Fantasy on a Greek island

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An erotic fantasy under the hot sun of a Greek island which is not far enough from reality..

Submitted: July 30, 2014

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Submitted: July 30, 2014



I was lying supinely with the back of the sunbed in about 45 degrees. My gaze was fondling indifferently but with great satisfaction the deep blue sky flecked with an array of small cyclical clouds, like a divine hand has put them in a beautiful painting made of the basic elements of nature.

For sure my gaze has passed several times upon her but without giving the right signal to the brain, so her presence hadn’t been yet realized. The blue sky painting had temporarily filled all of my consciousness space. God, what a refreshment this feeling was! All the previous week I was behind four walls working like crazy. My mind was drinking greedily the picture of the sky merging with the sea, like a traveler who trapped in a desert for days without water but suddenly discovers a fountain.

But when the thirst for the union between man and nature came to an end her form started to explicitly taking place, first inside my subconscious and then throughout my whole brain. It was a progressive filling like a puzzle which takes form by adding more and more pieces until you have the full picture. 

The first thing that caught my attention was her buttocks. Sometimes it is very difficult to define the beauty of an object using words, let alone the beauty of a body part that implies much more than its image suggests. What exactly defines a nice buttock? To be well exercised and tight? Maybe. But not necessarily. Beauty had been always a subjective notion. In renaissance a woman considered beautiful only if she was overweight, according to today’s standards, and had plenty of curves on her body. But why? Maybe because in a world of starvation and misery a fat woman implied that she was well fed, strong and she could bring healthy children to the world.

Her buttock wasn’t that well exercised but its form struck the center of an unconscious brain function that had to do with reproduction. Its shape was infinitely attractive but not according to a today’s standard. It couldn’t have been a picture in a vogue magazine because it wasn’t so skinny. It wasn’t an anorectic model’s buttock. On the other hand it couldn’t be the cover of a gym magazine. Its shape and size were perfect but not created in a gym or a ‘’perfect body laboratory’’.

For me, this kind of imperfection is the most powerful aphrodisiac. This is my own definition of the word ‘’beauty’’. The value of symmetry combined with an absence of any kind of arduous obsessions of modern life. An indication of internal balance which is not a given for most people.

The second piece of the puzzle was her rich bosom. Rich, most of the times don’t mean that the nipple is looking up in the sky. A woman’s breast can have almost infinite possible shapes and they can be equally beautiful in their own unique way. It may sound strange but I don’t like a perfect ‘’by the book’’ bosom (medium sized and looking to the sky). Generally I don’t like ‘’by the book’’ women. For every man there is an ideal woman’s body. This ‘’ideal’’ depends mostly on the experiences and the emotional universe of the man. I like breasts irrelevantly of their shape as long as they are in size above a certain threshold.  

My eyes stood still for a lot of time on her rich bosom and my brain succumbed very easily to the fantasy. As she was sitting sideways on her sunbed I quickly untied the upper part of her bathing suit. My imaginative optic nerve is looking with lust her two large breasts as they are leaning against each other shaping a formless mass that makes my imagination catching fire. From the formless mass two nipples are protruding, more pink than brown. They are not spread over on the breast but they have become very hard and are looking like protrusions pointing down and sideways. Without hurrying I am putting her breasts inside my palms like I want to empirically measure their weight. I’m playing with them, pushing them lightly from side to side and up and down in order to look like a shaking jelly. I want to swallow the dark pink nipples like crazy, but I will not, because if I do so it should be like fast forwarding the best movie ever in order to see only the end.

I stick my nose inside them and I’m trying to sink my face as deep as I can, to feel their weight on my cheeks, to get under her skin and sense every cell that are consist of. I’m taking a deep breath and my nostrils are flooded from the tropical images her suntan lotion is emitting. My mind is momentarily filling with images of coconuts and small red beaches with elevated wooden cabins protruding from the sea. Then my mind is totally empty and my facial nerves are eagerly trying to fill the texture of the skin that has imprisoned them. Heat and sweat intermixing and release divine smells like they want to explain to an extraterrestrial how the summer on a Greek island tastes. It is wonderful to define something by using heat and sweat instead of tones of books that would normally be needed.

My facial nerves are doing an excellent job filling my brain with the elasticity and tenderness of her skin. My mind is in constant ecstasy. Only the mind can fill such prolonged gratification in contrast to the short term joy of the body.

I direct her in a sitting position on the sunbed. Now her dark pink nipples are looking downwards and her magnificent breasts are marginally touching her belly.

I rearrange her body from seated to sideways and I lie down with her on the sunbed. My manhood is barely touching the slit between her buttocks. I wrap around my hands exactly below the point that her breasts are ending and I’m clenching her tightly on my body letting her marginally to breath. I’m unfolding my hands and by hiking her up I am putting her inside my legs and pressing until I feel the bones of her ribs and her strong made torso.

I unwrap my legs and stretching them in order to touch her sole with my foot. I am feeling the tenderness of her skin and I’m pressing her legs with mine forcing her to bring her knees on her tits. In this position her bottom has been dilated and my mind is filling up with pictures of the different possible shapes that her pussy might have taken as she is still with her knees on her tits. Without me looking at this point, my cheek on her cheek, I am trying to picture it as vividly as I can. In my imaginary optical nerve a hot and wet shaved pussy has been formed. A magnificent triangle that is attached on the bath suit and looks like it is straggling to get out. I am removing the small clothe and smelling it greedily exactly on the spot that one minute ago her pleasure triangle was touching. I feel my nose drowning from divine smells and I’m touching with my lips the spot that is wet from her vaginal fluids. With the tip of my tongue I taste their flavor and I greedily letting my tongue to absorb them. It’s the first time that a chemical reaction is happening among our cells.

The beach now is completely empty and we are sitting on the sunbed like a black smirch that has stuck by mistake on the big canvas that the sea and the sky are painting. I am turning my body abruptly and I’m bringing my head in the back of her foot in order to look at the small patch of skin which joints her calves with her ankle. I am barely biting the soft patch and I’m feeling her body faintly shaking. Then I kneel on the ground and starting kissing her leg near this point. I am reaching her toes and kissing each one separately, first at the points that are joined with the sole and then higher until their end. First the right foot and then the left. 

She has turned her back to me and she is probably looking on the painting that the universe has chiseled for us to enjoy. But under her black sunglasses her eyes are closed and she has totally let herself to my caress. Her mind is empty of thoughts and even the most moribund cell of her body is trying to prolong its life in order to feel the pleasure which gradually taking control of her body.

I calmly manipulate her in order to lie on her back with her legs straight and glued to its other. I want to try one more time to imagine her pleasure triangle before looking at it with my own eyes. I am like a child that slowly eating its candy in an effort to make it last for ever. Then I am pushing her knees near to her breast and a perfectly shaven, marvelously formed pussy is gradually starting to show. I momentarily boggled from the beauty. Before I do anything with it I watch it persistently until its image fills my mind for at least 100 years from now. My brain is so overwhelmed from the beauty that electrical currents are dancing in my belly and I’m feeling like falling from an airplane without parachute.

The lips of her cunt were forming something like a prolonged heart and they were so thick that they were looking like a small lifebelt. Its lower point was connected perfectly with the perineum and this ended near a magnificently attractive pink asshole. The whole picture was really a product of divine engineering which had been refined day by day for thousand of years of human evolution. Inside her big cunt lips I show two smaller that seemed to try to breathe freely and I decide to help them do it. I spread her legs a bit and her soles was touching the sunbed. From the point I was standing everything were bathing in sunlight and her fountain of pleasure has opened like a fan revealing the magnificent content which was hiding patiently inside her big lips for so long. Right on her perineum two super white streams of pleasure juices were striving to reach her asshole.

Without losing a single second I made an abrupt movement for fear of them being evaporated. Then with all the surface of my tongue I licked them like an ice cream and I swallowed them like all my life was depending on them. The white juice touched my throat and I told to myself that this was my kind of Blessed Sacrament. Then I went down to her legs and kissed softly the interior of her ankles, first the left and then the right one. I gradually moved upward and sideways to her right calf and then I kissed the left calf, ending up to the back of her knee which received a mild elusive bite. This action caused additional streams of white juices and again with a rapid move I greedily consumed her vaginal essence. Then I returned back to her knee to finish my ritual.

My teeth were now biting softly the interior of her thigh. The tenderness of the skin was mind blowing and this was far better than a tight, much exercised woman’s body. As I was approaching nearer to her flower and the flesh was becoming progressively softer my bites were bigger in diameter and at the end they were replaced by persistent sucking, which made her body shiver a hundred times.

I was so concentrated to what I was doing that even if the moon were to fall on earth I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I tried to consume the elasticity of her skin by sucking noisily and marking her thighs with light and wet red spots.  

Her wet pussy was now right in front of my face and my whole body and brain were overwhelmed by the desire to dive into it and swim furiously straggling to survive its wild waves of lust and warmth. I put out my tongue as much as I could in order to be able to taste the biggest possible area and I started licking from the perineum and upwards, tongue-scanning in my path all of her vaginal juices and making her producing even more. At the moment I wasn’t interested in any particular point of her vagina. I just wanted to consume it all. I desperately desired to transform myself into a bull in order to be able to engulf all of her cunt with just one stroke of my huge tongue.

Our bodies were sweating and chemical reactions bound our cells for a second time as our unification progressively was evolving. I desired to be her and I wanted her to be me in order to understand and sense each other completely. Our lust for mental and physical unification was gradually getting stronger.

I was still down to her pussy licking it greedily but now after soft bites on her small and big vagina lips I was concentrated on her clitoris. With cyclical tongue-strokes harmonically giving place to vertical palpitating movements of the tongue along her thin patch of skin, I was stimulating her nerve network which has become like small knots after the rivers of blood circulating through this fragile membrane. Her thighs were responding with spasms of approval and pleasure in this unholy ritual which was taking place on her body. She was still wearing her black sunglasses as she was completely naked and this made me awfully horny.

I was on the limits of exploding and I couldn’t resist anymore. I took off violently my swimsuit and my dick was on the verge of blasting from the hardness. I started to search desperately for her wet slit to find relief in. Solar flares emitted from her fountain burnt my skin and my dick slid with great easiness in her. I felt like swimming in a warm sea of vaginal juices. Momentarily I sense my penis so big that I was afraid that it would reach her throat and come out of her mouth.

As I was lying above her I was entering and exiting her pussy with slow and stable palpitating moves in an effort to feel every cavity and detail of her vagina despite the fact that everything had become a shapeless wet mass of creamy liquids. With every penetration she was making unconscious, loud, bestial sighs that made my brain cells going like crazy. Then I came out of her and I started to bite softly the area around her belly button as I was going straight on her two big breasts that now were on a sideways position hanging down to the sunbed. I was furiously started to squeeze them and sucking her nipples like I was an overweight baby that desperately looking for its milk.

When I finished enjoying the soft tissue of her breasts I turned her face down and for a moment I admired her well shaped ass. The area that was normally covered by her swimsuit was milk white and her skin at this point was looking very soft. I greedily started to kiss and bite her buttocks which soon enough became full of red spots of lust and erotic madness. ‘’Red passion on a white canvas’’ was the name of the painting. This is the higher kind of body painting. I keep on sucking her ass by putting in my mouth as much skin as I could. I wanted to put it all in if it was possible. The next moment my cock was on the verge of her cunt and her legs were slightly opened. I penetrate slowly and stably and once again I felt the rivers of vaginal fluids pouring down like waterfalls. I was in and out and she was moaning louder and louder. I pushed my hand below her hip and started fondling her clitoris with cyclical moves as I was simultaneously fucking her with power.

Her mind was ready to explode. My hand continued fondling her clitoris and her moans became progressively more beastly, like they came out of the darker places of her subconscious. Thousands of years of civilization had disappeared and both of us were on a state of total disconnection to the outside world. I felt her body shaking and twitching and then she left a deafening scream of divine pleasure which brought her to the top of her sensual capabilities. She completely lost control of her body before lie down on the sunbed and I came out of her with jets of sperm pouring out of my cock. Her buttocks and her back ware flooded by my cum and the next moment I found myself lying next to her full of sweet exhaustion and relief.

We stayed there for ten minutes without talking to each other, dizzy from the hot sun that was burning our skin and exhausted by the battle that our bodies had just given. When we found the power to move we turned face to face and kissed each other with tenderness without saying a word. I took her hand and we headed to the sea. The water was mildly cold and we were like two black dots on an infinite blue canvas. I will name this painting ‘’black on infinite blue’’. I went behind her and I wrapped my hands around her and hugged her tightly. I smell her hair and the scent was divine. I wanted to spend the rest of my life at this position.


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