A letter from Burt Bacharack

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This is from a farmer in the middle of Nebraska. I wanna teach the folks a thing a two, and also spell out the few things that inhabit my mind a bit. Problems ah-brewin thats for sure.

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013



To all y'all

Well first off I guess I gotta introduce myself...the name's Burt Bacharack.  I hail from Nebraska (on the outskirts of the middle region of that there land mass).  I do all sorts of farming and that is my specialty, and also my true love.  I'm married to the old way of running a farm, and been doing so since the beginning days of my early life.  But I won't be disclosin none of my secrets! So don't go askin! I ain't telling ya'all nothing about the particulars of farming, and farmin folk ought to respect that (for the rest of ya's I say never mind).

I'm here to get something off my chest to all y'all and I'm hoping you have the interest to take part in listenin to an old man's ramblings!  I just done did get into a little thing called gambling, betting on things for the uninitiated.  And I can tell you from my modest to intermediate experience, it ain't for those with no or none money in their pockets!  Or those without a shred of luck, for the majority of my luckiness has been all used up on good weather for a decent number of my past crops.  The sheer number of bad investments via 'gambler intuition' as I've come to call it is astounding!  I'm saying if you plan on taking part in these here dealings remember these simple guidelines for which I've outlined later in the page further down past the words you've just read.


1. Don't do it.  Too many people start doing it thinking theres fortune to be had in guessing right or using their so-called facts to conclude how a something-or-other will turn out.  This can be a bad idea, which can lead to becoming a bad decision.

2. Don't listen to others advice.  This pretty much goes without saying so act like its not even here,

2.  If you're going to gamble, do it in the privacy and safe house that is your own imagination.  Or amongst imaginary friends, that is, of course, if your bad gamblin habits didn't drive them all away.

Boy, I certainly hope this has dissuaded those of you from making the same mistakes I have.  Its been trying times of the most recent, and I venture to say I bet you its only way is up and prosper!  But that's what got me in trouble in the first place.


That's all for now folks.  I hope no one plans on doing the same things I done did, because nobody likes a copy cat. 

Yours truly, Burt Bacharack Sr. Jr.  the III, IV, and V, second generation, Mr.

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