you years ago.”

She nodded and promised to come back.

The islander stared at the girl walking along their tribe’s area. They all swore they know the face but they were afraid that she might hurt them. Then the girl went closer to one of the old lady near a tent.

“I missed you!” she hugged the woman. But to her surprised the woman pushed her away. “Mom?, is something wrong?” she felt her own tears flowing to her brown cheeks.

“w..Who are you?” the woman said frightened.

“It’s me, Athena!” everyone were surprised.

Her parents went to hug her and the islander celebrated merrymaking for the arrival of their long lost fellow islander. The island regains its happiness. Athena missed that kind of noise, the leaves caressing her hair as she passed and the birds singing along. Then she remembers her promise to the man while she was lying on the cold grass looking at the silver moon above her.

“I will come back, I promise”, she remembered her own voice that time.

She sighed. Something is telling her not to come back because she was comfortable on her current state inside her hometown. But she was worried about the man who educated her. Then that night she had decided what she is going to do in the island.

“Listen everyone!” she announced to the islander early in the morning.

Her mother steps in front of the crowd.

“Is there something we should know?” she asked.

Athena nodded.

“I have been lost for many years. And I was brought in the big city where I learned many things and I want to share it with you so that you will know what I know right now.”

There was silence. Everyone was staring at her.

“This is about civilization. We need to be educated in order to live our life in a excellent means There are so many things you still don’t know and I am eager to educate you those things.”

There was silence. Then the people started to depart. But her mother was still standing there looking at her with sad eyes.

“Where are the people going?” she asked surprised.

Her mom did not answer and walked away slowly. She was alone in there thinking on what had happened.

That same night, Athena was looking at the miniature dots in the sky. The cool wind was strongly blowing in the small island. A thought came to her that the islanders have no intention on learning a thing called civilization. She sighed worriedly and closed her eyes.

“I need to urge them…”

The next morning, Athena was with her mother washing their clothes in the river bank. The noise of silence was booming in her ears and the rhythm of the flowing water calms her heart. Then her mother broke the silence. “Athena, why do you like to teach us civilization?” her mother raised a brow. Then she thought for a moment and look for the right words to say. “Coz I believe that through this we can rise up and let the whole world know this island and the people who lived here really exist.” Her mom nodded. “Mom, I know you can help me,” she said caressing her mother’s rough face. She can see her mother’s face full of doubt. “Tell me about that man,” she said instead making Athena surprised. “I need to know who he is,” Athena played the water by her hands then she smiled as she looks into her reflection gleaming in the water looking back at her. “I changed a lot when he adopted me.” Her mother stopped her work and seated on the wet rocks in the bank. “It happened when we were playing hide and seek when I noticed someone behind me and covered me with a piece of cloth. When I woke up I was inside a pretty room filled with dolls and other lady’s stuffs. He had let me study in elementary until college. When I was in the right age and in the right wisdom I seek many questions that I need him to answer right away.” She breathes deep and continued, “Then he said he was an explorer lost in this island, he was planning to ask for help but when he saw me intended another objective. He believed that God had brought him there for another purpose and that was when he thought of adopting me and train me to become a civilized teen. And this is me now. I am very thankful of the great and selfless help he had given me…he is Mr. Foe. My second parent.” She sighed when she finished the story. Her mother bowed her head and said “now is see your point.” There was silence. Athena thought that her other will have no intention on helping her. She was about to leave when her mom stopped her by simply asking “how can I help you?” her smile appeared in her face.

Athena and her mother planned on how they were going to teach the people about civilization. After some times they went to the center of the tribe strong enough to face the people. They formed a big circle with Athena in the center. She could see their faces saying like “again?” her heart beats faster.

“Fellow islanders…” she began. “This is the second time that I will share to you my knowledge that I have planted over the years when I was in the city away from the comfort of this island. Like I said you have still a lot to learn to know the real life. We need to be educated and by doing so we can have a better life ahead of us.”

“We have a better life now. What more could we want?” an angry villager protested.

The place was filled with murmurs. Then one of the islanders came to the front.

“You can never encourage us in your own way of living. Be civilized yourself.” The people for the second time left them.

Days passed but whatever Athena do she just can’t bring the islander’s heart into her objectives. Then she told her mother that she will be living. On her way to the shore she saw big boats coming porting their boats in the sand. She hid and observes the people then she saw a familiar face, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas, the counselors of the big city. She gasped with fear and hurriedly went to inform the people. She knew right away what those couples are up to. When she finished explaining the matter she was surprised that the people did not believe in her and went to see for their selves. She ran and followed them but she was too late because the people were inside a big metal cage. The couples recognized her at once.

“Oh hello! And if I’m not mistaken you are Athena, right?” Mrs. Jonas asked her.

Her brows meet in anger.

“Yes you are right. Now, let my people go!” she said bravely.

“Oh you can’t just get them back that easily. Because you know, we badly need them for the production of my sweetheart’s resort.” Mr. Jonas said. “You need to have knowledge, my dear”

“One question and if you can answer I’ll let them go.”

Athena was filled with hope.

“I believe I have the right knowledge. Just enough to answer you question.”

Ms. Jonas laughed sarcastically.

“Go on. Ask me the question.”

“Let’s see.”

There was silence. For a moment Mrs. Jonas thought for a hard question. The couple believes that Athena was not the kind of person that is hard to fight. So they remained calm. After minutes of silence Mrs. Jonas spoke up.

“Here answer my question:

You can see it through the sky

But if you travel through universe

Even through galaxies

You’ll never find it again nor see it

But inside your heart it’s present”

Athena took time thinking of the answer. The islanders doubted if she could still be able to answer the question. She rubbed her jaw slowly coping for the word.

“I see you don’t have the guts for this.”

“So, don’t waste our time and leave while you can”

But Athena remained on her spot. The couples were surprised.

“I know the answer. And you promised to let my people go. The answer is…”
Again silence sits the throne and when Athena finished taking time breathing deep she holds her breath and then she smiled to them.

“The color blue. You can see it through the sky but if you travel through universe even through galaxies you’ll never find it again nor see it but inside your heart it’s present.”

All mouths were open. They can’t believe that Athena really did answer their question. And as the couple promised they let go of the people and left the place.

Athena ruled the island and became the island princess. And in their own way they civilized their tribe and lived happily ever after.




Submitted: January 17, 2010

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Mistress of Word Play

This is a really good start to your story. There are some grammer issues in it that you need to correct. If you have access to grammer check in Microsoft word it will help find the errors. I love the story and hope you continue it. Susan :)

Mon, January 18th, 2010 1:46am


thanks sure i will continue it for you and your children:) ???

Sun, January 17th, 2010 6:49pm


uist... that man is quite mysterious.. ^_^ LoLx.... whats with that weird paragraph???

"Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;} "
kani sya bah.. hehehe what does that mean????

Mon, January 18th, 2010 11:03am


hahaha wait madame erason ko na hahahaha...

Mon, January 18th, 2010 3:59am

Jessica Mystique

How the girl stood up for her hometown was really touching. I doubt one expected her to do that, since she's educated and all...haha..a rare value in her ! :)

Tue, January 19th, 2010 1:42pm



Tue, January 19th, 2010 9:15pm

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