Realizations about the dark side of our lives and the power to overcome darkness...

Do you know how it feels living by eating flesh from your body?

How it feels uprooting your soul and run over it with the heaviest boots?

Has anybody told you about the slow and torturous passing of time or about the empty glances on walls of loneliness?

Have you learnt about the loss of a loved one or about the irreversible of a lost chance?

Have you ever been trapped in a mirror or been lost in a world of reflections?

Did you ever live someone else’s life or saw yourself playing absurd theater, which proved to be the only reality you had lived in?

Have you ever sense the existence of the unbelievable or the strong presence of something that shouldn’t be there?

Have you ever been witness to a whole chain of events which belonged in a parallel universe asymptote to ours, or have you ever been a space traveler shifting from world to world trapped in the irrational and the inexistent?

Have you ever drown in oceans of nothingness or sense the void of a mighty unfulfilled love?

Yes, I know that you have.


But contrary to every logic

You are still alive!

Still on your feet!

Still strong and better than ever!

And ready to recreate the world from the beginning!

Submitted: July 20, 2014

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